Orse to the Rescue
By Richard Allen
Published By


ISBN 9781903774038
Children's Genre Children's ages 6-8 full colour illustrations throughout
Publication Date 01/04/2017
Price 6.99
Binding Paperback


Orse, the playful polar bear who constantly gets into trouble. This is his second series of adventures for boys and girls alike. He is full of great ideas and marvellous inventions but somehow things always seem to go wrong.

Author's Bio

Richard Allen created the character of Orse and his friends Frederick the Rat and Eddie the Albatross first as an animation and finally put them into print with book 1 last year and book 2 this year.


These are really wondrous books. Everyone loves bears, and everyone will love these delightful stories about the polar bear Orse, illustrated with such Lyricism, wit and skill. A pleasure to see such well-drawn and observed artwork. (Korky Paul – illustrator)

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  1. Great for children between 5 and 8 years old. Lots of fun. Good choice. Also do read Orse the Moon and a Piece of Smelly Cheese.

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