The Book Spy
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By Mark Carton
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Candy Jar Books

ISBN 0995743665
Children's Genre Short Stories
Publication Date 03/29/2018
Price 6.99
Binding Paperback
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The world was at war, and for Sophia and Tom Place, their new home would be the safety of a farm in Wiltshire. That was until they created a simple way of using their favourite books to write codes and send top secret messages. They were The Book Spies and the first members of the Children’s Reading Intelligence Agency.

Follow the Book Spies over a 70 year journey as they save endangered species, prevent the theft of priceless art and literature, rescue the secrets of the CRIA from a crashed aircraft and stop an explosion at a computer gamers festival.

Author's Bio

Mark Carton was raised in Birmingham and moved to Newcastle in the early 1990’s having a varied career in marketing, festival development and events management. Handling promotional events ranging from the Radio One Roadshow to setting world records in a leading stationery retailer, he has managed over 300 events in the last 20 years.

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  1. Really good read!

  2. It was a great read for my son, who often does not want to read, but really enjoyed this.

  3. A truly splendid series of short stories, which are great for schools and KS2 readers. Set all over the world, these stories will thrill young readers and create a whole generation of budding Book Spies.

  4. This is a really lovely book, which travels the world telling stories of children with a common love of reading and sharing. I can definitely recommend this book

  5. Loved this book. Great read.

  6. An outstanding series of stories with intrigue and suspense throughout. My children loved this book.

  7. Great book. I would have loved to have been a Book Spy!

  8. excellent book for young readers in search of classic adventure with a modern twist.

  9. This is a book we purchased via a school visit and my son loved this series of stories.

  10. A tremendous book full of great stories seen through the eyes of children as they join the mysterious Book Spies. Perfect for boys and girls and there is a great author, who visits schools for FREE and puts his heart and soul into promoting and encouraging reading among young people.

  11. Great book.

  12. A great book and an inspirational author! Delivered some fantastic workshops to our Key Stage 2 children this week!

  13. Have met plenty of authors and Mark’s passion and enthusiasm in his writing shines through. He is a great story teller.

  14. What a fantastic book! Mark Carton visited our school this week, his story telling was fabulous! The children absolutely loved listening to him retelling the first story in this book.

  15. A super book. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  16. The book is a pleasure to read. It has a classic feel like a Famous Five, but for a modern audience. Well done Mark.

  17. Super Book. Great Read

  18. Love this book. The stories really suck the children back in time to the places they are set.

  19. I felt that the children found Mark very engaging and they were captivated by his story telling. They loved how interactive it was and how the activities he brought along for them to do were fun and pitched just at the right level.

  20. Comments from our pupils –

    ‘The book is good because it contains characters as spies.’

    ‘The nickname was funny – we got to tell him what our nicknames are.’

    ‘The workshop was fun because we had to perform a story.’

    ‘like how he brought the characters to life.’

  21. Mark’s time here not only left the children interested in his history, career and excellent books but left them with a passion for reading more and improving their own writing. A visit to your school from Mark is a must.

  22. What an absolutely great read. Just finished this with my Year 4 class, and they loved the book from start to finish. Hope this is the first in a series.

  23. Great series of short stories

  24. Great book. Full of short stories and an ideal read for youngsters.

  25. Really good series of short stories.

  26. I was first introduced to the book by a friend who had purchased a copy for her son, who loves reading. The first story was great and really engaged my two sons, who then read on at their own pace. The book stories are great for boys who want action and adventure and as the stories cover a long time period and are all set in different locations, they enjoyed the variety. Hope this is the start of a series of books.

  27. Just been to an author event, and met this author. What an inspiration to the youngsters gathered, and the book is fantastic. Great stories for youngsters.

  28. A thoroughly enjoyable book. Short stories with a common thread. Every child would want to become a Book Spy

  29. Great series of stories. Held my boys attention from start to finish.

  30. A really exciting series of stories, and with great potential to become a series. Bring on the next one.

  31. I wish there were more books like this one out there. The way the short stories connect, but all tell very different tales and set in completely different times, works so well. I was really impressed with the story telling.

  32. Loved the book,Mark is a very talented story teller.

  33. What a great story. Plenty of scope for other adventures if Mark can turn this into a series

  34. Love the book. Children in my class thoroughly enjoyed it

  35. Great idea – really well implemented.

  36. Just had a second read of this book, and really enjoyed the range of stories and the pace of the book. Well done Mark.

  37. Great Book. Love the stories

  38. A fun book that gets children of many ages interested in books and history.

  39. A really great read. Hope it wins

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