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The Man Who Would Be Jack
Subtitle The Hunt for the Real Ripper
By David Bullock
Published By

Thistle Publishing

ISBN 9781786080219
Non Fiction Genre True Crime
Publication Date 06/12/0016
Price 9.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Man-Who-Would-Jack-Ripper/dp/1786080214
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Man-Who-Would-Be-Jack-ebook/dp/B06Y28XHM8


Less than three weeks after the last Whitechapel murder, Thomas Cutbush is committed to Broadmoor Asylum for savage attacks on young women. The arresting officer, intrigued by connections with the unsolved murders in the East End, starts to wonder whether he has, in fact, arrested Jack the Ripper himself.

Author's Bio

David Bullock lives in Berkshire with his wife and son. He has been researching the Ripper case for over twenty years and in 2013 appeared in the Channel 5 documentary Inside Broadmoor. David is a regular speaker on the subject and is also a contributor to the Whitechapel Society Journal.


“A watertight case. Rarely is a factual book such a page turner”
TV presenter Nick Knowles

‘Brilliantly researched and expertly written.’
The Whitechapel Society

‘It is one of the volumes every Ripperologist should have on their bookshelf.’
Paul Begg

‘David Bullock’s meticulously-researched book is a welcome addition to the serious works in this field, casting light on a hitherto neglected suspect…his lively writing style brings the period and, in particular, the exploits of Thomas Cutbush, to life.’
Tessa Harris, author of The Anatomist’s Apprentice

‘Suspenseful prose, as good as any fictional murder story.’
The Good Book Guide

‘A fascinating story.’
Essie Fox

‘An engaging atmospheric read, this account of the life and crimes of Ripper suspect Thomas Cutbush brings to life the seamy and violent side of Victorian society.’
Linda Stratmann

“Bullock makes a strong and convincing case, admirably summarised in 21 key points towards the end.”
Peckham Peculiar

“As you’d expect from a Jack the Ripper walking tour guide, David Bullock excels as a narrator… A thrilling tale.”
Fortean Times

“A volume that surely every Ripperologist should have on his shelf.”
Red Jack reviews

“Reads like a novel… Great book, excellent research, a credible suspect that we haven’t heard much about and perfect end-notes and incredible documentation.”
Lives and Loves of a Book Nerd

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  2. The Man who would be Jack is an incredible book. This is absolutely credible and totally believable. I actually think the author has solved this. Brilliantly written too.

  3. A deserving winner

  4. I want to vote for this excellent book

  5. Reads like a thriller..a real page turner

  6. great book brilliant writing couldn’t put t down

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  9. A deserving writer

  10. The detail in this book is fantastic,it is well worth a read and opens your mind and totally makes you question what you have heard before.

  11. Good luck, you deserve to win.

  12. Excellent- deserving of the brilliant reviews

  13. Excellent- deserving of the brilliant reviews. Worth the read.

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  15. An excellent read. Truly gives an insight as to how tough life was in the late 1800s.

  16. Compelling and by far the most credible book ever about the Ripper.
    The research and indisputable evidence that has been gathered by the author sets this account of JtR above any other.
    A well deserved winner in waiting.

  17. Excellent writer

  18. Brilliant. Win win win!!

  19. An awesome book, so very well researched.

  20. A very well researched and well written book. Excellent read.

  21. A fantastic gripping read with excellent researched content.

  22. An amazing read by an amazing author.

  23. Absolutely brilliant read and so convincing. Thank you David Bullock for bringing Thomas Cutbush aka Jack The Ripper very much in the frame!

  24. Got my vote! 🙂

  25. Brilliantly written and am in suspense of conclusion

  26. Got my vote

  27. An extremely well written, immaculately researched and thought provoking novel.. If you like high quality historical readings then this is one not to miss.

  28. Very well written. One of those books you don’t want to put down.

  29. Defo got my vote

  30. Got my vote 🙂

  31. excellent book – well researched and great read. good luck

  32. What a brilliant book. Very good insights and so much detail. Thoroughly good read.

  33. A real page turner …extremely well researched .

  34. Such a page turner! Absolutely gets my vote! Great book!

  35. Very well written and convincing

  36. Havent read the book yet but attended his talk at Eton College on the 25th July, absolutely fascinating and truly credible as the real Jack the Ripper brought about by extensive research and deduction!

  37. Well researched David – but are we sure who dunnit

  38. I heard David being interviewed on the radio… for a few minutes. Utterly compelling.

  39. Fascinating. Highly recommended!

  40. What an amazing book. I’m my opinion this book is totally credible. I couldn’t put it down. A must read.

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