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TJ and his Wheelable Chair
By Amanda Kehoe
Published By

Austin Macauley Publishers

ISBN 9781786123992
Children's Genre 3-10 years
Publication Date 12/15/2016
Price 14.99
Binding Hard Cover
Paperback Hyperlink http://www.austinmacauley.com/book/tj-and-his-wheelable-chair
Hardcopy Hyperlink http://www.austinmacauley.com/book/tj-and-his-wheelable-chair
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/his-Wheelable-Chair-Amanda-Kehoe-ebook/dp/B075JQXN3L/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1514474447&sr=1-1


TJ cannot walk or talk, but he still loves to listen and play with his friends.
Join him as he shows that disabilities are no barrier to a happy and fulfilling life…

Author's Bio

Amanda was born in 1976 and grew up in Ballinteer, a suburb of Dublin. She studied Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations in Dublin Business School and worked for several years in Marketing and subsequently as P.A. to the Chairman at Nissan Ireland. Amanda is also a qualified Montessori Teacher and SNA. In 2009, Amanda gave up work to take care of her son Tadhg on a full-time basis, after he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Global Developmental Delay in March 2009, at the age of 10 months old. Amanda currently lives in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, with her husband Greg and three children, Emily, Tadhg and Dylan.


“There is a lack of books that truly demonstrate what it is like to have a disability, really we are just the same as everyone else!!! A small book with a huge message that should be read by all! This book is changing the boundaries in the best way possible.”
– Chloe Tear, Life as a Cerebral Palsy Student (BLOG)

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  1. A very easy to read & informative book highlighting TJ’s life with his family & friends & how he would love people to treat him & interact with him too…

  2. Fantastic Book!

  3. A small book with a huge message that should be read by all!

  4. Amazing book! So good for Adults and Children alike. Opens your eyes to no matter what we all still like and do the same things. Brilliant book, that all schools, library’s and Book shops need to have.

  5. Simple message beautifully told.
    My children loved it

  6. A brilliant book that is great for children and adults

  7. Amazing book about an amazing boy! Simple but so true. A lovely message.

  8. A very easy read with a big message that’s easily understood by children and adults alike. My daughter, who is a primary school teacher, read it out to her pupils and they were amazed with it

  9. Bold new world eveyone deserves a place in it.

  10. A beautiful and and important little book about the inspirational TJ and his family. A must for all homes, schools and libraries!

  11. Amazing book about inclusivity. I just love it and hope to see more fr9m this author.

  12. Very Inspiring, and I love the book quality.

  13. Amazing book with a big message – great for children and adults. Well done!

  14. Such an important book written by an inspirational lady. Amanda Kehoe you are role model.

  15. Such a great book thank you Amanda.

  16. An amazing story about a beautiful little boy !!! every school should own this book

  17. A truly lovely book

  18. Great book about a lovely boy. Well told by the author

  19. Very good book. Myself have child in a wheelchair, after reading book i see same things from different angle. Thanks to the author and amazing mum.

  20. A lovely inspiring book your family and friends are so proud of you. Can’t wait for the next one! X

  21. Great book by someone who knows.

  22. Wrote by someone who knows

  23. A delight in simplicity of content message and approach

  24. Beautiful simplistic book that seems to encourage further dialogue with our young ones about positive integration at a level that’s easily understood by them. Really hope there will be more to follow!

  25. Fantastic book about an amazing little boy!

  26. A delightful little story about TJ, his family and his life. Well done Amanda.

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