A Girl Behind Dark Glasses
By Jessica Taylor-Bearman
Published By

Hashtag Press

ISBN 978-1-9998053-5-7
Non-Fiction Genre Biography Health Self-Help/How-To Medical
Publication Date 07/03/2018
Price 12.99
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From a darkened world, bound by four walls, a young woman called Jessica tells the tale of her battle against the M. E. Monster. The severest form of a neuroimmune disease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis went to war with her at just 15 years old. From beneath her dark glasses, Jessica glimpses a world far different from the one she remembers as a teenage schoolgirl. This true story follows her path as she ends up living in a hospital for years with tubes keeping her alive.

This harrowing story follows the highs and lows of the disease and being hospitalised, captured through her voice-activated technology diary called “Bug” that enables her to fulfil her dream of one day becoming an author. It provides a raw, real-time honesty to the story that would be impossible to capture in hindsight.

Authors Biography

At the age of 15, she became acutely unwell with an illness called Myalgic Encephalomyletis (M.E). She was continuously hospitalised from 2006-2010, suffering with the most severe form of the condition. This included her being bedridden, unable to move, speak, eat and more. She began to write in her mind, and when finally able to speak again, she began to write through her audio diary ‘Bug’. Jessica released her debut bestselling book ‘A Girl Behind Dark Glasses’ in 2017.


‘I found the book inspiring and could not put it down’ – Amazon

‘I first came across Jessica in the film Unrest and when I found this book I wanted to learn more about her. I found this book really interesting and inspirational’ – Goodreads

‘A fascinating and moving account of what it feels like for ordinary daily existence to become a struggle’ – The London Magazine

‘It’s a story of love, family, friends; of hope, strength and courage’ – Waterstones

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  1. Fantastic book couldn’t put it down I was one of Jessica carers at burrswood

  2. I cannot under estimate how important this book is. I have severe m.e, like Jessica. The general public have no idea what people with “hidden” disabilities go through. I often think they are called hidden, not just because we don’t necessarily look ill, but because we ourselves are hidden and largely forgotten

  3. This is a very moving account of the incredible difficulties that have been part of Jessica’s life since she contracted “the ME Monster “as she puts it. As her mother, I know that my very inspirational daughter deserves all the praise & recognition that this book is receiving. The disease requires far more research & far greater understanding within society, especially in the public & medical sector.

  4. What a fantastic and inspirational book giving great insight into a widely misunderstood illness. This young lady shows such strength and heart. A truly moving story.

  5. Amazing book that describes what it’s like to live with ME. I have severe ME and feel ignored, invisible and isolated. The symptoms of ME are so misunderstood by the community and much of the medical profession. We are truly let down every day. This book goes a long way to help educate.

  6. Jessica is a warrior of this nasty ME monster. She is an inspiration for those of us that suffer from ME and she gives us hope. You are amazing Jessica and I loved your book.

  7. A good and very important book. The general public have no idea what people with “hidden” disabilities go through. A real insight into a proportion of the population that live a hidden life and are largely forgotten about. I hope this is a victory in many ways

  8. A rare insight into existing with Severe M.E. A haunting read.

  9. A truly remarkable story about an inspirational young lady. A rare insight into such a terrible disease and one which the public need t9 be aware of. Deserves an award.

  10. Awe-inspiring lady with such inner strength in her writing that transcends every page. Her book encourages anyone reading her teenage experiences of being diagnosed with M.E. to take each day as it comes, try harder, be more grateful. She’s a true inspiration.

  11. Jessica’s courage and frank, moving account of her illness are inspiring to anyone struck by severe illness, but especially the young and those struggling with the medically neglected illness ME.

  12. “I have bought this book as an ebook. I started to read it and I could not put it down. I read it through in one shot. The book grips the reader from the start. One can experience what Jessica is going through to the point that it hurts just to read it but I could not put it down. Jessica describes what happened to her in the 4 years of her life which she had to spend in hospitals with painful honesty. She allows you in her personal life and although her very painful experiences shock you, her indomitable spirit shines through. She develops her own techniques to deal with the unbearable pain poor treatment and abuse she had to deal with. One can really experience the heartbreak and sacrifices of her close and supportive family and some friends who have to deal with such a sick child where her illness is not understood by medical professionals and where her treatment at times is wrong and is making her worse.
    Jessica’s incredible courage and determination to try and get better shines through. She is not a victim she is a survivor and a very brave ME warrior. She manages to stay positive even with all the odds against her. This book can be as influential as a book as Unrest was as a movie for the ME Community. Thank you Jessica. Not only have you realised your dream to write a book but you have written an amazing powerful and well written book which should be valued not only in the ME community but for everyone that appreciates reading a good well written book. Please buy it give it as gifts to other people. You will not be sorry. I am looking forward to the next book

  13. I could not put this book down once I started it. As a fellow sufferer, I could relate to so many points. Fantastic read by a fantastic & very very strong lady. Thank you Jessica. Xx

  14. I too have ME, and so I listened to the Audiobook version (which is delightfully read in a voice that sounds remarkably like Jessica’s own).

    In “A Girl Behind Dark Glasses”, Jessica doesn’t shy away from describing the darker elements of the disease and of the care she received, yet she still is quick to highlight moments of joy and the people in her life who made a real difference. Throughout it all, Jessica’s personality shines through as she deals with things no-one should have to face.

    Simply excellent. Read it.

  15. A brilliant piece of writing. Jessica has managed to portray a warts and all account of an experience many would struggle to discuss let alone write about with such pragmatism. The author maintains a perfect flow to the book despite using diary extracts and remains factual throughout. I don’t know how anyone could write so beautifully about such a traumatic experience. Really talented author.

  16. Thank you all for the lovely comments and for voting for A Girl Behind Dark Glasses it means the world to me and my family.

  17. This book is remarkable in so many aspects. I think truly hope this book will become a part of the school curriculum

  18. A heart–touching bio that reaches out to anyone who knows someone;or themselves has been side-tracked from a normal life w/a little known mysterious illness. In the voice of this author she tells of her journey. I could not stop reading through the very real dramas & traumas & her relationship w/family who supported her w/their love & care. Romance is ever present, surprisingly, as she opens her heart to this possibility There is hope & inspiration discovered from her relentless determination to find answers & then help others through her personal path. A life-changer!

  19. I gobbler this book up in one afternoon because it was such a gripping story and so vividly and compellingly told.

    Jessica’s spirit and tenacity in facing the suffering of severe chronic illness, isolation for years in hospital and later abuse at the hand of medics is both shocking and utterly inspiring. This is a must-read memoir for absolutely everyone

  20. I am so impressed by this author. She uses humour to describe her distressing situation. Her courage shines through. I have recommended it to friends who are rooting for our granddaughter who is suffering from severe ME to start getting better. Congratulations on a wonderful book Jessica/Jay!

  21. Thank you for writing this book, Jessica, & for shining the spotlight on the neglected but severely disabling disease of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Even those with mild ME can experience up to 50% loss of function. That would be considered serious in any other disease. 25% of ME patients are at the severe or very severe end of the spectrum. They exist in darkened rooms, ‘behind dark glasses’, needing round-the-clock care, & ignored by governments, social services and medical systems that simply don’t care. This is a worldwide phenomenon for sufferers of ME. Research funding for this debilitating illness is abysmal, globally.
    I sincerely hope that through people reading this book, positive changes will be brought about for the #MillionsMissing.

  22. This is a heart breaking book to read and I can only begin to imagine the heart ache Jessica’s family must have gone through during the horrific time. I have ME but have not suffered anywhere near as severely. Jessica I think you are a very brave and amazing young woman. Well done and thank you for sharing your story.

  23. My wife has ME and this book is an eye opener for many people who dont really know about this horrible disease.

  24. I have a daughter of Jessica‘s age who suffers from severe ME too.
    Very touching and so true, how she describes the typical sort of life young patients are forced to lead by that terrible disease!

  25. I read this book and it was very good best book I’ve read in ages

  26. Incredible read. Moving and shocking. An unbelievable battle which brought tears to my eyes. Jessica you are inspirational. Once you pick up this book you will find it very hard to put down.

  27. Wonderful book written by a courageous young woman who lives with a severe form of ME, and has great insight into the challenges and unspoken pain that go along with such a debilitating illness. Jessica is inspirational.

  28. As a parent of a child with this illness it is a scary place to be. This is a well written, incredible story. Jessica is a wonderful ambassador, advocate, warrior and hero for this misunderstood and horribly debilitating condition. Thank you so much for writing about your experiences.

  29. ME/CFS is a devastating illness, and one that needs to be as widely spoken about as other neurological and autoimmune diseases. This book is paving the way.

  30. What a amazing book.

  31. This is a well wrote amazing story, living with me/CDs myself, this book has it down to a tee, this is paving the way for more to come x

  32. Thank you Jessica for telling your story you have given so much in your fight I am in total awe I could not put it down I know I will pay the price for this having servere M.E myself but it was worth it you inspire teach advocate but most of all you are best example of the M.E warrior. And can not wait for you to hold your baby in your arms with so much love to you and your family. Jan Inman

  33. A very touching read and a true eye opener in to the world of ME

  34. Amazing narrative of a delightful woman’s journey with a horrible and often misunderstood disease.

  35. Shocking how absent was protection of Jessica against abuse when she could not speak or advocate for herself. All medical and ancillary staff caring for people with ME should read this book!

  36. I could not put this down. Jessica shows tenacity and bravery in telling her story about her life with M.E. and how she was mistreated and misunderstood by the medical profession. As a former nurse and lecturer in nursing I found the book a harrowing read. Angry at the failings so obviously highlighted. As an M.E. sufferer myself I can also concur with many of Jessica’s opinions and findings. I think all health care professionals should read this book, it would teach them so much about life in hospital, and how not to treat your patients. With regards to M.E. it is so important that those of us who are unfortunate to have this condition use whatever skills and opportunities we have to tell our story, in order to highlight to the world that we will not be forgotten, we deserve the same treatment, research and services as everyone else using our NHS, and we can only change M.E. treatment by raising awareness in the public arena. Thank you Jessica for your courage.

  37. Wow, such a brilliant read giving clear insight into this awful disease. Every health care professional needs to read this book. We need to end the ignorance and stigma around M.E., and this book is doing its bit in order to raise awareness. Thank you Jessica for sharing your story.

  38. A story that needs to be told, about a disease that has been ignored for too long. Thank you, Jessica!

  39. An amazing young woman telling a story that is both heartbreaking yet incredibly insipiring

  40. Inspirational!

  41. What a story! So well written.

  42. A brilliant read. Well done Jessica for telling a story that needs to be told .

  43. Good Luck Jessica xx

  44. Inspirational and well written . Worth reading .
    Hope you win Jess you deserve it .

  45. Such an inspirational young lady and so brave. I could not put this book down

  46. Amazing Book wrote from Truthfulness and Compassion of an illness that nobody would want to live in no matter your age but there is millions who do just that if live is even the right word.

    Well done Jessica yes this needs shouting from the rooftops good luck lovely xxx

  47. An important book.

  48. Thank you for writing this powerful story.

  49. I could not put this book down .i am a survivor of 37 years with CFS .thanks to Jessica for sharing her story.she deserves to win, its a very important book ..needs to be recognized

  50. I recorded the audio book version and became completely engrossed in this difficult, fascinating account of Jessica’s experiences. And it was a pleasure to meet her finally at the launch event.

  51. What a truly remarkable person you are Jessica, to write such a truthful, harrowing, readable book, about this extremely painful disabling illness, when being so severely ill. This book should be read by every GP and Medical Consultant, it should be in every GPs waiting rooms and Hospitals.
    Thank you so much for your true courage and writing this outstanding book. Much love. Linda.x

  52. Such committment to telling her story. Very, very inspiring for sufferers.

  53. Jessica is such a courageous, amazing and inspirational young lady. I couldn’t put her book down.

  54. M.E./ CFS is a very debilitating illness not visible to the naked eye. This book can really help people to understand.

  55. Amazing insight into an ongoing struggle for survival. Determination shines through without a doubt.
    Well worth reading.

  56. Inspirational lady who deserves so much more. I have the pleasure of knowing this lovely amazing lady and I couldn’t be more proud. Fantastic achievement and to win this prize will be even more of an achievement.

  57. ME is invisible. Our suffering is invisible; yet our spirits are lifted by this incredible lady who does not give up.

  58. I am as severelly ill as her. I put laying down all my effort/strenght even just to vote and cry for help! I am ” decades severelly ill and declining and still declining further. I do not know how long I still will be alive.

  59. My wife has ME. Jessicas book is a real eye opener. I have met Jessica personally and has the utmost respect for her and for the incredible book she has written

  60. Great book

  61. Such a heartbreaking and amazing story. Severe ME is a monster that people need to know about.

  62. Important book letting public know about the often hidden illness ME and just how severe it can be.

  63. ME is unpredictable, painful and debilitating. This book will help bring awareness to this life altering illness.

  64. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is a worldwide health crisis. Anyone can catch this devastating disease at any age.

    Research funding is needed to protect those who aren’t yet ill and to help those who are ill to recover. This book shines a light on this serious problem.

  65. A very beautiful book

  66. I, my life partner and my granddaughter have this damn disease. Yes, it’s a disease, it’s very real, and you could be the next person to get it. Jessica has raised awareness with her profound writing of her experiences, and now we need all of you to contact whomever in your country can be instrumental in demanding more research funding and help for patients so profoundly disabled by the devastation of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

  67. Tnxxx and take care ❤️

  68. A very necessary book.

  69. At last, I have been waiting for a very long time for this. Thank you

  70. Truly a courageous young woman who has shared her insight into her disabling and limited world. She, through her writing has found a way to release herself and open up to others sharing her experience which will hopefully reach many people.

  71. Suffered with this disease myself for over 30 years
    Thank you for being so strong to persevere with writing this book! So much ignorance about this REAL condition!

  72. This book shows the stark reality of living with severe ME. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  73. I love this book 💙. I’s a honest and true story about a very complex illness.

  74. Thank you Jessica for this book, it’s the truth about a really horrible illness that a lot of people don’t even believe is real. So many of us are suffering, neglected, abused and disbelieved, it has to stop. We need more people speaking up and out like Jessica has and does, they can’t ignore a million voices, like they ignore just a few struggling ones who keep being silenced. United we stand (or sit if we’re having a bad day :P) it’s time for the abuse, neglect and horrific treatment of people with these conditions ends. We suffer enough every day as it is. Thank you Jessica for sharing your story and raising awareness for all of us who are yet to find our own voice and the courage to stand up and fight. Lots of love to every single one of my fellow sufferers. We’re warriors!! Don’t ever give up.

  75. Jessica is a brave young lady and her story taught me to value my life even more.

  76. Comment

  77. This book is an amazing achievement and tells well a story that needs to be told.

  78. A brilliant book, giving an excellent insight into the difficulties this lovely young lady has had to endure. She has been an inspiration many to others and her hard work and determination should never go unrecognised. Her story has taught me personally to appreciate everything and everyone around me that little bit more, it has also reminded me how life should not be taken for granted so lightly and to appreciate each and everyday and value even the smallest things.

  79. A book that shows why you should never give up.
    A book also that should be read by every training doctor and nurse. X

  80. This is such an important and well written book and highlights the ignorance of the medical profession in treating the disease to the detriment of ME patients. I have suffered with ‘the monster’ for 19 years and my 24 year old daughter bedridden by it for the past 2 years so hugely admire Jessica’s amazing strength in conveying her experiences and always with such optimism and humour. A special young lady indeed!

  81. To me this book describes FND not ME or CFS. It is an amazing book and is helping me through my darkened days. I have a chromosome abnormality but this book still gives to hope to fight on.

  82. I was interested in the subject of her illness, and when I read the book I was gratified that it was so very well written. An excellent read.

  83. A very moving book and with detailed insight into the life of Jessica and her fight with the M.E. Monster. I feel very privileged to have been able to buy this book and get to know Jessica through her charity Share a Star which was born from her bed….her own tenacity is testament to her achievements so far….

  84. A very moving story, excellent read.

  85. The name chronic fatigue syndrome makes people believe that it is all about feeling tired. Nothing could be more wrong. This disease really should scare the shit out of you. If you get it, your life ends. But you’re still breathing.

  86. I was so happy to find this on Audible. I’ve listed the whole way through at least 3 times already. The feeling that you aren’t alone in your battles is a powerful one. Thankful for the author and over the moon that she’s getting the recognition she very much deserves <3

  87. A truly amazing girl,as an M.E. sufferer, I am in awe of Jessica managing to find the strength to share the reality of this illness that takes over your life .

  88. Phenomenal story or real horror told with directness and without self-pity. She exhibits a rare level of maturity and a deeply loving heart in the face if every reason not to.

  89. Phenomenal story of real horror told with directness and without self-pity. She exhibits a rare level of maturity and a deeply loving heart in the face of every reason not to.

  90. An excellent book which gives an insight into severe ME. If we can get this read by the general public and medical professionals they would have their eyes opened about what ME is really like.

  91. This is such an essential read – for people suffering from chronic illnesses, people who know someone who suffers from a chronic illness and just people in general! Jessica provides an education into life with a debilitating chronic illness like M.E. The book was an emotional rollercoaster and Jessica is just so good at writing in a way that makes you feel like you are witnessing the terrible events at the hospital before your very eyes. The true story of a remarkable woman.

  92. What a amazing story couldn’t put it down I was privileged to have cared for Jessica she is an amazing young lady

  93. ME is still unknown by many Drs and health professionals even today in 2020 and many sufferers are hidden away and missing from society. The condition is treated poorly and completely judge by members of the public. People with ME are called lazy and unwilling to be well. Jessica was and still is incredibly poorly but through this book she highlights her incredible strength to fight years of isolation, times of being unable to speak or eat and the effects it has, not only on herself but her parents and her siblings. But through this most disabling illness, this amazing young woman has set up a charity thinking of other seriously ill children. Follow her journey in this most moving journey of her isolation of years stuck in one room.

  94. As a fellow sufferer I was interested to read Jessica’s account of life with severe ME. Few people outside the ME world understand how debilitating and life changing the illness can be. Jessica writes with great honesty about everything she has been through. However ill she was her personality and strength of character was evident throughout the book.
    Before I became ill, I had a career in Nursing. I feel very strongly that this is a book which should be on the reading list of all health care professionals. Whether you are caring for people with ME or any other illness there is an important message and lessons to be learned from Jessica’s account.

  95. Amazing book by an amazing young woman. Worth the read.

  96. I have known Jessica for five years now and she is truly incredible! From m her ‘bed of pain’ she set up a charity she called ‘Share a Star’. The charity supports and encourages seriously ill children, their siblings and their parents – this from a girl who, until very recently, could not get out of bed.

    When she met the man who now is her husband and the father of their child, she determined that she would walk down the aisle at her wedding, and she did!

    The book shows her strengths and her determination to beat the ME Monster and she has, to the point where she is now a mother and determined to live as normal a life as is possible with her husband and daughter.
    God Bless you for your courage and concern for others, Jessica!

  97. Extremely important and personal view into a world that is all-too-real yet alien to most people. Urgent action needed so people like the author can receive much-needed help & answers.

  98. A very courageous book written by a very courageous lady. I wish everyone would read this book. Then all prejudice about M.E. would cease overnight!

  99. A very deep and meaningful book. An eye opener to what Jessica suffered.

  100. An amazing, thought provoking book, I coudn.t put it down. Such a strong young lady, I.m full of admiration for her. This book had everything, love, fear, understanding, occasio nal humour, sadness.

  101. Jessica’s story, what she and her family went through really made an impact on me, I can never take my life for granted after what she suffered and fought so hard for.
    All the previous comments are so… true, she deserves to be recognized.

  102. Excellent

  103. Jessica is such an incredible inspiration to all of humanity, particularly to those debilitated by the devastating illness ME and those close to them – it is us who truly ‘see’ this illness and the life it takes from sufferers. Thank you Jessica for allowing others into your world and telling your amazing story xxx

  104. Jessica has been through a lot in her life. Severe ME is very tough.

  105. Beautifully written. Both inspiring and shocking. Inspiring that someone so very sick could go on hoping and hanging on to her sense of self and sense of humour in the darkest times when some who were supposed to be giving her expert care subjected her to disbelief, neglect and mistreatment. A must read for anyone responsible for the care of people with severe ME – politicians, guideline writers, clinical commissioners, and health professionals. I couldn’t put it down. So moving,

  106. An incredibly powerful book. Would highly recommend, especially for healthcare professionals who so often know too little of this illness, but would expect many to be interested. Parts of the treatment Jessica received are truly horrifying – hopefully this book will be part of ensuring that never happens again.
    Thank you for writing this Jessica.

  107. This book shows a young girl’s courage and determination to lessen her symptoms of M.E. I know hat she is going through, I have had M.E for over twenty years, it’s a horrible condition and so many people don’t understand it. I take my hat off to Jessica.

  108. I wish so strongly that everyone with ME could automatically receive this book, especially young people. I got it on Audible and have savored it, despite relating all too well to the horrors that life with chronic illness can bring. The wonderful author is so personable and relatable, you’ll likely find yourself like I did where you just want to sit and chat with her for hours. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you so much to the author Jessica. You are a true light in this world and have helped more people than you can possibly imagine. Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3

  109. Jessica’s story, her life is one of courage, of Hope, of finding the inner most reserves when there appears to be nothing else. It tests the notion of resilience to the max, it is a akin to a Superhero discovering a new super power. Of being lost deep within an enraged, thorny forest as you would imagine sleeping beauty.
    As my daughter and I are both ME sufferers I weep in unison, understand the torture, feel the elation and find comfort in the simplicity.
    Jessica your story will give hope to others who have little left and sharing of joy.

  110. This is the PEOPLE’S book prize: hope it goes viral.

  111. A huge achievement for a woman of unimaginable courage. Jessica’s book is important in raising awareness for one of the worst and most stigmatized illnesses

  112. A truly vivid depiction of the horrific experience of ME and Jessica’s profound courage and resilience. This is a must-read for everyone wanting to learn about the incredible strength of human spirit.

  113. This very moving book is a window into the suffering and courage and resilience of people with ME/CFS. It should be read by health professionals and the general public to gain insight into this terrible, misunderstood and stigmatised illness. Jessica is not alone in what she has suffered, nor in her courage and determination, but she has given many hidden patients both voice and visibility.

  114. I wasn’t prepared for how shocked and upset I was on Jessica’s behalf. Everyone ought to read this book and spread the word about the treatment of people with severe ME.

  115. Absolutely amazing educational powerful book! I am not really a book person but i found it hard to put Jessica’s book down! I too suffer from severe M.E. so can relate to what Jessica has gone through. Absolutely love her, she is an amazing person and i am so proud of what she has achieved in life.

  116. Just an amazing and inspirational story. Which unfortunately epitomises the treatment of M.E. patients here in the U.K. who often face a daily battle of stigma and disbelief, within the medical field and the wider community. We need to tell our stories and educate people about this illness which has more sufferers than those with Parkinsons & MS put together. This book is part of that process.

  117. Brilliantly written x

  118. What an amazing memoir. I have M.E. and it was difficult to read a times, but I applaud Jessica for her strength and power sharing her story! Everyone should read it.

  119. An amazing insight of a true story.

  120. An amazing book, giving an insight into serious illness that is grossly misunderstood, a voice for many with hidden illness. I found it a perfect tool for counselling and a great example of ‘How not to do it ”
    This book took me through Jessica’s journey, drawing an array of emotions as I walked along side her.
    Thank you Jessica for this book it has taught me well and given me a greater depth of understanding and knowledge.
    It is now on my professional bookshelf and I recommend it to all counsellors, a must read.

  121. My 17 year old daughter absolutely loved this book, as she could relate so well to it, having the same illness and being bed bound for 2 years’ with it herself. She was saddened by the effect the illness had had on Jessica, as it was worse than her own case, but this in turn made her feel more appreciative of her own situation and that even though she has severe symptoms, Jessica’s were much worse. My daughter Madeline really wanted me to read it also, so I am about to start reading it and I can’t wait! Thanks so much for sharing your story with the world Jessica. You are an inspiration to other young people with ME.

  122. This book is totally moving and reduced me to tears. Jessica was taken down by a virus that not only changed her whole life but affected her family, her siblings and her friends too. What she had to endure in hospital by some heartless staff and by some monsters is simply heartbreaking. Thankfully there were some amazing medical professionals that took her life seriously and brought Jessica back to her family. Her road to recover was long and arduous and continues today. The voice of a speechless young vulnerable girl will leave the reader speechless too.

  123. This book is a powerful, honest account of what one young woman has
    endured with the dreaded illness called M>E>(Myalgic Encephalomeyeliti)s.
    It’s content is a testimony to how people with this illness suffer daily with
    little help from the medical profession, and zero support from NICE, whose guidelines
    at present cause sufferers to deteriorate rather than improve.

  124. Attention to myalgic encephalomyelitis is important information for the outside world, nice that this book can show the circumstances of the disease. Thanks.

  125. Jessica is my hero. I couldn’t put the book down. Ive been affected by chronic fatigue for 17 years, nothing as serious as Jessica, but it disabled and isolated me for a long time. The guaifenesin protocol reversed my symptoms and I am fairly healthy now. Jessica’s book is the first I’ve read about chronic fatigue and I recommend it to anyone affected by this disease. Her honesty, joy, perseverance and love for others is remarkable, given all that she endured. Thank you for a beautiful book, Jessica. All the best!

  126. This book is a revolutionary example of endurance despite all odds
    Magnificent accomplishment and a voice for all of us

  127. Well done! Well done!

  128. Congratulations on all you have come through!

  129. keep up the good work on the blog. I love it. Could use some more frequent updates, but i am quite sure that you got better or other things to do like we all do. 🙂

  130. Hey Every one how are you doinging. hope you are haveing a wonderful day

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