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A Kitchen Fairytale - healing with food
By Iidamaria van der Byl Knoefel
Published By

Hammersmith Books Limited

ISBN 9781781611340
Non-Fiction Genre Health, Self-Help/How-To
Publication Date 01/06/2019
Price 20.00
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.hammersmithbooks.co.uk/product/a-kitchen-fairytale-2/
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.hammersmithbooks.co.uk/product/a-kitchen-fairytale-2/


A collection of delicious recipes developed to support the diet that can reverse rheumatoid arthritis – plant-based, low fat and with no added fats for cooking – illustrated with beautiful photographs from the author’s collection. This is a diet that can seem drab and restrictive at the outset but Iida has made it tempting and inspiring.

Authors Biography

Iidamaria is an online proponent of plant-based whole-food eating. She developed the symptoms of inflammatory arthritis – so badly she could hardly walk down stairs – and resolved to overcome it by eating differently. Her research led her to the Paddison Program which restored her health and which her recipes support.


Yoga Magazine – http://yogamagazine.online/admin/images/pdf/may2019.pdf
Daily Mail – the case for bringing up babies vegan www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6775085/Experts-say-making-babies-vegan-cause-lasting-harm.html

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  1. My favourite book.

  2. Iida’s book has helped many people and deserves every success!

  3. Fabulous book and the recipes and plant based way of eating are invaluable.
    Thank you

  4. Fantastic book. Looking forward to the next one!

  5. It is a beautiful and really helpful book!

  6. Great book for all RA sufferers! I have healed from RA with the diet myself and but still use the recipes from the book. And pancakes are our Sunday morning favourite!

  7. Fantastic and inspiring book filled with goodies!

  8. An inspiring book with a powerful backstory. We regularly enjoy the lovely recipes.

  9. This book opens your mind to how delicious (not just healthy) plant based food is. Our household now has plant based meal days and this book has been an inspiration.

  10. A fabulous and inspiring book full of wholesome and healing food.

  11. A delicious plant based book which suit my family’s ‘Flexitarian’ approach to food. We regularly use the book and the puddings are a genius way to get fruit and veg in to our toddler who is a picky eater!

  12. Really hoping this will pave the way for a greater awareness of an oil free diet on the UK.

  13. Absolutely love this cookbook! Ida’s story is inspiring, the pictures are beautiful and I love the commentary on each recipe. So hard to find oil free food, I have to make my own.

  14. After over a year on the Paddison diet for RA and struggling with the boredom of what I was eating, this book came out and my world turned into colour again. Cheesy pasta, cookies and cakes! Thank you

  15. A really beautifully presented book, full of deliciously tasty and nutritious recipes. It’s a brilliant book for those that need to go no-oil or looking for ideas on how to reduce the oil in their diet, whilst keeping flavour, taste and texture.

  16. A beautiful and cleaver book.

  17. Proud of You and your book!!! It’s so amazing and full of such beautiful recipes for the whole family. Well done my friend.

  18. Wonderful book! Inspiring transformation! Creative recipes!

  19. Delightful book and delicious recipes. Thank you for your inspiration! 🙂

  20. Should be compulsory reading for the many sufferers of RA.

  21. Iida’s book helps people with RA who are on the Paddison Program, navigate safely in the kitchen and enjoy a whole food plantbased diet without oils. It is also beneficial to anyone who wants to reverse chronic conditions, and to everyone else who wants to learn to eat clean, as it offers a variety of delicious and easy to prepare meals.

  22. Beautifully presented and wonderful tasty recipes. Thank you

  23. I love this cook book, Its wonderful to have recipes the are delicious and don’t react on the Arthritis!!

  24. This book is a gift to all of us with RA. It made me feel that there were options. You and Clint Paddison are the best!!!

  25. This book is a wonderful guide of information and recipes that helps heal inflammation in our bodies. Moving to a plant based diet is the best thing we can do for our bodies and our planet. Iida’s book gives us the power to heal.

  26. Lida’s book has been a mainstay in our kitchen. Allows us to have amazing meals, knowing they are nutritious and taste amazing.

  27. Finding Iida’s book was a game a hanger for me. I feel fortunate to have found it. I will have it on my kitchen counter, along with any of her other books forever.

  28. It’s a lovely Book with nice recipes and fantastic pictures.

  29. Fantastic clean and fresh recipes nourishing and sustaining our bodies, and very easy to follow and apply recipes with beautiful pictures…

  30. Absolutely adore the recipes and I have used so many of them for family meals for my husband and toddler. Delicious and wholesome, I love everything about Iida’s approach. Desserts are scrumptious and are regular guests in our kitchen most weekends.

  31. So many amazing recipes in this book. A real delight. Hard to choose a favourite as there are so many.

  32. Such a beautiful book. Stunning photography, delicious and healing recipes, and a truly amazing story.

  33. Wonderfully helpful and attractive book for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

  34. Beautiful book with great plant based healing recipes.

  35. As an RA sufferer living in Australia and following the Paddison Program, I was delighted to receive this book as a gift from my son living in the UK. The recipes are easy to follow and the variety has taken the boredom out of an oil free diet. Looking forward to the next one Iida.

  36. A triumph of a book for anyone wanting to unlock the “magic” properties of a healthy diet with tasty and satisfying food. The Sunshiny Pancakes are pure genius!

  37. This is a wonderfully written book – easy to read, beautiful to look at, and so helpful in the pursuit of a pain-free and healthy life. I am grateful for the thought and effort that went into it – it will be life-changing and encouraging for anyone going through RA who wants to improve their health, happiness, and quality of life.

  38. beautiful

  39. Amazing book, feel very priviledged to have tried so many of these delicious, wholesome recipes!

  40. Inspirational! In my opinion, this book has the healthiest cake recipes! Meal ideas for a whole family including fussy kids and husbands : )

  41. Iida’s book gave me inspiration when I was incapacitated with RA and continues to do so. Her photos are awesome.

  42. A lovely book with lots of delicious recipes. An inspiration to those wishing to change to a healthier lifestyle.

  43. A fabulous book packed with delicious, easy to follow recipes. Everyone should own a copy!

  44. A cook book for the whole family .. Iida’s recipes are creative and delicious. She has done so incredibly well and her book has been a huge help with my RA. Can’t wait for the next book XX

  45. Has improved the quality in my life. So grateful.

  46. Imaginative recipes that have given us lots of inspiration and changed the way we plan meals 🙂

  47. Iida’s book has knowledge and expertise. I can’t to share this book with everyone i can! I love it!!!

  48. When all my cookery books depended on oil, once I had the diagnosis of RA, Ida’ s book was a life line. I’m a foodie and this book just allowed me to keep on enjoying food but with the knowledge that I was doing my body good. 😊

  49. Love this book ! I have also healed my RA on the oil free plant based diet – Iida’s story continues to be inspiring and her recipes enjoyable to make and eat ! Beautiful book ❤️

  50. I love the recipes!

  51. You had me at “Mushroom Sauce” . . . 🍄 😋

    Mouthwatering 🤤 oil-free, Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) recipes that complement *all* phases of the “Paddison Program” & beyond.

    It’s even recommended by heart-healthy ♥️ 🩺 doctor Caldwell Esselstyn!

    Whoever thinks WFPB eating is tasteless 😛 , boring 🥱 , too expensive 💰 , too difficult 😖 … hasn’t cracked open Iida’s “A Kitchen Fairytale” 📖 . . . . 🧑‍🍳

  52. A wonderful book, both beautiful and useful

  53. Iida is an inspiration! We love her cook book.

  54. Beautiful book,
    Creative recipes!

  55. Beautiful whole foods plant-based recipes – Lida shows us how to eat the rainbow 😊

  56. Great read inspirational. How can someone be so clever. Recipes so easy to follow and seeing changes with my health already.

  57. Most delicious photos and even more delicious recipes.

  58. My go to cookbook

  59. Hi, if you have a health problem that is made better by not eating oils then it’s good to have a go to book with recipes that fully understand this. Without a book like this it’s hard to know where to begin.

  60. Love the recipes and many ideas to keep inflamation down, healing a he’s and pains😊💥😁

  61. Attractive presentation and super easy receipes👏😊

  62. Just what our world needs….. beautiful, delicious plant based foods. Iida you are a true inspiration, beautiful inside and out.

  63. A book of recipes for a better life.

  64. Came across this wonderful cookbook via Clint Paddison’s forum, decided to try it & now use it as my main source of recipes in order to stay drug free from RA.
    Thank you so much Iida. Love it 😍 Annette L

  65. This is so wonderful and very beautifully illustrated book. I too have been following the Paddison program and have found the recipes in this book to be very helpful and delicious

  66. Clint recommended this book, absolutely wonderful it is. Thank so much.

  67. It’s a perfect partner to The PP.
    Simple ingredients, but quick & easy, with amazing results.

  68. A perfect partner to The PP.
    simple ingredients, & quick and easy to prepare, with amazing results.

  69. Beautifully presented

  70. Great recipes for a plant-based diet

  71. Fabulous and potentially life-saving book!

  72. Love this book. I have rheumatoid arthritis and diet helps me a lot. I use lots of these recipes. Especially like the pinto bean chilli

  73. Been eating plant based for 3 years, I appreciate the new recipes!

  74. I think I have RA but I will not go to docs I have recently become plant based clints prog excellent and full of common sense I get a lot of recipes of dr Gregor how not to die and t dr mcdougal starch solution both brilliAnt books too I am constantly preaching about the benefits of diet to people but they are so ingrained in meat eating they don’t see the logic even after watching the film game changer what is health urgh graffic film
    And forks over knives but it doesn’t seem to sink in to some people. One of my employees is on 20+ tablets a day diabetes heart problems etc and went aggressive with me when I suggested he may be able to lose some or most of his meds but he won’t even try for a week
    Well done to all you plant based pioneers kempner pritikin barnyard esslestyn Campbell your hard work is shining through

  75. The photography alone is beautiful but the recipes I have tried have all been delicious, well thought out and healthy. Wonderful cookbook for those with RA and any inflammatory condition. Highly recommend.

  76. One of few oil free cookbooks – love that it’s not too complicated, gives some foundational recipes and approaches. So important for anyone wanting to take a new approach to chronic disease.

  77. A beautifully illustrated and caring book, I have prepared many of the recipes, it has inspired my vegan healing meals.

  78. Oh thank you, I also have arthritis, and I have changed my diet with the Paddison Program , and I am improving. Many people need this information and do not even realize it! Oil free is sometimes challenging when changing your cooking habits, and your book helped so much. Keep promoting your wonderful book.

  79. A really great whole food plant based and no oil cook book . Has really helped me diversify my diet to help with my RA . A great tool for those following the paddison program and such a lovely lady !!

  80. great help!

  81. Healthy healing delicious food made even more delicious with these recipes. Excellent!!

  82. Beautifully presented book, with great photos and easy to follow recipes, thank you!

  83. How do I order for the book.

  84. This is a book about the future and what diets should include.

  85. The world needs more resources like this to empower people to improve their own health.

  86. The recipes in this book will open your eyes to a plant based diet and give you hope for improving your health.

  87. Haven’t read the book, but have RA myself and applaud and welcome any beneficial cookbook that helps beat this dreadful disease

  88. The book is an inspiration and has helped me to change the way I eat and to improve my health in general.

  89. Absolutely LOVE this cookbook!!! My husband and I use it ALL the time, and have many of Ida’s recipes a regular part of our week! The best combination and tastiness and health all in one book! Cannot recommend it enough to anyone striving to appreciate and enjoy their food while also striving for better health, Rheumatoid Arthritis and beyond! A great compliment to The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis!

  90. It is simply how good this book is to help with RA.

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