A Map of the Sky
a map of the sky
By Claire Wong
Published By

Lion Hudson

ISBN 9781782642695
Publication Date 09/20/2019
Price 8.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.lionhudson.com/page/detail/A-Map-of-the-Sky/?K=9781782642695
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.lionhudson.com/page/detail/A-Map-of-the-Sky/?K=9781782642701


A deeply moving, hope-filled and uplifting contemporary story of a child’s quest to unite his family and those he befriends along the way when his family suddenly uproot themselves to a remote coastal village in the North.

Authors Biography

Claire studied Classics at Oxford University. In 2005, she won the Owen Sheers Poetry Prize, and in 2006, the Laurie Magnus Poetry Prize. Claire works in charity communications, where she has the privilege of sharing uplifting stories through press releases, newsletters and articles every day!


‘A brilliant and sensitively written portrayal of the adult world through the eyes of a curious, loveable eleven-year-old boy.’ Polly Courtney, novelist and screenwriter

‘A Map of the Sky is so well written it made me feel young again! Highly recommended.’ CL Smith, author of the Kadogos trilogy

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  1. Claire Wong’s writing exposes the gifts that young heroines discover through exploration of the natural world that we may have taken for granted. Her characters remind us to look up from our screens and discover it’s great to be alive!

  2. Greatly inspirational!

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