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Alienated: Grounded at Groom Lake
By Jeff Norton
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Awesome Reads

ISBN 978-1-911195-96-2
Children's Genre 9yrs - 13yrs. No illustrations.
Publication Date 11/01/2018
Price 6.99
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alienated-Jeff-Norton-ebook/dp/B07JLRLSQ5/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=


Think your school is strange?
Feel like you don’t quite fit in?

Fourteen-year-old Sherman Capote is an Air Force brat used to moving schools. But he’s never been to a place like Groom Lake High, the high school for aliens at Area 51.

Authors Biography

Jeff Norton is an award-winning, London based author focused on creating compelling characters, awesome stories, and immersive worlds. A reluctant reader as an adolescent, Jeff’s newest book, ‘Alienated: Grounded At Groom Lake’, encourages readers to laugh and experience a sense of belonging among the aliens of Area 51.


Jeff always creates such unique characters. He possesses this superb skill where he can literally breathe life into the most zany character you can imagine. – Toppsta

I was completely taken with the book…I really enjoyed the way the book was written covering serious topics with which most children will be familiar – Roche Librarian

As I read it I found I couldn’t stop, it’s brilliant. – Yzabelle, age 9.

This book was an unexpected delight! I’ll definitely be recommending it to other children. I loved the tone, and the fun characters Sherman Capote befriends. – Chaboyfaz, age 12.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Plenty of twists and turns and a very riveting storyline that kept me hooked ’til the end. – Carmen, age 13

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  1. What a great summer read. Spread the word.

  2. Awesome!

  3. Very funny and original!

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