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Atom Bomb to Santa Claus
Subtitle What Have the Americans Ever Done for Us?
By Trevor Homer
Published By

Thistle Publishing

ISBN https://www.amazon.co.uk/Atom-Bomb-Santa-Claus-Americans/dp/1786080826
Non-Fiction Genre Business
Publication Date 10/18/2018
Price 9.99
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Atom-Bomb-Santa-Claus-Americans-ebook/dp/B07JG85PXF


Atom Bomb to Santa Claus celebrates the USA’s pioneering drive by describing some of its greatest innovations and some of its greatest – and most surprising – inventors. It challenges the imagination to know that the same country that gave the world the artificial heart and e-mail, also originated sliced bread and Chinese fortune cookies. Guaranteed to entertain and enlighten, Atom Bomb to Santa Claus is an amazing chronicle of some of America’s most important and imaginative creations.

Authors Biography

Trevor Homer was born and educated in the industrial Midlands of England and is a former British Amateur Champion golfer who represented England and Britain 28 times. Homer is the author of The Book of Origins which was translated into six languages and sold to eleven countries. This book is based on a lifelong obsession with obscure facts, and a deep admiration of the great democratic experiment which is the United States of America.


“A well-done history of sorts that reflects the lighter side as well as some trivial things that made significant changes in the way we do things. Nicely done.”
Evil Cyclist

“This was a fun and quick read! So much well researched info on so many items!”
Catherine Hankins (Reviewer)

“Guaranteed to entertain and enlighten, Atom Bomb to Santa Claus is an amazing chronicle of some of America’s most important and imaginative creations.”
Janet’s Book Corner

“Interesting and fascinating. I’ve learned so much.”
Cherie Homan (Reviewer)

“An absolutely delightful collection. Highly recommended!”
Nan Williams (Reviewer)

“An interesting and funny book, entertaining and enjoyable. Highly recommended!”
Anna Maria Giacomasso (Reviewer)

“Light and humorous… This would make an ideal Christmas stocking filler.”
Graeme Lynch (Reviewer)

“Here’s a great gift idea for those “hard to buy for” on your lists, and also because it’s a fascinating read. Get ready for a fun compilation of famous and not so famous American inventions.”
Jena Henry (Reviewer)

“A good read for the curious reader.”
Avid Reader

“A fascinating compilation of fun tidbits.”
Dear Author

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  1. So many fascinating facts I should have known but didn’t and hugely entertaining – absolutely loved it!!

  2. Well researched book with fascinating facts. A really great read!

  3. Hope the White House has a copy. If not why not send them one?

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