Black Lily
By Philippa Stockley
Published By

Pimpernel Press

ISBN 9781910258095
Fiction Genre Historical
Publication Date 09/06/2018
Price 8.99
Paperback Hyperlink


In late C17th London two women unite to survive: Zenobia, born in poverty, makes a life for herself with her looks; Lily, brought to London on a sugar and slave ship lives as a madam. Set in a murky, merciless London, both find themselves pitted against a manipulative mogul.

Authors Biography

Philippa Stockley read English at Oxford and art-historical clothing history at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London. Author of The Edge of Pleasure and of A Factory of Cunning, a sequel to Les Liaisons Dangereuses. A professional painter, designer, novelist, editor and journalist, she lives in Whitechapel, London.


“Black Lily would clearly make a terrific TV series. Stockley’s deftly plotted novel has a sting in the tale too.” – Evening Standard

“Philippa Stockley has poured her artistry and knowledge into her latest novel…A deliciously satisfying read.” – Country Life

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  1. Atmospheric, thrilling, fast and funny. One of the most vibrant period novels I’ve ever read.

  2. Atmospheric, fast, thrilling and funny. One of the best period novels I’ve ever read.

  3. Absolutely incredible, detailed, immersive and, most importantly, full of strong and impressive female characters. Waiting to be adapted for the screen.

  4. Fast pace, exciting and excellent read, once started couldn’t put it down.

  5. Loved the world evoked , rich and facinating!

  6. Great novel, a page turner of quality.

  7. All round fabulous

  8. As usual from Philippa Stockley, a terrific read with more twists and turns than a stabbed rat. The period detail is breathtaking – you can almost touch what she is describing. Hello Netflix – it ought to be a tv series. It’s been my book of choice for handing out as pressies this year….

  9. A story so absorbing I literally could not put it down. A wonderful work

  10. Couldn’t put it down once i’d started, really wonderful storytelling.

  11. Detailed period history, thorough research make this a compelling read from first to last

  12. This is an extraordinarily sensuous novel, not only in terms of the experiences of its characters, but in its recreation of materials, textures, carpets, ceramics, temperatures, food, tastes and smells. Most historical fiction presents the reader with stylised tableaux. Here you’re right there, in the room. It’s very rare and very special.

  13. A gripping historic tale of the harsh realities of life for women in 17th Century London with disturbing echoes of now. A captivating tale with beautifully described characters and intricately detailed and fascinating descriptions of the fashions, food and interiors of the period.

  14. fabulously atmospheric novel, hugely enjoyable, vividly described

  15. Philippa Stockley is a time traveller who generously takes us with her to 17th century London allowing us to transport our senses via her vivid imagination back to London through plague, fire and riotous abandonment. She is a wordsmith par excellence and plots as well as any. Give her prizes, gold and time to carry us away once more.

  16. Amazingly rich language and strong female charakters! A real treat.

  17. Unusual, authentic sounding, richly ornament and thought provoking.

  18. Unusual, authentic sounding, richly ornamented and thought provoking

  19. Completely immersive… loved every page.

  20. My book group loved this fantastic read – the period details are sumptuous and the plot twists keeps the reader fully involved on every page. We all agreed it would make a great TV adaptation

  21. Absolutely loved Black Lily – we studied it for our Book Group and it was one of those rare books that we all enjoyed. Really good fun, well written and packed full of intrigue. Great characters too!

  22. A rich and intriguing historical mystery resplendent with twists and intrigue.

  23. Fantastic, intriguing and voluptuous.

  24. I LOVED this book and cancelled all kinds of plans so that I could stay at home and lose myself in plague ridden London! Love love love!

  25. Great book – I devoured it almost in one sitting!

  26. Excellent book. Well written and researched. Great plot!

  27. Terrific read, Philippa’s attention to historic detail is applaudable. Agree with The ES, would make a brilliant TV series.

  28. Amazing. Film please

  29. The past is of inestimable value to the present and Philippa Stockley has managed to imbue and enrich our 21st-century lives with an almost tangible invocation of the turbulent and riotous infusions of 17th-century London. A must read for any time traveller.

  30. Stunning book

  31. A great historical read with a twist at the end which made me want to buy more of her books!

  32. A great, immersive read full of intrigue and excitement. Have recommended to everyone I know!

  33. Black Lilly is a gripping read with an unexpected twist. I was absorbed by the characters. A brilliantly descriptive and imaginative plot. Difficult to put down.

  34. A perfect companion for Summer.

  35. Just finished it and I wish I was just starting it. Brilliant book.

  36. Absolutely loved this book! The characters, the plot, the delicious naughtiness!

  37. Good old fashioned page turner with a contemporary edge, was perfect stocking filler at Christmas, looking forward to her next novel.

  38. written with an uncanny understanding of the events and atmosphere of a very much darker age.

  39. Marvellous read. Best novel I read last year.

  40. Just finished reading, Fabulous book and was difficult to put it down.

  41. a page turner for the curious

  42. A quality read. Highly recommended.

  43. Strong women! Philippa takes you on an amazing time journey!

  44. A fabulous yarn – Stockley rules!

  45. A real delight. I was gripped. It’s a great read and beautifully crafted.

  46. Wonderfully constructed, witty page turner.

  47. A wonderful romp enriched with great period detail.

  48. Amazing

  49. A stylistic tour de force and a wonderful evocation of the period

  50. That best of things: a book that is intelligent and rich in detail but also an absolute romp. Loved it.

  51. I brought it last year – a wonderful and brilliantly crafted read .

  52. An utterly fab read, like all Philippa Stockley novels, rich in character, texture and history. And a shocking ending…. should be a tv series but meanwhile it’s been my book gift of choice last year for birthdays, Christmas etc…

  53. Another amazing read from Philippa Stockley. Could not put this fabulous book down!

  54. Atmospheric of bygone times

  55. Amazing story whose powerful settings bring 17thc London, and the plague, alive. The two strong women leads, one black, one white, misbehave throughout — and the end was a shock. Vivid, full of intrigue and poison. Absorbing, memorable, provocative. Sequel please

  56. terrific book – really enjoyed it

  57. A past world comes vividly to life in Black Lily, with a real feel for time and place, and a very rich, intriguing story. Everyone I know who has read it has come away with similar strong feelings.

  58. First class writing.

  59. Perfect lockdown read. Atmospheric and apposite for our times. It’d be great to adapt for TV or even a radio drama.

  60. A ghoulish masterpiece, my tummy turned to jelly as I read this unforgettable novel. Rich in creepy period detail.

  61. Saved my life during lockdown! Thank you.

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