Charlie Dog's Birthday


It’s Charlie Dog’s birthday! The cheeky, little Westie dog is having a fancy dress party, full of fun and surprises to celebrate his 3rd birthday. So come and join Charlie and his friends on his special day and find out what exciting things they all get up to.
Another easy to read and wonderfully illustrated picture book by Sue Pavey and Eleni Demetriou.

Authors Biography

Sue Pavey lives in Blackheath, South London and is married with two grown-up children. Her venture into writing began in 2012 when her first children’s picture book ‘The Alphabet Friends and their Animals’ was published. A year later Sue had an idea to write a series of books based on her own little West Highland Terrier called Charlie and in 2014, working with illustrator Eleni Demetriou, the first book in the series “Charlie Dog” was published. The book has received great reviews from the national & local press, along with positive endorsements from celebrities such as HRH Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Robbie Williams, Elton John and Actor Gabriel Vicks to name just a few.

Sue is an active member of her community and carries out story readings at the local schools throughout the year.

“Charlie Dog” has a great social media presence and has a YouTube page, Facebook and twitter page too. Sue Pavey’s own website will be live this 2017.


My son loves this book! We were lucky enough to attend a reading and for a usually very active 18 month old he managed to stay still and sat through two readings. Very well written and the illustrations compliment the story fantastically.

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  1. A fun and entertaining story with beautiful illustrations. Children love this book!

  2. The best….and her favourite!!!!!

  3. A fun and great book which is ideal for children.

  4. Superb writer and well worth checking out – I did. Mark Laming

  5. Fantastic book – it’s my 3 yr old granddaughter’s favourite book

  6. My grandchildren’s favourite bedtime book. Great illustrations.
    They love Charlie dog and his adventures.

  7. We absolutely love this book as much as the previous 2. Superbly written, beautifully illustrated and a real favourite in our house.

  8. Great Book!

  9. A very sweet picture book. Perfect for sharing.

  10. A great companion to any child and parent.

  11. Sweet book for little dog lovers 😉

  12. A very colourful and engaging book.

  13. Great book for kiddy dog lovers.

  14. Beautiful book ! My little one loves it !!!

  15. Such a fantastic little book

  16. Lily and Lola’s favourite book, I’ve read it hundreds of times and they still want me to read it again every night . Can’t wait for more books in the series

  17. I personally know due pavey and í remember Charlie very well, definatly worth a read

  18. My 4 year old loves this book and my 1 year old has even started to sit down and look at the book with us whilst enjoying the story!

  19. Great book perfect for children (and adults too) lovely read .

  20. Charlie Dog books are a real favourite. I have bought them as gifts a few times. Stories are easy for children to read and follow. Bright and colourful illustrations too. Excellent!

  21. Another fabulous children’s book like all her others

  22. Fantastic book that deserves to win. Go and vote for it!

  23. Got for my 3yr old grandaughter… loves it

  24. got this Wonderfull book for my grandson. lovely.

  25. Lovely well written book.

  26. Really sweet story with lovely illustrations. Love it

  27. Lovely book and great illustrations to match. Our grandchildren never get bored with Charlie dog , its a favourite that is read over and over again !

  28. Funny and entertaining. My 19 month granddaughter loved it!

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