Errant Blood
By C. F. Peterson
Published By

Scotland Street Press

ISBN 9781910895061
Fiction Genre Thriller/Crime/Mystery
Publication Date 05/31/2017
Price 9.99
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When a refugee child is ritually murdered in a Highland village, the reluctant young laird of Duncul Castle sets out to discover how his childhood friend became a killer, why the local drug dealer wants him dead, and what dark secrets a green-energy multi-national are hiding in the surrounding hills.

Authors Biography

C. F. Peterson was born in Inverness. He lived in Africa and worked in bio-chemistry before returning home to the Scottish Highlands where he currently works as a builder. He is married and has five children. This is his first book.


“A superbly constructed literary thriller” – Undiscovered Scotland

‘It’s a crime for a debut to be this good.’ Criminal Minds

“Themes of family, mortality, morality, love, and betrayal are examined in a fresh and invigorating manner” – Scots Whay Hae!

‘Reminiscent of Ian Banks and I do not say that lightly’ Alistair Braidwood

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  1. This ‘thriller’ has an unusual metaphysical content and style. There are thought provoking descriptions and asides, ‘everyone has skeletons, sometimes it’s best to keep the cupboard locked.’ Nature plays a powerful part, in fact almost becomes a character in its own right as the rain-soaked Highland winter pervades all. It shows flaws in all characters, there is no outright heroism, just pieces. ‘Cruelty was a thing worse than death. Cruelty revealed the gentleness of death.’
    But it is a page turner alright with a pace that keeps you guessing and a modern content that includes Latvian mafia, smuggled refugees, and big Pharma.
    This book is not your regular shot, it is a rare good Malt. One that has been hidden for years in the Scottish Highlands.

  2. A fantastic fast-paced thriller, with engrossing characters and a vivid Highland setting. I loved this book!

  3. Absolutely unique and shockingly brilliant. I am jealous and moved as a thinker and writer, wondering how anything could make a similar massive mark as well. By compassion and knowing as the writer obviously does these people’s lives too. This is a book anyone should read and reread again and again, a tribute to thoughtful Scots everywhere. Keep your spirits up and keep doing the same – CF.

  4. The real reason I loved reading and mulling over this book is because it contains a spontaneous sane seed of mature natural reflection on the activities of Europe and empowers us all in dark times. 2000 years ago Herod may have caused flights to Egypt from North, but this is about the reverse direction and inspires our humblest impetus to go on the same journey. Well conceived, admirably executed!

  5. Brilliant. Highly recommended.

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