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Subtitle Inside the Secret World of the Super Rich
By Ben Foster, Clifford Thurlow
Published By

Thistle Publishing

ISBN 9781786080615
Non-Fiction Genre Biography
Publication Date 04/27/2018
Price 9.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gigolo-Inside-Secret-World-Super/dp/1786080613
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gigolo-Inside-Secret-World-Super-ebook/dp/B07CW1V7VB


Ben Foster works double shifts for minimum wage at a care home for boys with learning disabilities. With a young wife and three children under the age of five, he is ground down by poverty and debt. With a small inheritance from his gran, Ben qualifies as a masseur and is introduced to the mysterious ‘committee’ – a group of society women with one thing in common: they adore sex and don’t mind paying for it.

Authors Biography

Ben Foster works in a care home for young adults with learning disabilities. He used to be a famous masseur. He is handsome, charismatic, passionate and articulate.


“Gigolo is a well-written memoir, exposing Ben’s feelings such as how being desired by beautiful women boosted his lacking self-esteem. What I particularly liked is how it provides insight into London’s class structure, like old money versus the Nouveau riche. I think both male and female readers will enjoy this wild ride.”
Underrated Reads

“A stunning and surreal look at class and power, this book is a revelation.”
Whippet Reads

“Wow! This book holds nothing back as Ben writes about his life as a masseur that ends up being paid to do more than give massages to rich women. The author was honest in how he felt about what he was doing to make money and in how it impacted his marriage. Great hot and steamy read!”
Cristie Underwood (Reviewer)

“This is a story about a massage therapist who gets in over his head with some very rich society women… You have to read this story of sex, coercion, unfaithfulness and loose morals… Great plot and writing.”
Marie Angel (Reviewer)

“I read this book in one sitting and I might never look at a physiotherapist the same way… thoroughly entertaining and sexy.”
Kristell Talbot (Reviewer)

“An unputdownable read.”
Roman Clodia (Reviewer)

“Gigolo is an entertaining romp.”
Dave Blendell (Reviewer)

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  1. Clever dissection of the British class system and how poverty drives people to extreme measures.

  2. It’s a great read, very sexy but with a moral underpining.

  3. Wow, hard to believe so many celebs paid for his ‘massages,’ but the story rings true.

  4. Amazing read, Clifford Thurlow nails it again.

  5. a Great read, explains a lot about class in Britain

  6. Poverty gets to massage the rich and famous – no fantasy!

  7. Gigolo is a thought provoking book, perfectly written by a very able wordsmith.

  8. Very good read about a world I knew little about

  9. A fascinating story told with panache.

  10. It is a must read, an eye opener of the rich and poor – I would love to see it as a movie!

  11. Great author, astouning story.

  12. A great read and a real page turner. If gives insight into the difficulties faced by a young family surviving on low wage and the privilege of the wealthy.

  13. Thurlow writes with knowing and deftness of touch, to produce a breezy, raunchy and illuminating story.

    The ascent of Gigolo is what men’s dreams are made of – and as long as you have a pot of Greek yogurt to hand, you can go far…

  14. Delicious!

  15. A brilliant read, real page turner! Enjoyed his way of “fixing his life” for the better. A real, modern life adventure.

  16. Amazing read couldn’t put it down! Read it twice as didn’t want to miss out on the goings on!!

  17. “Fantastic” A must read.

  18. Had to read gigolo in one go,

    could not put this book down.

    Highly recommended.

    A little jealous of Ben,s experience.

    Eye opening.

  19. I absolutely loved this book. A must read!!!. My reviews are up on different platforms.

  20. I can’t stop recommending this book to my friends! The fact that this is based on a true story makes this read that much more fascinating.

  21. Very interesting read about male heterosexual prostitution, a not so usual topic. Recommended.

  22. 1A book

  23. Exciting 5 star read

  24. A delectable read and a compelling story told with bravura and wit!

  25. Very very sexy, a real eye opener, very brave

  26. Hooray at last a 21st century novel. Best by far so far.

    5 stars for this magnificent read.

    Good luck

  27. As enlightening as it is entertaining!\

  28. A must read

  29. I recommend this book very highly. A good read, an easy read about a not so easy subject and the fact that it is a true life story makes it all the more fascinating.

  30. Brilliant book

  31. Excellent book, well written.

  32. Bold and unique! One of my all time favorite reads.

  33. Truthful and unsalacious.

  34. Loved the book! Took you right into a fantasy world of the manipulative rich!

  35. My new favorite book and I read a lot! Entertainingly brilliant.

  36. Loved it again on second reading . A real turn on about real lives.
    Some more please Clifford Thurlow

  37. Loved Gigola again on second reading . Real people in the real world
    And what a turn on !

  38. Fantastic read
    Highly recommended
    5 stars

  39. What a page-turner!

  40. Haaa!!! The super rich, secret de polichinelles? or not? “that is the question!

  41. Ben Foster is a fabulous writer

  42. Ben Foster’s gigolo is a real page turner, and a great read

  43. Excellent by any means, recommended!

  44. Excellent reading, recommended title.

  45. Top Class 👏👏👏

  46. Just right for the summer reading. When you are free of kids household duties, then a great heated read for men and women.
    You can feel all the feelings of highs and lows of guilt.

  47. Live the book so far brilliant read

  48. Amazing ❤️

  49. Absolutely amazing
    Completely adore the book. ❤️💜🤩🤩🤯🤙👌✌️

  50. Nail biting stuff great read best I’ve read in a long while

  51. Sounds good

  52. A real page turner!

  53. J B wow very diverse, not your boring vanilla life or read, gives a lot to develop and grow from, while being more than entertained. Love it 😎☝🏽

  54. “poverty is the worst form of violence.” -Ghandi

  55. Amazing book, was a real page turner

  56. Awesome read

  57. Thought this book was amazing, one of my best reads this year!

  58. Very Well Written

  59. Whether you have lived in the light or shade when it comes to your awareness level of corruption in a money talks society. You will still have your eyes firmly prised open at this enlightening depiction of a simple working class small townie navigating the realms of the rich and famously demanding. Money really can buy everything but love.

  60. Amazing book a must read. Better than fifty shades any day. Move it along Mr Grey and make room.


  62. I enjoyed the way the story was in to parts. One moment he was is this crazy sexy strange world and then it was like he was back in his real world. Once you started to read Gigolo, you were glued to it. Every chapter you read, you wanted to know what was in the next chapter. Very good and food for thought.

  63. Excellent read real eye opener

  64. Astonishing. Five star. A Must read.

  65. This really would make a great film. Fantastic….

  66. Perfect for a bit of scandal. Brilliant read…

    Well done guys.

  67. Where’s the film???

    Absolutely five stars.

  68. The other side of the coin to Jeffrey Epstein’s story!

  69. Couldn’t put this book down till I’d finished it

  70. I really got hooked into this book, found it very deep and meaningful, loved it and would love to read a follow on story of Ben Foster 5 star rating

  71. Terrible. Read. Sorry it’s a no from me. Utter utter Garbage

  72. A fabulous read!

  73. Just read this book and although I am not very patient I actually really enjoyed this one. Got right into the characters. Hopefully we will see more from these Ben and Clifford. A big thumbs up from me.

  74. Never judge a book by its cover! A truly well developed tale! Highly recommend!

  75. Very good book , I am not one to read books but this one I couldn’t put down , loved it xx

  76. A must read

  77. Great book x a book you could read again and again xx

  78. Kept me amused from first to last page, wanted more, hope there’s another book in the offering soon.

  79. What a fantastic read. Kept me entertained from start To finish.

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