Lily's Just Fine
Lily's just fine
Subtitle Galloway Girls Book 1
By Gill Stewart
Published By

Sweet Cherry Publishing

ISBN 9781782264804
Children's Genre 14 yrs - 18yrs
Publication Date 07/11/2019
Price 7.99
Paperback Hyperlink


Lily lives in the best house in town and she’s dating the most popular boy in school. Everything else she can fix. Mum’s apathy? On it! The stuffy gala committee? Watch this space! Tom’s sister is sick and there’s nothing anyone can do. Certainly not Lily Hildebrand.

Authors Biography

Gill Stewart was born in England but has lived in South Africa, France and Zimbabwe. Now a full-time writer, she lives in Scotland overlooking the beautiful west coast which inspires the settings in her stories.


“This book hit so close to home. I saw myself in Lily. I saw myself in Tom. I saw myself in Gemma, Sarah, and Lily’s mom. I also saw myself in Lily’s queer sister. It was so believable, so real, so touching. It was fun, it was engaging, and it was sweet.” – Ronnie, Goodreads

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  1. Was lucky enough to get to read an early copy of this and LOVED IT.

  2. Just love this book – it’s fab!

  3. Fabulous read with characters that immediately engage

  4. highly recommended

  5. A very good read and not just for young adults

  6. Wonderful book by a great writer.

  7. Thought provoking. Highly recommended.

  8. Another great read from this lovely publisher.

  9. Another great book Gill . Well done 👏👏

  10. Looking forward to reading it.

  11. Enjoyed the first one and look forward to this one.

  12. Another super book from this great YA author.

  13. Lovely read!

  14. It’s a great read

  15. As usual Gill, has a wonderful insight into the world of teens

  16. No news is good news.

  17. The exception proves the rule.

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