Minutes from the Miracle City
Subtitle A tale of contemporary Dubai
By Omar Sabbagh
Published By

Fairlight Books

ISBN 978-1-912054-66-4
Fiction Genre Other
Publication Date 07/11/2019
Price 7.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.fairlightbooks.co.uk/minutes-from-the-miracle-city/
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.fairlightbooks.co.uk/minutes-from-the-miracle-city/


Hakim, a Pakistani taxi driver whizzing through the streets. Farida, a Moroccan beautician hoping for a fresh start. Saeed, a respected Emirati journalist just back from London.
Taking place across the last few days of Ramadan, this novella is a unique retelling of the virtuoso project that is Dubai.

Authors Biography

Omar Sabbagh is a widely published prose and poetry writer, an academic, and Associate Professor of English at the American University in Dubai. He lives in Dubai, but also spends time in London, England. Minutes from the Miracle City is his second novella.


‘Vivid characters, whose interlocking fortunes and fascinating lives create a compelling story, achieving the status of proverb.’
— Fiona Sampson MBE FRSL, poet and writer

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  1. ‘Minutes from the Miracle City’ opens up fascinating vistas of faraway places. But the characters are so vividly portrayed that the reader sees how Otherness is a state of mind more than reality. Necessary for our times.

  2. A gripping read. Highly recommended.

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