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Nicosia Beyond Barriers
Subtitle Voices from a Divided City
By Editors: Alev Adil, Aydin Mehmet Ali, Bahriye Kemal, Maria Petrides
Published By

Westbourne Publishers Ltd trading as Saqi Books

ISBN 9780863566745
Non-Fiction Genre other
Publication Date 06/06/2019
Price 12.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://saqibooks.com/books/saqi/nicosia-beyond-barriers/
Ebook Hyperlink https://saqibooks.com/books/saqi/nicosia-beyond-barriers/


Cyprus’ capital Nicosia has been split by a militarised border for decades. In this collection, writers from all sides of the divide reimagine the past, present and future of their city.
Together, these writers journey beyond the beaten track creating a complete picture of Nicosia, the world’s last divided capital city, that defies barriers of all kinds.

Authors Biography

Alev Adil is a performance artist-poet and a literary critic for the TLS.

Aydin Mehmet Ali has worked as an arts and education adviser to the London Mayor and Local Education Authorities. She is the founder of Literary Agency Cyprus.

Bahriye Kemal is a research associate and lecturer at the Centre for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Kent.

Maria Petrides is an independent writer, editor and translator.

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  1. perfect

  2. Really looking forward to this, what a great addition to Cypriot literature.

  3. An insightful collection reflecting on the long-term human consequences of a ‘Small Forgotten War’ (have lived through one myself, at a different place in the Middle East, at a different time). Professor Adil’s edited volume and contribution contributes significantly to our understanding of conflict, reconciliation, and their emotional, affective and existential aspects half a lifetime on at a crucial juncture in cultural/geographical space where the EU meets the Middle East.

  4. Great anthology of Cyprus

  5. Must read

  6. A stunning in-depth look into the questions of boundary and its historical embraces.

  7. Done

  8. Done!

  9. Poignant!

  10. Done!

  11. Done

  12. Superb!

  13. A wonderful anthology, a must read!

  14. Done

  15. done:)

  16. Voted!

  17. Voted

  18. 👍👍👍

  19. Beyond barriers takes you to a country beyond barriers, actually it eliminates barriers!

  20. Done!

  21. Done!

  22. Voted 👍

  23. Excellent!

  24. Done

  25. Going to be an interesting read …

  26. Done!!

  27. Done!!

  28. Voted

  29. Thinking in an ‘other’ language, beyond the island’s language barrier helped to overcome so many other barriers, layered, enmeshed, hardened, unvisited.

  30. Excellent!

  31. An excellent book….well accounted.

  32. Excellent book!

  33. a book that needs to be read. Especially at a time of such division in the world.

  34. Well done to all involved

  35. done

  36. Like the town of Nicosia, this book is a precious jewel reflecting all aspects of life from many different perspectives.

  37. Amazing 😉

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