Once Upon A Fishbowl
once upon a fishbowl
Subtitle The Story of a Blue Fish
By Aria Fafat
Published By

Walking Stick Publication

ISBN 978-9811188176
Children's Genre 12 - 18 years. 20+ illustrations
Publication Date 11/09/2018
Price 6.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Once-Upon-Fishbowl-Story-Blue/dp/9811188173/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1545392018&sr=8-1&keywords=aria+fafat


Story of Serena Williams imagined as a “blue” fish in her quest for excellence while facing fin-color discrimination from “yellow” fish. Traces the Civil Rights struggle against fish slavery in the imaginary “United Shoals of Americlam”. Showcases issues of gender, religious and geographic discrimination and our environmental and pollution footprint.

Authors Biography

Aria is grade-eight student at UWC (Dover), Singapore. Inspired by Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama, and Serena Williams, she wishes to use her writing platform to raise funds for and awareness about social causes like girls’ education.

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  1. An excellent, metaphorical story reflecting the life journey of one of the all-time great tennis players, Serena Williams. Written in a very witty style and set in the magical land of tennis-playing marine life… wonderful illustrations by the young author. Great book to be read by a parent and child jointly.

  2. Awesome and funny read… Not to miss the humor in every way possible..loved it

  3. Amazing book by very talented Aria!! Must read for every girl

  4. Lovely book. Must read.

  5. Excellent imagination and lovely book

  6. Excellent is not the word..
    Loved it👍

  7. Excellent
    Keep it up

  8. Superb book . A must read

  9. a must read!! very imaginative!

  10. An excellent and creative book based on a very inspiring woman – a product of Aria’s incredible dedication and brilliance. Well done.

  11. Nice read

  12. Precocious little child and excellent book. Must read!

  13. Nice book and shows amazing talent of the author

  14. Amazing book! Such mature thoughts for such an young age. It is really inspiring!!

  15. The freshness and humour while discussing issues as serious as discrimination and pollution is endearing. A must read.

  16. Awesome book from a young and talented author

  17. Amazing talent in a girl so young hats off to Aria

  18. Amazing book from a young talented author. Great

  19. Great talent..keep it up..

  20. Amazing book – An excellent and superb book .
    Must read .
    Aria is a very intelligent and talented girl .
    God bless .

  21. Great prodigy.

  22. Nice book

  23. Amazing child with incredible talent. Excellent book. A must read!!

  24. Great reading. Wishing the young author, a great name and fame.

  25. Excellent book

  26. Superb book . What an intelligent and generous child. Such noble behavior at such a tender age. God bless

  27. Wishing the young author, a great name and fame

  28. Excellent. Keep it up

  29. V good work . Proud of you.

  30. A great future in store for the young talented writer

  31. Excellent book.Must read.Very interesting subject. All the best Aria.

  32. Awesome book

  33. Excellent work. Can’t stop from recommending. Superb read. Congratulations

  34. Amazing talent by a young girl… superb storytelling

  35. Great book from a young author.

  36. Inspiring story . Everybody like it.

  37. She is a inspiration for young generation with noble thought and inspiring subject, all the best Aria

  38. Very good read.

  39. An excellent imagination, and very well written.

  40. Superb book n ultimate efforts by this girl. Way to go.

  41. Excellent keep it up…..

  42. A brilliantly imagined, creatively crafted, wittily presented, richly illustrated, metaphorical tribute to Serena Williams by the thirteen years-old, Aria. In awe of her writing style and her imagination! This book is an excellent read for both adults and young adults.

  43. Excellent writer. At such a young age, she has published two books. Her last book was very popular and she donated all the proceeds to a charity in India. Such dedication and will is lovely to see in one so young. This book is lovely itself and promises to top the success of her previous book.

  44. Excellent work
    Superb must read
    Congratulations and all the good wishes

  45. All the Best

  46. Superb keep it up

  47. Excellent work… Kudos… Superb and a must read.

  48. Must Read.

  49. Phenomenal read!

  50. Congratulations Aria!!
    Excellent Work and an amazing talent!!
    Very proud of you.
    God Bless you.

  51. Brilliant reading.. Kusos for this talented young girl

  52. An instant classic.

  53. Great work of litearture

  54. Amazing talent and matured thoughts at such young age. Immensely talented.

  55. Brilliantly written book. The metaphorical representation of characters in the book with the life of Serena Williams shows the creative brilliance of the young author. It was a treat to read the book. The illustrations are as interesting and complement the story beautifully. Way to go Aria Fafat.

  56. Excellent book. A must read

  57. A budding talent, Aria with a mind of her own is destined to a glorious future. God Bless.

  58. Excellent, wish her all the best for her endeavors

  59. Wonderful effort really impressive.

  60. Very proud of you. Keep writing and inspire younger generation

  61. Amazing accomplishment at such a young age! So inspiring. Congratulations Aria.

  62. Excellent clarity of thought for someone so young. A true inspiration for young and old alike!

  63. Very very inspiring.

  64. Excellent work…. Noble cause….
    Good luck….. Keep it up

  65. So proud of you Aria. Great work. You go girl!

  66. Excellent initiative. God bless.

  67. It is inspiring to see an 8 year old Aria wtiting a story weaving in social bits that really make us think. Well done Aria. Keep it up!!

  68. Great work Aria. Keep up the good work! God bless!

  69. Correction – Aria, an 8th grade student !!

  70. Lovely book, a must read

  71. Wonderful effort, very creative nice style. All the very best

  72. Literary genius is hard work and the ability to waft into inspiration. To see it is amazing and then to see it in someone so young – phenomenal. In this case, coincidentally or otherwise, it runs in the family. Let’s celebrate a new talent in the literary firmament.

  73. Lovely read ! The author is an inspiration for all children her age !

  74. Excellent keep it up!

  75. Imaginative and inspiring

  76. Superb book! Must read.

  77. Great piece of work by Aria at such a small age. Keep it up.
    Good luck

  78. Great read. It speaks volumes when I say that I bought it for my 10-yr old son and once he started reading it, he didn’t put it down until he finished it. Thanks Aria!

  79. Interesting and inspiring.

  80. Aria, Being avid reader i have read your inspiring book. Its a path finding book not only for girls but also for every human being. Keep writing and inspiring the World at large. Compliments and best wishes to you.

  81. Aria’s imagination of utilizing such great International figure as her medium ,to Express her thoughts,for a noble cause,indeed is
    Commendable.This unique style of expression,through her talent as an anauthoress,at this tender age, would definitely reach her to big heights,in time to come

  82. Interesting read. Coming from someone so young points to an exceptional budding talent

  83. Interesting book. Coming from someone so young points to an amazing budding talent

  84. Ir is an excellent book,very intelligently written
    God Bless You Aria

  85. Awesome…Keep up the good work

  86. Great inspiration for the children of her age

  87. Real talent. Many more should come. Inspiring. God bless her

  88. An opportunity to witness today’s adult world through the eyes of an intelligent child… the opportunity to appreciate what it takes to inspire the next generation of humans so we can contribute to improving the world we inherited.

  89. Congratulations! Keep writing Aria… May you always have, and share, such interesting perspectives

  90. Lovely storyline . Enjoyed it a lot!! Well done Aria !

  91. Great

  92. Inspiring read for children and Adults!! It’s lovely to see the world through the eyes of a child!

  93. Aria has used such imaginative analogies and the research and creativity she has put into this work of art is commendable for one so young. She is so mature and this gift of writing she has chosen to use as a medium of good influence; her purity of intention shines forth in every page. Reminds each of us that our purpose on this fine planet is a gift and that it may be multi-fold not just unidimensional. Being our authentic selves, the earlier the better, inspires others to do the same. Well done Aria for shining your ‘circle of influence’ light so bright! All the best! 👍✨

  94. Great imaginative writing at such a young age. God bless the child

  95. Remarkable achievement by this young author.

  96. This young woman has a beautiful heart and found a very creative way to have young children look at the harm of racism. It also will be an inspiration to young girls. Amazing talent!

  97. Compassion at such a young age.

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