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Taming of a Villain
taming of a villain
Subtitle A message of hope
By Allen Langham
Published By

Lion Hudson

ISBN 9780857219374
Non-Fiction Genre Biography
Publication Date 06/21/2019
Price 11.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.lionhudson.com/page/detail/Taming-of-a-Villain/?K=9780857219374
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.lionhudson.com/page/detail/Taming-of-a-Villain/?K=9780857219367


The true story of a professional rugby league player’s journey from crime to Salvation.

Authors Biography

Former professional rugby league player Allen Langham is the father of three, founder of PinkLadies and Steps To Freedom and sports chaplain for Sports Chaplaincy UK. He won the Most Inspirational Individual at the 2014 CVS awards, and his story has captivated the hardest of hearts.


‘If you want evidence of the power of Christ to change, heal and redirect a man’s life, you will find it here.’ Tony Collins, editor and author

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  1. It’s amazing how much his life has changed and it goes to show no matter how bad things get there is always a way back. Really pleased for Allen. Well done

  2. I am so proud what allen has been through but come out the other side. He is an inspiration to others and should be so proud of himself. Fantastic book to read. Congratulations allen.

  3. I found this book inspiring and interesting. Within twenty-four hours, I’d read it cover to cover. I admire Allen for turning his life around and sharing his story with others.

  4. What an interesting read. Even more so as an ex criminal myself and knowing that we moved in similar circles. I saw first hand some of the carnage. I tried to write a book and the torment it brought up made me stop. Well done

  5. I met Alan many moons ago and to be honest he was a bit of an animal, you had to tred carefully when you were around him, i nearly got the langum treatment myself when i was helping him out. he is totally a diffrent fella now and to see from where he was to how he is today is remarkable. always happy to class him as one of my friends. keep up the good work buddy

  6. I have known Allen all my life. To see his journey written and published is an absolute testament to man he has become. A brave man who has experienced the darkest side of life, made some very bad choices and through his despair and loneliness ended up in a seemed never ending circle of crime. Yet, after coming through all of this has completely turned it all around and now using his experience for good. He has done so much, has come so far and set the highest of examples of not to lose hope and has proven that against it all if you put the effort and work in you can turn your life around. Allen, i am so proud of you and happy to call you my friend.

  7. I’ve known Allen for a fair few years through rugby league and knew the kind of reputation he had,although with me he has always been a top bloke and friendly. But reading the kind of life he had up until fairly recently was a bit of a shock!! You should be proud of the complete turn around mate and the book,an awesome inspiring read for anyone wanting to turn their life around,couldn’t be happier for you mate you deserve all the recognition you get for this!

  8. Great man and a great book. Inspiration to many.

  9. At times I thought there is no hope for this guy, but then I saw his heart, and I knew that there is always Hope when Jesus touches a heart……xx

  10. What an inspirational book this is. It only took me two days to read it and I consider myself to be a slow reader, I found it difficult to put down. Allen reached the bottom of the pit but through the love of God, Allen climbed his way out. A great read that anyone would enjoy.

  11. Absolutely amazing read. True to life and inspirational. A great story from start to finish.

  12. Just finished this book. Wow 😯 think weve known each other since we were about 14 ish and i had no idea what you had been through. Allen is an inspration to many people of how things can change and after everything he has been through he came out at the other side. He got is 3 beautiful children back with him and there a credit to him. Im so pleased with what he hs achived and how he has turned his life around, may you continue on this journey and i hope you find ur peace and happy ever after.

  13. A bright star in a dark sky.

  14. Congratulations Allen. An honest and inspirational account of your life that will go on to give hope to others. No one is a lost cause. How marvellous is the love of Jesus! God bless you and your family.

  15. Allen, this book inspires and instills that there is always someone special there for us all, Jesus . What a life you have lived . Tragic , sad , carefree, silly, uncaring but now …… your story is not finished but I know the future is bright for you. I am proud of you my friend .

  16. Fantastic read and truly inspirational

  17. What an amazing book from start to finish! This goes to show that anybody can turn their life around. Be proud of yourself Allen!!

  18. Brilliant book from start to finish well done Alan my old mate

  19. Sad, frustration and happiness are the 3 feelings I had for Allen whilst reading this book. He has had such a sad life but has turned it around with the life he has now and his 3 beautiful children. Brave and inspirational best describe Allen. A great read that I have learnt a lot from. Keep fighting Allen.

  20. A lifelong friend and so proud to witness his journey.

  21. Started reading this book one morning and by the next morning I’d read the full book, couldn’t put it down , amazing read and amazing how Allen has turned his life around after everything he’s been through, keep going mate !

  22. Loved reading Allen’s book, it was so open and honest, really encouraging, whether you’ve been a christian, for weeks, months or years. In all his troubles, he made it clear that God was there and he was the answer. Well done Allen. 🙂

  23. An honest and inspirational read that will leave you with such hope and happiness.

  24. What a truely amazing powerful book based on how Alan’s life was so dramatically changed by Gods awesome power and grace. Miracles do still happen in 2019. No one is beyond help by Gods grace. Prayer is so powerful. He will always be there. What a wonderful God we have!!!

  25. A brilliant read and it being a true story i found it an incidible insight into the life of others. You certainly have lived life to its fullest in so many ways both good experiences and bad. Always Be proud of yourself for all you have overcome

  26. I’m the painter in the book and saw the changed Allan i also new the old Allan and it is a miraculous turnaround very proud of where you are today I read it in 3 hours god bless him

  27. We met Allen recently at a Christian Fellowship summer camp. What a truly lovely man! His story is inspirational and ongoing doing amazing things for God. An example how God can use the past to influence the present and the future in a positive way and to help give people in similar situations hope! May God continue to bless you Allen and may your story be read by many!!!!!!

  28. Just finished reading Allen ‘ s book I grew up in the same area as him and have known him for many years, it’s amazing to see how he’s turned his life around and is now using his own experiences to help others. Looking forward to hearing more about your work when you come back into HMP. (After reading your book I am still shocked you want too lol)

  29. Such an honest presentation. Nothing hidden. Allen lets us know he’s still on a journey of sanctification. So many Christian books present an instant transformation at conversion that requires no further work of The Holy Spirit. This book and Allen’s journey continues to be hugely inspirational.

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