The Blue
By Nancy Bilyeau
Published By

Endeavour Quill

ISBN 978-1-911445-62-3
Fiction Genre Thriller/Crime/Mystery/Historical
Publication Date 12/03/2018
Price 7.99
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An intoxicating submersion into the world of the eighteenth century porcelain trade. Who can be trusted? How high are the stakes? From the industrial heartlands of England, to the pomp and decadence of Versailles, Genevieve Planché is about to find out. But could her foray into the competitive world of ‘the blue’ cost Genevieve her love? Or her life..?

Authors Biography

Nancy Bilyeau has worked on the staffs of InStyle, DuJour, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and Good Housekeeping. She is currently a regular contributor to Town & Country, Purist, and The Strand. Her screenplays have placed in several prominent industry competitions.


‘I highly recommend. – Alison Weir

‘…transports the reader into the heart of the 18th century porcelain trade—where the price of beauty was death.’ – E.M. Powell

‘Bilyeau is an impressive talent who brings to life a heart-stopping story of adventure, art and espionage during the Seven Years War.’ – Stephanie Dray

‘With rich writing, surprising twists, and a riveting sense of ‘you are there,’ The Blue is spine-tingling entertainment.’ – Gayle Lynds

‘Historical fans will be well satisfied.’ – Publishers Weekly

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  1. Amazing read!

  2. Great book

  3. This was a wonderful read – loved it!

  4. A wonderful novel!

  5. Yes! Fascinating!

  6. A terrific book.

  7. I Loved this Book!!

  8. Set in a fascinating but slightly neglected period of the 18th Century before all the fireworks at the end. Brilliant heroine, dastardly villains. Love it.

  9. I really enjoyed the way Spitalfields and the color chemistry came to life.

  10. Accomplished historical fiction author!

  11. I loved the historical details!

  12. Engrossing. Suspenseful. Romantic. History I never before understood. And literate. Everything I want in a novel.

  13. Nancy Bilyeau’s work is always superb, and The Blue is right up there with the best. Gripping, tense and beautifully written.

  14. This was a terrific read, development of characters, tension and as historical fiction should be, informative….

  15. Like most of Nancy’s books, this one explores the role of women during a specific time in England through the eyes of a feisty young woman, in this case one who has dreams of being an artist. Bilyeau is great at creating these willful characters while still staying true to the period she writes about.

  16. Gripping read!

  17. The weaving of the history of the chemistry of the color blue, politics of English business and a feisty heroine made for a fascinating read. I’ll be reading more of Nancy Bilyeau’s works.

  18. I love the time period. The Huguenot aspect to the story was very interesting . It had that “being there “ feeling !

  19. Fascinating period and heroine – and an interesting angle from which to tell the story.

  20. Wonderful read.

  21. Intrigue!

  22. A stunning opening chapter in a novel that explores a less well-known group (Huguenots). There are few novels about their fascinating story, so this is a wonderful addition.

  23. Love the author!

  24. Fantastic read with great historical detail, compelling characters, and a page-turning plot

  25. Fabulous. Great summer read.

  26. Loving it! Well-researched, fascinating, exciting, and a strong female protagonist!

  27. Nancy Bilyeau never disappoints. She mixes history and fiction effortlessly, and manages to create an array of real dynamic characters.
    I was sad to finish this very interesting and intriguing book!

  28. Beautifully crafted novel by an author who continually engages me with her work. My favorite yet!

  29. Loved it!

  30. That was my favorite book in 2018 !

  31. I loved this book. A brilliant story about a fascinating period in history.

  32. The outstanding historical novel I have read this year. Fascinating subject set in a period which is less well known Thoroughly recommend it.

  33. I’ve read all of this Nancy Bilyeau’s books and this one is my favourite!

  34. I really enjoyed this novel, and I’m looking forward to her next work. She deserves this!

  35. Good book. Unusual!

  36. I was fascinated from the first to last page. I read it in Kindle and then ordered the paperback because I wanted to read it in print also!

  37. Another fantastic book by Nancy Bilyeau!

  38. Simply brilliant.

  39. A Great Read!

  40. Absolutely loved this book and Nancy Bilyeau! I have read everything by her. She is the best!

  41. I really loved the characters, art focus and time period! This is also a fun read!

  42. I enjoyed this book so much, couldn’t wait to read everything Nancy Bilyeau has written and have done so. She never disappoints, but Blue was probably my favorite due to the setting the heroine, and the insight into the history of por

  43. Great story. Lots of fascinating facts. Believable characters. I loved this book.

  44. Aside from entertaining, I learned so much about the artistry. Loved it!

  45. Loved it!

  46. Great read!

  47. Totally engrossing from start to finish. Loved it!

  48. Great engrossing book!

  49. A page turner with humor and excitement. I just adored it.

  50. I absolutely loved this book!

  51. I really loved this book eventhough it’s not the time frame I normally read; the combination of wonderful characters, the setting and learning something I new nothing about, comes together so seamlessly….I’ve given several copies as gifts!

  52. I loved this book. Really well researched and characters I immediately grew to care about.

  53. Really enjoyed this book.

  54. I truly enjoyed the book – the story, the character, and the history of Blue!

  55. Excellent read

  56. Loved Blue and Ms Bilyeau’s latest novel, Dreamland, is also truly wonderful. I have been recommending this author to everyone. Thank you for honing your craft, Ms Bilyeau, your readers appreciate you!

  57. I loved this book and recommended it to all my literary friends, one of my favorite books of the year!

  58. Great read, Thanks Ms. Bilyeau for this great story!

  59. Loved this novel, learned a lot about the porcelain trade.

  60. NANCY…

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