The Cartography of Others
By Catherine McNamara
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ISBN 978-1-911586-56-2
Fiction Genre Short Stories
Publication Date 01/06/2018
Price 10.99
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The Cartography Of Others takes us from fumy Accra to suburban Sydney, from scruffy Paris to pre-fundamentalist Mali. Each bewitchingly recounted story conveys a location as vital as the fitful, contemplative characters themselves. Lives are mapped, unpicked, and crafted across vivid, lingering terrains.

Authors Biography

Catherine McNamara grew up in Sydney, ran away to Paris, and ended up in West Africa running a bar. Her collection Pelt and Other Stories was longlisted for the Frank O’Connor Award and was semi-finalist in the Hudson Prize, and her short stories have been Pushcart-nominated, shortlisted and published in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. Catherine lives in Italy.


“McNamara’s work has a fierce, vital beat, her stories robust yet finely-worked, her voice striking in its confidence and originality. She writes with sensuous precision and a craft that is equally precise. This is fiction that can stand up in any company.” –Hilary Mantel

“Catherine McNamara’s haunting stories map landmarks of psychological encounter. Hers is an international canvas, marking the points where contemporary lives cross with sensuality and finesse. Beautiful work.” –Cathy Galvin

“McNamara does things with words (most) other writers cannot. Her stories are sensual and assured. Not a writer to be ignored.” –Tom Vowler

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  1. great book! confident writer, great world behind

  2. Amazing, visceral book, the different settings and characters are described beautifully.

  3. Writer with an unflinching gaze, who sees what others get up to in their darkest moments and when their motivations are less than altruistic. A really variety of life experience drawn upon here.

  4. Wonderful mesmerising writing – loved the stories! I felt that I travelled all over the world. So exciting. Thank you!

  5. Really enjoyed this sexy, visceral,worldly (in every sense of the word) collection. Takes you all over the globe. Pia Tortora was my favourite story. It was like a novella in miniature. I wanted it to be turned into a novel.

  6. Haunting, beautiful stories. I’m still thinking about some of these characters, and their predicaments, months after having read it.

  7. The most wonderful read.

  8. What a fantastic book! A beautiful collection

  9. Very great!!

  10. Fantastic read

  11. Wonderful story collection!

  12. Sensationally good stories. Tense, intense, deep and haunting. Equally merciless, equally compassionate to all. And what a range of people and place, what muscular language, what vivid sensual worlds.

  13. Thorough journey through the mind, heart and experiences of a truly unique author!

  14. Fabulous stories

  15. Exquisitely written. A mistress of her craft.

  16. Wonderful wordsmith. Great short story collection.

  17. Fantastic collection by a great writer!

  18. What a wonderful writer! Fantastic book! Highly recommendable.

  19. McNamara gets under the skin of her characters with stories that are vivid, sensual, at times uncomfortable, but continue to haunt the reader.

  20. Beautiful collection of stories about the exterior and interior lives of people around the globe.

  21. Utterly fascinating, clever, really beautifully written. Just read it!

  22. Great book!!

  23. Wonderful book.

  24. Highly recommendable!!!!Fantastic writer!!!!

  25. Beautifully written and evocative short stories. The perfect book to read when traveling.

  26. A beautiful, accomplished collection with displacement, identity and desire at its heart.

  27. Beautiful and complex, with a great sense of place.

  28. I love this book! It’s full of narratively expansive short stories written in lovely, rich and hard-edged prose. Really good.

  29. A beautifully written collection, a fascinating world tour of humanity. Read it now!

  30. Great book!!

  31. A great book!

  32. great book! confident writer, great world behind

  33. really nice book! confident writer, great story behind

  34. Excellent book! Wonderful writing! Elizabeth Jennings

  35. Really, really enjoyed this – a great book

  36. Stories that let you discover new places geographically and emotionally. Trips you will not easily forget.

  37. Stories that take you to new geographical and emotional places. A trip you will not easily forget.

  38. Each story seems to be better than the last one!

  39. The reader unfolds the density of every moment described and is encouraged to stop and reflect, rather than judge. An involving experience.

  40. Absolutely wonderful book. Each story is better than the last. And the prose is so powerful – very physical, evoking sensation and engaging the reader fully.

  41. McNamara’s fabulous writing draws you in from the first page and won’t let you go….a master of the short story!

  42. Catherine McNamara is a mistress of the short story – wry, clever, ingenious, deftly paced and brilliant use of language.

  43. Catherine’s stories take us on an unflinching journey throughout the world. Perceptive and beautifully written. A must read!

  44. Wonderful and insightful collection

  45. A wonderful and nice collection of nice stories

  46. A must read!

  47. Incredible journeys of the imagination. This collection is a must-read.

  48. Wonderful stories, rich and varied.

  49. Evocative. Arresting. Involving.

  50. Vivid and unflinching in its descriptions of people, places and the happenings of life.

  51. Great book!

  52. And a nice cover too!

  53. Felt like I’d traveled the world in one sitting. Terrific collection!

  54. Great person and writer ❤️

  55. A fabulous book of short stories by this talented writer. Can’t wait to see what she does next.

  56. Such a beautiful piece of writing. I’ve gone back to it again and again

  57. I read this collection a while back — still think about these characters and these stories. A wonderful and haunting collection.

  58. I had the opportunity to meet Catherine in Crete this past Summer, where I came upon a copy of her book. I look forward to a book presentation and signing hopefully in Amsterdam.

  59. A wonderful book!! A must read!!!

  60. No matter how far out at sea we are – we can’t escape who we are.

  61. The first story I read by Catherine McNamara was the Ukrainian Girl in the Lonely Crowd magazine and I was interested to see if the others in this collection were able to replicate its unique combination of cold-eyed observation and supple sensuality: they do…

  62. Such a wonderful book. A brilliant writer.

  63. Beautifully written, intelligent stories – a really great collection.

  64. An engaging and at times confronting read

  65. Fabulous. Great fun.C

  66. Incredibly real and imaginative

  67. Good work kath

  68. Beautifully constructed and a joy to read over and over again.

  69. An incredible voice, and a charming way to describe emotions.

  70. Una grande donna per un grande libro!

  71. Exquisite writing full of insight and empathy. Loved this collection and its cast of keenly observed characters.

  72. Visceral, fantastic stories!

  73. I loved the stories – intimate, bold, sexy and in McNama’s inimitable style.

  74. Excellent read!!

  75. How short stories are done.

  76. A wonderful writer! An amazing short story collection!

  77. A brilliant collection by a wonderful writer. A masterclass in short story telling

  78. Sensual and daring, a wonderful collection.

  79. Great!

  80. Great!

  81. Brilliant writer and excellent book!

  82. Amazon…great!

  83. The book for this summer…

  84. The lives in this book are minutely imagined. Great scope and sensitivity.

  85. Keen observation of lives and behaviors that may seem so foreign yet say so much about the human condition. Bravo.

  86. I really enjoyed the scope and human detail of this collection.

  87. Complex, subtle narratives which linger in the mind.

  88. Good writer

  89. I loved this collection. Sexy, exotic, intriguing; takes you to worlds you may never have been in before. My favourite story was ‘Pia Tortora’. Catherine McNamara can really write. I read all her sex scenes in order to improve my own writing of sex scenes. They are not gratuitous but help the reader understand her characters.

  90. Sensual writing – the stories linger and resonate.

  91. I admire the valuable facts you provide inside your content. I will bookmark your weblog and also have my youngsters check up right here frequently. I am fairly positive theyll learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

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