The Not-So-Very Lost Lamb
the not so very lost lamb
By Antonia Woodward
Published By

Lion Hudson

ISBN 9780745976808
Children's Genre 3yrs-6yrs, 18.
Publication Date 07/19/2019
Price 7.99
Paperback Hyperlink


A delightful picture book retelling the parable of the lost sheep. Follow the little lamb as it wanders off unaware of how far from home it goes. Delight at the joy and relief when the little lamb hears the sound of the Shepherd’s voice, who has come to find it.

Authors Biography

Antonia Woodward graduated in 2007 with a first class BA (Hons) degree in illustration and since then has illustrated for picture books, children’s magazines, wedding invitations, logo design, website design, and hand-lettered typography. She even designed the logo for her illustration agency!

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  1. Another great book by this accomplished author. Highly recommended.

  2. beautiful illustrations and moving text

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