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The Weighing of the Heart
By Paul Tudor Owen
Published By

Obliterati Press

ISBN 978-1999752842
Fiction Genre Other
Publication Date 03/22/2019
Price 12.99
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‘Sooner or later, everybody comes to New York…’

Following a sudden break-up, Englishman in New York Nick Braeburn takes a room with the elderly Peacock sisters in their lavish Upper East Side apartment, and finds himself increasingly drawn to the priceless piece of Egyptian art on their study wall – and to Lydia, the beautiful Portuguese artist who lives across the roof garden.

But as Nick draws Lydia into a crime he hopes will bring them together, they both begin to unravel, and each finds that the other is not quite who they seem.

Paul Tudor Owen’s intriguing debut novel brilliantly evokes the New York of Paul Auster and Joseph O’Neill.

Authors Biography

Paul Tudor Owen was born in Manchester in 1978, and was educated at the University of Sheffield, the University of Pittsburgh, and the London School of Economics.

He began his career as a local newspaper reporter in north-west London, and currently works at the Guardian, where he spent three years as deputy head of US news at the paper’s New York office.


“At once romantic and hard-boiled, The Weighing of the Heart is an affectionate tribute to the way New York City can make a young man feel invincible.”

– Ada Calhoun, author of St. Marks is Dead

“In his debut novel, Paul Tudor Owen offers a swift and engrossing take on art, New York City, and the fog created by true obsession. Equal parts heist novel and a meditation on the rules of fate.”

– Elena Passarello, author of Animals Strike Curious Poses

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  1. A beguiling, intriguing and mesmerising debut novel.

  2. A glimpse into the childhood and adolescence of the young man we the follow to New York, to his lodging with the slightly mysterious, elderly sisters and his falling in love with his beautiful neighbour, and with the Egyptian art work on the wall of the sisters’ study. There are clues along the way, but you get swept into the art world of New York, with it’s wheeling and dealing and scary characters, so the ending comes as a shock, well it did to me anyway.

  3. Funny, moving and captivating all at once; a beautiful enactment of the unusual adventures that materialise from seemingly ordinary twists and turns in life. Owen is a brilliant observer of people and their deepest instincts.

  4. Absurd, amusing with a nice twist & very funny dialogue.

  5. Beautifully written, at times funny, with great dialogue. The Weighing of the Heart is a story well-told, with a great ending.

  6. It’s a great book! Full of intrigue and pace.

  7. Original plot, perfectly pitched atmosphere and a great premise. Excellent read.

  8. Great style, fascinating read. Reminded me of Kerouac.

  9. Great book, hope it wins.

  10. I liked the style and the originality. Full of mystery and intrigue. I particularly loved the tense build up at the end as the young man’s obsession with a particular art piece causes him to unravel.

  11. Cracking book. The author is a real dish to boot.

  12. A super great read!

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