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You OK, Christy?
Subtitle Memoirs of a Survivor
By Christy Fleming
Published By

Onstream Publications

ISBN 978 1 89768552 5
Non-Fiction Genre Biography
Publication Date 09/14/2018
Price 15.00
Paperback Hyperlink http://www.onstream.ie/
Hardcopy Hyperlink http://www.onstream.ie/


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and Christy Fleming has developed strength to deal with the many adversities that life
has thrown at him. From Irish Industrial Schools to the battlefields of the Congo, he has shown the same indomitable spirit that has also seen him through chronic illness and depression. These are the memoirs of one man, but are an inspiration to all.

Authors Biography

Dubliner Christy Fleming is a first time author who suffered institutional abuse in Ireland, fought in the Congo, was evicted from flats in London. Now suffering from leukaemia he has written his book to celebrate his survival. He lives in London, currently nursing his wife who has cancer.


Sunday Independent full page Escape from Hell 211018
The Sun Full page Army Veteran tells of abuse horror 27 December 2018
Evening Echo 3/4 page Amazing life of a born survivor 4/191

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  1. This book is a real human story. When you get to the end you find it hard to believe that one man and his family could have survived so much hardship and pain and still be able to smile.
    It touched every emotion in my mind and body, one moment I’m full of rage to read how one human could treat another, the next I’m laughing and further on I’m amazed at how he just never gave up no matter what was thrown at him.
    This book has been an inspiration to me and helped me to put things into perspective in my own life.

  2. a great human story of overcoming adversity

  3. From the child to the boy that suffered hellish abuse at the hands of Christian men, to the boy that became a soldier, from the soldier that became the best family man that a family could ask for, Christy became one of the best…

  4. Humbled sat here in my comfortable life by a beautifully written story of one man’s fight against a determined world

  5. Very moving but ultimately uplifting story.

  6. Great book by a great man

  7. Wonderful story, wonderful Irish soldier.

  8. It is hard to believe that one man can endure so much in his lifetime yet still have a positive outlook on life. He is an inspiration to all.

  9. A true college of life story of a soldier & his rocky road.
    Inspirational is not a strong enough word to describe this man courage in the face of terrible adversity.

  10. Having been a Soldier on Congo U.N. Service 1961 during the same period Christy Fleming was doing his Tour of Duty in KAMINA and having endured 5 Days continued Fighting in The Battle of Jadotville with a Company of Irish Defence Forces, I fully understand his description of Being a Soldier in The Congo. I have read and re-read his Wonderful and Powerful Gut-wrenching Story a few times and it is an Honour to recommend for a Book Prize for his efforts.

  11. An inspirational soldier and man and a great character

  12. A very moving story of a very courageous man. An unputdownable read.

  13. A different era altogether. The life of a man determined to survive and learns along the way.

  14. This is without a doubt the best book that I have ever read.The emotions that I felt when reading the book varied from sadness to extreme joy as he progressed through his life .

  15. Such an insight into his life and many lives just like Christys’…and he has opened another gate for any child,man or soldier to walk through who may have thought they never could..God Bless you Christy

  16. Best Wishes Christy. God Bless You and Mary

  17. A truly wonderful journey through the life of a Beautiful man.

  18. Really enjoyed Christy’s book great read

  19. Well done Christy very inspirational

  20. A Must read…

  21. Christys story is a truly inspirational account of the challenges of life and a mans courageous struggle to overcome the challenges that he has endured and continues to endure. It is a true account of Ireland in the 40’s 50’s and 60’s and the backwardness and ignorance that existed in this country. Christy has endured many wrongs and his spirit and strength of character has carried him through to overcome all that life has thrown at him. In my opinion Christys book should be prescribed reading on the Leaving Cert english and history syllabi and give students an honest first-hand account of the country that they have inherited. Well done Christy and best wishes. Tom Bennett.

  22. When I picked this book up first I was not sure what I was going to experience but what a read it turned out to be.I felt that I was walking in his shadow throughout and could not wait for the next line it was like he had lived next door to me all my life Wonderful
    Thanks Christy

  23. Excellent book. Remarkable memory Christy.

  24. Good luck with the awards Christy

  25. An incredible story Christy – love to Mary and yourself and good luck with the award.

  26. A wonderful book for me as along with reading Christys inspirational life story it also gave me a look into what my grandad went through while serving in the Congo along with Christy and for this I am so thankful – such brave men!

  27. I am proud to be a friend of Christy Fleming. How he survived through the hardship he endured as a youngster and then going out at a very young age to serve his country with great courage. Wishing you and Mary good health God Bless

  28. A fabulous read, a true gentleman.

  29. a read that will stay with me, how one man could endure so much & still come out smiling !!! well done Christy you have won my respect ……

  30. A real life story. It showed how a person could overcome whatever life threw at you no matter how bad it was, and survive. Well done Christy

  31. Very moving story. What Christy had to go through no man should have to.

  32. It is one of those books that you can’t put down, you might say I’ll read one more page but before you know it you have read ten.
    There are so many ups and downs, twist & turns you always want to get to the next to find the answer.
    A brilliant insight into a very strong and brave man.

  33. “You ok, Christy?

    This is a heart-wrenching, lyrical, and gripping read. This is a story of true grit and determination to survive, it is also a story of true love to his wife and family … This is the surreal-yet-true story of Christy A Fleming, growing up in 50/60’s Dublin, his army life at home & in the Congo and afterwards trying to make a life in the UK. All through my journey of this book the senses were tested, a most enjoyable read, leaving me with nothing but admiration and respect for its author. If ever there was a book to to advertise the art of reading this is the one I would recommend.

  34. Brilliant Christy, Well done

  35. A fantastic read. Would recommend it. It shows what a person can do when he has the strength to fight and not give up and in the book Christy shows that he has that in abundance. You can almost hear him say ‘I am Christy Fleming you are not going to beat me! Bring it on!’

  36. It’s a great read and I’m a big reader of people life time experience. 10 out of 10 for me, share it on my facebook page so that other would read as well and spoke with Christy of his great life. Brilliant story.

  37. Read this book in two days. From the first page I was hooked. Easy to read, simple terminology and heart felt sentiments throughout.
    Christy’s inner strength carried him through from a young boy to the man he is today. His courage & bravery abounds in every page.
    Highly recommend anyone from any walk of life to read this book

  38. I practically walked those railway tracks with Christy.
    Loved this book.

  39. Thank you to Christy for his honest and open account of his childhood and for his memories of what it was like serving as an Irish peacekeeper in the Congo in the 1960s. Truly an amazing journey. Best wishes

  40. Absouletly brillantly written by a Man who went through an awful lot.

  41. A man’s story of survival against the system his service to the state and world peace. Coupled with the struggle for a life with his family after that it’s a riveting touching real life account of one of Irelands unsung heroes.

  42. The biggestbpart of this man is his heart a complete gentleman who had a hard life but came out the other side with his head high well done Christy

  43. Incredible real life story. Good luck with the award.

  44. This is about a young man who survived against the system.He suffered in the industrial schools but he survived in spite of the abuse.Christy joined the Army when released from Upton and started to live again he was with friends and colleagues.Going to the Congo was a step into the unknown for all the young soldiers again they survived.Christie’s life is a great example of beating the odds time and time again.Reading this book one would need to have a handkerchief at the ready I used mine all the way through it.Christy May God Bless you and Mary


  45. This is a superb read. Beautifully written. It is about survival & resilience.
    Thank you Christy for writing one of my favourite books.

  46. Help for anyone who feels they can’t take any more, this book has helped friends who are at the end of their tether, and gave them a laugh too. Inspiring.

  47. Some of us are up against tyranny all the time. Keep fighting.

  48. A great read could not leave it down a sad and joys book what happened to Christy a what he achieved in his life says it all about this Man

  49. A WONDERFUL book sad happy, lots of laughter one very strong man too. I feel he has given more to life than he was ever given as a young child. Well done Christy

  50. Christy Fleming is of life’s true gentleman . It took strength to write this book and in order to do that Christy has to visit a past that most would like to try and forget . I admire his strength , kindness and sense of humour and he displays such honesty in his writing . This book is a must read but be prepared for shock , Honesty , truth and humour in what is a hero’s life story !

  51. A great read written by a true Irish hero

  52. Great read by a great man best of luck Christy from the 3rd battalion association and the Irish unifil association

  53. A must read book

  54. An honest and brave account of Christy’s life. Inspirational.

  55. I’m not a reader but when I saw the title of the book it got me curious , as I began to read that a human being could inflict such mental and physical torture on another and then how he could have the courage to join the army of a country who’s authorities could inflict the torture that he had endured . What a gripping read for me.

  56. I thoroughly enjoyed the book from start to finish. The abuse that he suffered as a child and the hardship that life brought to him stayed with me long after I had finished the book. I would highly recommend this fantastic book to anyone.

  57. Brilliant book he is a survivor well done Christy

  58. A great book by a great man well done Christy you inspired a lot of people. Thank You 🇮🇪👍

  59. Great book beautifully written

  60. Enjoyable read of such honesty and heartbreak. Well done Christy.

  61. christy book is so good that it is true. and honest in every way

  62. Thoroughly fasinating and superbe read, from a true and honest and excellent writer, soldier, and all around solid soul and gentleman–Bravo!! Christy.

  63. Really fascinating and great read every fact so heart touching a true gentle man and brave soldier no child should ever have to suffer like Christy did the hardship he faced what a gripping I recomend this book for everyone to read

  64. What can I say about my Grandad’s fabulous book….Its a hard read for a family member but its amazing for me to read these stories on paper! ( I remember him telling me a handful of them when I was young- mostly the funny ones!He has always been a fabulous story teller!) It fills me with pride to know that my Grandad and my family went through so much hardship and are still the amazing people they are today! The book takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions, its completely honest and I can hear the Grandad’s voice throughout. Proud is an understatement!

  65. A powerful true life story that is hard to put down.

  66. Great book only very few of you’s left my Dad included cos jack Keegan well done you

  67. A gripping and moving book.I found it made me laugh and cry. A great man who endured some terrible things in his life but still manages to be positive.

  68. It has been the ultimate privilege to be allowed into Christy Fleming’s life, his heart, his mind, his soul. I just wanted to wrap my arms around this child and ask ‘are you OK Christy?’ But he rallied on and on after every episode in his life. He picked himself up again and again. I’ve read this book over and over. I’ve cried and laughed and wondered how one human could carry on after so much cruelty. But he lived for his family and they gave him the incentive to carry on.
    ‘You OK Christy?’ is inspirational. It rouses every emotion and is beautifully written.
    Well done Christy Fleming!

  69. An amazing and inspiring story of overcoming horrific abuse sexually and physically at the hands of evil men who hid behind the religious collar pretending to be men of God. Christy had many disadvantages in life but found a way to overcome them. He never gave up despite the obstacles because he is a loyal and honorable man who loved his family and wanted to provide for them. He is a great fighter and true hero who made huge personal sacrifices for his family and for the people of Congo during his service there as a peacekeeper with the Irish army. Still today he fights cancer and cares for his wife who is also battling cancer, but his family are provided for and are all around him. Despite Christys ongoing battles he enjoys life and his family. He is a true gentleman with a loving heart which is amazing after what he has endured in life. This is the most inspiring part of Christys story.


  71. Once i started reading this book i could not put it down what a wonderful man he is to have survived such abuse from the supposed Catholic religion. As a former Mother & Baby Home survivor i can relate to Christy’s story. So happy to hear he eventually managed to find love and happiness and wish him and his wife and family all the best for the future

  72. Good book

  73. Good book

  74. It’s a book about the truth and the struggle of an ordinary but special man growing up in a harsh island that’s so inspiring it deserves this award this book has told the truth others are scared to say

  75. I have not read the book yet. “Yet”

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