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Yapping Away
By Joshua Seigal
Published By

Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN 9781472972743
Children's Genre 5+ and 69 illustrations (individual)
Publication Date 08/19/2021
Price 6.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/yapping-away-9781472972743/
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/yapping-away-9781472972750


From hilarious to heartfelt poems, this collection offers something for everyone. Discover the eight steps for having a successful tantrum, and why you should NEVER attend a Teddy Bear’s Picnic (you have been warned). Funny and engaging, this book is a brilliant way to get children excited about poetry.

Authors Biography

Joshua Seigal is an award-winning poet, performer and workshop leader who spends his time visiting schools, libraries and theatres. He has taken critically-acclaimed poetry shows to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but usually ends up performing in front of his mirror, using a hairbrush as a microphone.


‘There is much delicious and entirely successful wordplay too, of the sort that will strike just the right note with its audience.’
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  1. Loved it. JS’ work always makes me smile. What a natural talent!

  2. Such a lovely engaging book. My 4 year old adores it!

  3. Wonderful…such fun

  4. An hilarious, engaging and clever poet changing perceptions of poetry for the next generation

  5. Joshua Seigal’s poems are guaranteed to make you and your children smile. They always make me as they are hilarious.

  6. such a good book!

  7. Great book!

  8. Great poetry!

  9. My grandkids are beginning to enjoy these wonderful poems and I bought yapping away for each grandkid so they can have their very own copy.
    Wonderfully illustrated!

  10. Most enjoyable.

  11. Josh’s books are simply put awesome!
    His latest is fabulous.. witty, brilliant and a delight to read.

  12. Very funny, clever and perfect for all ages. Some softly emotional and poignant, like “Sad”, and some just funny and ridiculous!

  13. Josh Seigal’s poems are thoughtful and fun and hugely enjoyable.

  14. A friend gave my Granddaughter this book and she loves reading it before she goes to sleep. The subjects and length of the individual poems in the book motivates her reading. Her experimentation reading of these poems have aided her understanding and pronounciation of words in a fun way.

  15. Any written word that engages a child’s imagination is wonderful. Poetry is on another level and fun and laughter when reading a poem is held in the memory as a memorable experience. Sometimes it touches a place that books cannot.

  16. Super variety of poems that will be enjoyed by all. Moments of laughter and empathy. Perfect addition to our school library collection.

  17. Brilliant book of poetry for young children! Very relatable and creative. East to explore themes and ideas through play and drama. Great book to have on your desk as a teacher!

  18. Short poems that are funny and poignant. An easy read that leads to deeper thinking.

  19. Absolutely loved this book, great to share with children!

  20. Joshua Seigal is a great performer and an inspiration to young people.

  21. Our Chatterbooks group loved this book so much.

  22. Absolutely love this book! All of our children adore the funny plays on words and light humor- and that’s saying a lot because they range in age from 7-14!

  23. Using this book during 121 sessions with a LA reader. It’s great to listen to him read and understand the content and find the poems so funny. Great conversation starters.

  24. Joshua’s poetry is fresh and fun for all!

  25. This is another great collection to join his earlier titles which got lots of children hooked on poetry.

  26. Amazing talent !

    Fantastic and his poems are always so much fun to read with my niece.

    Well done what a great job

  27. We regularly read Joshua’s poems in class, they are always a firm favourite.

  28. amazing book, wonderful stuff!

  29. lovely stuff. full of imaginative, wonderful poems

  30. Amazing , wodndetful books , just love it.

  31. Loved this book!

  32. I have not tried this book out on the children in ‘my’ Primary school, yet, but they loved ‘I don’t like Poetry’!

  33. Hilarious and quirky in fabulous poetic style

  34. Such a great inspiration for children’s own poetry writing – brilliant!

  35. Always come away smiling after reading Joshua’s poetry

  36. My daughter loves this book!

  37. such a wonderful book

  38. Superb!!

  39. superb!!!

  40. Simply wondereful

  41. A great example of an imaginative, clever poetic style. Brilliant

  42. A wonderful book – full of poetic surprises!

  43. a fantastic, imaginatie book, with loads of fun poems and ideas.

  44. I have heard some of Joshua’s poems and the last one was read out aloud to the Readers Group of which I am the Group Leader. All of them loved it and it provoked much conversation.

  45. Alwasys gives me much pleasure to read Joshua’s books. Keep writing please Joshua!

  46. Fun and wonder within

  47. Fabulous poems – sooooo engaging for children!

  48. Children and grown ups equally love Joshua’s poetry. Fun poetry and so engaging for children.

  49. An absolute gem, packed with funny and thought-provoking poems. A must-have on any bookshelf and the source for my poetry assemblies all term

  50. Such a joyous collection of poems! Joshua has a real gift for comic rhyme but he also brings depth and talks about issues that really matter to kids in a fun, approachable way.

  51. We love this book!

  52. Enjoyed it!

  53. Amazing! This man is a genius!

  54. Joshua’s poems are enjoyed by young and old alike. We thoroughly enjoyed his inspirational visit to our school.

  55. My grandchildren love this book.

  56. A wonderful book of poems for younger readers and teachers. Lots of fun poems to join in with as well as some gentle poignant ones that deal with emotions. Great for assembly starting points and generally a fab book to set children on their poetry journey.

  57. Your poems are incredible. Thank you

  58. Your poems are incredible. Thank you
    Hope to read more

  59. Your poems are incredible. Thank you
    Hope to read more

  60. LOVE IT! We have just ordered…I am sure this will fill us with lots of LOLS like usual! We can’t wait to get our hands on it!

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