A World in Two Minds
Subtitle Why we must change our thinking to change our future
By K W Jamieson
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A World in Two Minds

Non Fiction Genre Mind/Body
Publication Date 04/09/2018
Price 20.00
Hardcopy Hyperlink https://shepheard-walwyn.co.uk/product/world-two-minds/


Life offers the human race both opportunity and danger. Our global mind could evolve to a higher cognitive plane of harmony, health and happiness, but it could disintegrate into catastrophic conflict. Our future is unknown but whatever we bring forth will be the output of the global mind we create.

Author's Bio

K W Jamieson graduated in social sciences from Edinburgh University, after which he applied his passion for socio-cultural anthropology to marketing and innovation. After two decades in the drinks industry, he founded his own consultancy specializing in the application of ‘whole-brain’ thinking to the challenges facing modern business and society.

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