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Butterfly Ranch
By RK Salters
Published By

Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN 9781788039963
Fiction Genre Thriller/Crime/Mystery
Publication Date 01/28/2018
Price 8.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.troubador.co.uk/bookshop/crime-and-thrillers/butterfly-ranch/
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.troubador.co.uk/bookshop/crime-and-thrillers/butterfly-ranch/


Tristan Griffin is a famous crime writer living in a Belizean jungle lodge with his partner Hedda. Altamont Stanbury is a constable in the nearest village, and an avid reader of crime fiction. Their lives come together with unexpected consequences when Griffin attempts suicide and Hedda goes missing.

Authors Biography

RK Salters was born in Paris to an Irish émigré father and French mother. He is himself an exile, currently living in Lithuania, and a passionate traveller. An expedition in Belizean jungles provided the setting for Butterfly Ranch, his first novel.


“A taut, suspenseful, and thoroughly absorbing book.” Rubery Prize jury (2018 Rubery Fiction Prize winner)

“A real page-turner, I loved this book which, as a first novel is astonishing; in the writer’s insights and phrasing there is real maturity and a deep understanding of the human state. “ Breakaway Reviewers

“Butterfly Ranch is a literary mystery complete with a tautness of plot and character, deftly woven together with taut, controlled prose. It’s an astonishingly accomplished debut.” The Shelf of Unread Books

“A treasure trove of atmospheric setting, strange characters and some pretty spot on writing that draws you right in to the heart of the book.” Live And Deadly

“Although with a dramatic mystery at its heart, Butterfly Ranch is so much more and I was astonished to discover that this is a debut by the author.” A Little Book Problem

“This is a book devoid of cliche, which challenges and entertains in equal measure. It stays with you long after you read the final sentence.” Amazon

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  1. A story of love, pain, loss and tragedy, this novel is both dramatic and almost operatic in its setting and plot line. In fact, it would make a fine opera, requiring only a sparse libretto with lots of bass and drums, thunder and lightning.

  2. A taut psychological drama with clearly delineated characters. The plot is ambitious but very deftly handled, with backstories adding to rather than holding back the delivery of the main narrative thread. What stuck with me most was the unsettling atmosphere up at the ranch, with each character struggling to live up to the circumstances of their lives, and then a genuinely satisfying pay off at the end.

  3. Superbly written. Remy Salters is a stylist of the highest order, and that is rare in these days of clunky writing.

  4. A stunning tour de force. Unrequited love, nature’s beauty and ultimate redemption all blend in this book which I devoured in one sitting, as the suspence kept me going into the small hours. RK Salters is one to watch.

  5. Marvellous book, changerd my behavour and feelings.

  6. A book full of compelling characters and desperate emotions, delicately woven into a gripping plot. Remy Salters’ language glitters beautifully above all of that. A rare gem that will leave you longing for the author‘s next work.

  7. A beautifully written book. Exquisite prose that never gets in the way of an engaging story.

  8. What a fantastic book! A suspenseful plot, beautiful language and a wonderfully conjured vision of the Central American jungle. Do try it.

  9. An absorbing and gripping read with the added benefit of being eloquently written. I was totally engrossed and transported to Belize. A stunning first novel, I look forward to the next!

  10. This was originally described to me as a mystery novel but it has so much more to offer than a classic mystery. The characters are extremely rich and the layers of psychological tension and trauma that get unpeeled as we dig deeper into the narrative are truly moving to the core. This is a book that stays with you long after you finish reading it.

  11. Beautifully written psychological thriller. Dramatic atmosphere in the exotic setting of Belize.
    A must read page turner.

  12. A fantastic read. The characters are skillfully developed and the story beautifully told.

  13. Totally absorbing narrative with sensitive writing, tense development, vivid characters and a setting which mesmerizes.

  14. A must read !

  15. Lyrically enchanting. A beautiful book to melt into.

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