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Dance of the Jakaranda


Peter Kimani brings to life a colourful cast of characters in this mesmerising novel set in the shadow of Kenya’s independence from Britain.

Authors Biography

Peter Kimani is an award-winning Kenyan novelist and journalist. Kimani was one of three international poets to compose and present a poem for Barack Obama’s inauguration in January 2009. A prominent journalist on Kenya’s national news circuit, Kimani’s work has also appeared in the Guardian, New African and Sky News.


‘This funny, perceptive and ambitious work of historical fiction by a Kenyan poet and novelist explores his country’s colonial past and its legacy.’ New York Times Book Review, Editor’s Choice

‘A rich tableau of layers and textures. The book has some brilliant moments of vivid and evocative writing.’
Huffington Post

‘Kimani illustrates the discordant history of East Indians in Kenya through a fabulously complicated set of intriguing characters and events … Highlighted by its exquisite voice, Kimani’s novel is a standout debut.’
Publishers’ Weekly

‘Lyrical and powerful … Kimani weaves together a bitter, hurtful past and hopeful present in this rich tale of Kenyan history and culture’

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  1. This is the one to understand the meaning.

  2. “Some ancient sage counseled the wisdom of trust the tale, not the teller,” Kimani’s narrator advises. “But the invitation here,” he adds, “is neither trust the tale nor the teller.” In our pandemic of fake news, this is sensible advice; we today might better seek important truths from storytellers like Kimani than our too often compliant and compromised mass media.

  3. Brought back the laise fare lifestyle of the 70s in Nairobi.. A good read.. Brings his characters easily to life!

  4. Peter is an accomplished writer. Captivating his readers and taking them deep into the narrative. Engrossing. Enjoyable read.. Best in the dusk, by the fire, in bed!👌

  5. Beautifully told. These stories about Kenya’s rich bitter-sweet past need to be told. Peter captures that in this text. Lest we forget!

  6. Excellent literary work. Pen more, Peter.

  7. Brilliant.

  8. -It’s unique book.
    – I learnt a lot about our country history which we did not learn back in our school age .
    – best book ever 😘
    – inspired me a lot.

  9. For the history of Railway, Look no further.

  10. Brother your are a winner

  11. I do not know why it took me too long to read this book.
    I’ve learnt so much. Inspiring and captivating.

  12. Peter do not stop till you are the CEO of CNN….Yaani sky is the limit

  13. This masterpiece I like. The narrative is such educative and enlightening. A must read.

  14. Dance of the Jakaranda resonates with the mind that grew up on the erudite genius of African Writers Series. It deserves its own AWS number like the great books of yore. Peter Kimani is clever, very creative and immensely entertaining.

  15. Prof, really great work. Captivating, intriguing and thrilling.

  16. Keep it up Peter. God bless

  17. All the best looking forward to getting my hands on this one🙏🏿

  18. Nice read and innovative

  19. All the best ndugu, keep uup tthe ggood work.

  20. Arguably one of the best writers I have ever interacted with. More is yet to come from this sage.

  21. Beautiful. Effortless. Flawless!

  22. History told in the most amazing of ways. Beautifully captured in Kimanis book

  23. It was a pleasure reading such a refreshing book where humour drips naturally from its pages like honey from from a hive.

  24. What an amazing read this is. I have learnt so much about Kenya’s history documented in an interesting and witty manner. Kudos Dr. Kimani.

  25. What a special way of telling Kenya’s history. Congrats Dr Kimani

  26. I’m definitely looking forward to buying this book and reading it. Congratulations Dr Kimani.

  27. All the best Mwalimu

  28. Best

  29. Great work and congrats for well done book. Kudos.

  30. The book paints the picture of pre independent Kenya and how the railway line contributed towards the growth of towns like Nakuru and Mombasa.

  31. Good literary work. Keep up the good work.

  32. Perfect

  33. Very creative entertaining and exciting all season stories keep it up.

  34. Quite artistic

  35. A talented writer

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