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Flight of a Lifetime
By Philip Watling
Published By

Mardibooks Ltd

Non Fiction Genre Biography Mind/Body Medical
Publication Date 09/21/2014
Price 4.12
Paperback Hyperlink http://ow.ly/DKc3l
Ebook Hyperlink http://www.mardibookshop.com/book/flight-of-a-lifetime/


Flight of a Lifetime will make you laugh; it will make you cry – often at the same time. It is an inspiring book about #life #death #resurrection #horses – written to bring hope where there is only despair.

Author's Bio

Our amazing and very vocal tabby cat, Destiny, lives in Milton Keynes with me and my American wife. My wife is a graphic designer and I spend my days bringing happiness amongst my many friends, both online and off. Ultimately I want to spread the message of peace and friendship.


I have reviews, longer than 25 words, from Mensa Magazine, Athena Press, Milton Keynes Citizen, John Nelson (LinkedIn) and several from the general public.

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