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Hope with OCD
Subtitle a self-help guide to obsessive-compulsive disorder for parents, carers and friends of sufferers
By Lynn Crilly
Published By

Hope with OCD

ISBN 9781781611456
Non Fiction Genre Health
Publication Date 05/31/2018
Price 14.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.hammersmithbooks.co.uk/product/hope-with-ocd/
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.hammersmithbooks.co.uk/product/hope-with-ocd/


Lynn Crilly puts the many myths around OCD under the spotlight and shows how different the reality is. Based on her successful support of her own daughter and other sufferers she empowers readers with the knowledge to understand the condition, get the right help and find hope.

Author's Bio

Lynn is an award-winning counsellor, author and mother of twin girls. After finding one of them, Samantha, was struggling with anorexia and OCD and that conventional treatments were not helping, Lynn rehabilitated Sam herself and then went on to develop her own unique form of counselling

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  1. Fantastic book and a great help

  2. Fabulous book for anyone involved with anybody suffering from OCD. Very highly recommended.

  3. Such an informative book set at exactly the right level for all readers

  4. Another fantastic book, incredibly insightful and helpful. Very highly recommend!

  5. An amazingly helpful book. Beautifully written and laid out. Really informative but also as someone that gets overwhelmed by books sometimes I found it an easy read.

  6. When I read this book, it literally changed my life, things I did, which I thought was normal, made me realise there was something more.

    I cannot thank Lynn and her amazing family enough for this book, it made me realise that I need to get the help that I needed.

    I would honestly encourage more people to read it.

  7. Another great addition to the hope collection. Covering all the obstacles sufferers and carers face with OCD and giving vital guidance thoughout. Couldn’t recommend more!!

  8. An excellent book for those struggling with OCD but also helpful for people around them. A must read for anyone working with young people as well! Cannot recommend this book more!

  9. Great book , great author !!

  10. Fantastic read and an inspirational author!

  11. An amazing book offering help and support to anyone living with OCD please read it if you or a family member needs help you will not feel on your own after reading this well written book

  12. Great book. I highly recommend ♡

  13. Informative, practical and well-written for the everyday person. A great book.

  14. A real insight into the consequences of OCD. Offers practical help for sufferers and carers, Highly recommended.

  15. A brilliant book with great insight and knowledge. Lynn is a brilliant author and she makes sure she covers everyone who is affected by OCD.

  16. Amazing book with great guidance. Lynn is a fabulous author!

  17. Another brilliant book and I inspirational author!! X

  18. This woman is an inspiration. I encourage everyone to read this and check out all her amazing work.

  19. Lynn is amazing at bringing sense and hope through her writing. Highly recommended – such a great book.

  20. Some times it takes some to think out side of the norm to come up with the right answer.

  21. Some times it take some one to think outside the nom to come up with the right answer.

  22. Great book! Fab for careers and close friends to help along the way and understand From an outsider x

  23. Fantastic book. I learnt so much from it. I always suspected I may suffer from it, and whilst it’s not as extreme as others, I recognised I was still valid of help. This book is perfect for anyone and everyone, I believed I was quite clued up on most mental illness’ but from every book Lynn has written I’ve learned so much.

  24. Amazing book, really helped me❤️❤️❤️ It deserves to win! Xx

  25. Amazing book, with so much inportant and real life information. A must read for anyone with a loved one suffering from OCD

  26. Lynn has done it again with another insightful, thought-provoking book, a great read!

  27. Lynn has turned our family’s life around. Her books take away the panic and restore you to clarity, strength and hope, and all her advice is from a real life, experienced, reassuring perspective.

  28. An inspiration to have the courage and determination to challenge the system and find light at the other end!

    Samantha x

  29. Amazing self help book. Would highly recommend!! Lynn is fabulous!

  30. Excellent, informative, easy to read book that is helpful and insightful for people with OCD,carers and professionals.

  31. Spread the word as OCD is now so widely spread and few know how to cope.

  32. Lynn, thankyou.
    Your loving, nurturing writing style is what draws me back to your books.

    Having clear information is wonderful, as is the recognition that families and friends of OCD sufferers are affected by the sufferers condition, and have a vital role in the individuals recovery.

    Many thanks

  33. Because it was easy to read it was so easy to understand.

  34. Such a great book & very of it’s time. Personal experience is so valuable – especially when it’s wrapped up in hope. A beautiful message with practical guidance. Best of luck, Lynn!

  35. Amazing book, great read it is very informative and interesting!!!

  36. Brilliant book well written and educational and easy to understand. Well done

  37. Inspiring book and have given this book to my clients , who have all come back to me with positive feedback.

  38. This book is a rare combination – written from the heart and yet packed with facts, advice and invaluable information. It’s essential reading for any family touched by this illness.

  39. Lynn writes from experience and very much from the heart. Please read and find hope and inspiration.

  40. A great read, with facts and lots of help along the way. A must read for everyone! Especially families affected by this mental illness! Fantastic author!

  41. A user friendly guide to a difficult subject. Written with empathy and understanding.

  42. Very interesting and very informative

  43. Great book. Helped me no end with my daughter.

  44. Brilliant, brilliant book. Great help just when I needed it.

  45. Just brill 😀

  46. Absolutely brilliant book. Very informative and easy to read.

  47. Yes another fabulous book from Lynn Crilly

  48. Fantastic book and a fantastic collection. So informative and insightful, with great information from 1st hand experience. A shining light in the world of mental health!

  49. Brilliant book based on facts very imformative and easy to read. A must read for anyone suffering with OCD, is close to anyone suffering or just knows anyone who is affected by mental illness. Lynn is an inspiration and a very understanding person. Great author who has written this book from personal experience.
    Wishing you all the best.

  50. Brilliant read!

  51. Well written, this book takes our understanding of OCD to another level of awareness and clarity of this complex condition.

  52. A life changing book , helped beyond expectations!

  53. An amazing book, with an inspirational thought process to all those that need the guidance, we all can relate to many situations, either beit ourselves or a loved one. This book definately deserves to win the well deserved title!

  54. Anyone with OCD- you are not alone

  55. A brilliant book, which is inspirational, informative and accessible for everyone

  56. A fantastic book – like all of the publications Lynn brings out. Infused with hope, positivity and deep knowledge. Lynn stands out magnificently because of the huge, lived-through experience she brings to her writing and work.

  57. Wonderful book. Really helped me understand OCD.

  58. Truly insightful, down to earth and helpful.

  59. I know that I can rely on Lynn’s books to give heartfelt and helpful advice. Gave to a family member who found it easy to understand and the courage to get help.

  60. A great read, highly recommended

  61. Really insightful book that is both educational but easy to read and understand. The words portray the compassion that Lynn has for the subject of mental health and as a reader I found it made me more comfortable with the concept and the people it affects. Really helpful to both sufferers and carers, putting words to what they’re going through and might find hard to express themselves.

  62. This book is so helpful, informative and compassionately put together. A really valuable resource for health professionals too. Highly recommend it.

  63. This book is truly inspirational and life changing for so many! Really insightful and can help you to gain a great understanding of how OCD impacts on the life of the suffere and those closest to them.

  64. Great book, another masterpiece from Lynn Crilly.

  65. Well done Lynn, another truly inspiring read!

  66. Well done Lynn! A very inspirational book!

  67. Amazing book and very insightful

  68. Another amazing book! very inspirational!

  69. Great help for carers and sufferers. Well done Lynn.

  70. Great book anyone who needs help this is the book

  71. Lynn is an amazing person with a wonderful insight!

  72. David
    Another great and helpful book from Lynn

  73. A very informative book about a very difficult to understand illness

  74. Grateful I got this book that help change my life for the better! Thank you.

  75. Brilliant book really helped me to understand how the ocd mind works from a author who has personal experience and knows what she is talking about

  76. Lynn is an inspirational and caring therapist and author. Her books, including this one, help not only the person in need of help but also their families. I highly recommend her books.

  77. Lynn is a passionate and dedicated therapist, and her books are full of powerful insights, helping sufferers to better understand their illness and improve the quality of their lives!

  78. Everything you need to understand and deal with the issues of OCD from someone who has experience of it.

  79. having a family member with OCD I found this book very enlightening and helpful
    understanding what sufferers go through so would recommend it to anyone who suffers from OCD or knows someone who does

  80. Really helpful book, thanks xx

  81. Amazing book by a great author deserves to win

  82. Wow, what an excellent read. I wasn’t sure if I would find answers in another book, but Lynn’s down to earth and honest approach is so refreshing I couldn’t put it down. Thanks for the journey Lynn

  83. Really enjoyed the read. My family and I found it extremely helpful

  84. Really insightful read for both me and my family. It made it easier for me to discuss my difficulties with them by referring to certain chapters of the book. Lynn has done a great job.

  85. This book has helped my family understand more of what I’m going through and how to support and help me. It’s great to have a book that helps the sufferer and those close to them. I can’t recommend this book enough!

  86. Lynn’s understanding of OCD, matched by her professionalism and humanity, turns this book (as with her others) into a bible for all with experience directly or indirectly of OCD. Splendid and informative read!

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