Landscapes of the Heart
Subtitle The Working World of a Sex and Relationship Therapist
By Juliet Grayson
Published By

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN 9781785921865
Non Fiction Genre Mind/Body
Publication Date 07/01/2016
Price 12.99
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Drawing on twenty-five years of experience, Juliet explores the practical and theoretical aspects of her work as a sex and relationship psychotherapist, to offer professional insight into the methodologies which underpin her work. This book shakes our assumptions and shows ways to improve and ultimately heal our most intimate relationships.

Author's Bio

Juliet Grayson is an acclaimed psychotherapist, coach and teacher, specialising in working with couples and sexual problems. Juliet was one of the pioneers of Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) in the UK, and is amongst the first accredited UK trainers. She has been a UKCP registered, NLPtCA accredited, and COSRT accredited psychotherapist for more than twenty years. Juliet’s breadth and depth of experience has earned her the reputation as the ‘therapist’s therapist’.


‘Have you ever been stuck, thought about going to therapy and hesitated? This is a compelling and inspiring book that I feel certain will help anyone interested in improving their relationships.’
– Sharon Rooke, Psychotherapist, Chair of NLPtCA

‘Beautifully written and thought provoking, drawing from experience, casework and theory. An outstanding resource for clients and therapists alike. Highly recommended.’
– Dana Braithwaite, UKCP Registered Psychosexual Therapist

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  1. The author is an amazing therapist and this is clearly highlighted in this book.

  2. Amazing, inspiring and eye opener book!

  3. This is a life-changing book, thoughtful and insightful.

  4. This book is inspiring and full of potential for powerful realisations. It is well written and I think that everyone can take something away from this.

  5. An inspirational therapist and author – excellent work!

  6. A brilliant and inspiring book full of useful knowledge and a great resource for therapists

  7. A valuable resource, inspirational and insightful

  8. A talented and insightful therapist, beautifully written book.

  9. A thoughtful, insightful and compassionate book which deserves attention and recognition.

  10. Such important work; a conversation whose time has come.

  11. So beautifully written and easy to read, enlightening to therapists and laypeople alike

  12. I gave this as a gift to my two daughters, each of whom have experienced a challenging childhood and teenage time, they derived a great deal of benefit from it, thank you Juliet.

  13. I loved this book. It has changed my relationship entirely. I am now much more able to stand up for myself, and do things that I want to do…without getting drawn in to do things that my partner thinks that I should be doing. Also, I found the chapter on sexual abuse really really helpful. Knowing my desire for revenge was a normal part of being sexually abused, has been very healing. Thank you.

  14. Excellent book from a talented teacher and therapist.

  15. Excellent therapist with so much knowledge and a natural style

  16. An accessible book for everyone – therapists and lay people. The author recount’s her clients’ stories with insight, wisdom and compassion. A book which can help transform relationships.

  17. great as it is for ALL with hEARt and hope.

  18. An engaging and accessible entry into the fascinating world of couples therapy from the therapist’s point of view.
    A rich and deep exploration of hearts and minds in the couple relationship.

  19. An important book detailing the use of Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor therapy in the couples context and also sharing Juliet Grayson’s valuable thought processes.

  20. A heartfelt, wise and accessible book. Juliet’s mindful and respectful attitude to this work offers insight into the dynamics of relationship, while encouraging us therapists toward ever more curiosity about our clients and their world.

  21. A book which is a must especially for therapists. Full of insight, empathy and wisdom

  22. Juliet’s vast experience as a therapist and now author in this field shines through this literary work.

  23. Juliet is a committed and lovely person, which shines through.

  24. It shows new ways in interpersonal violence prevention

  25. An inspiring and thought-provoking book, particularly useful for counsellors and Psychotherapists.

  26. A fascinating insight in to the work, and an enticing read through Juliet’s style. A pleasure of mine to know and work with Juliet as a therapist also.

  27. A beautifully written book about couples’s therapy. Gives a great insight to the work but is also inspiring & engaging.

  28. Absolutely fascinating insight into the thinking that goes on behind the attentive and experienced listener – as well as really crystallising some of the healing and clarification processes that can happen in relationships.

  29. This book offers a fabulous balance of theory and practical examples to illustrate some important therapeutic principles incorporating the application of the Pesso Boyden system, of which I’m a student. Having read a wealth of literature for therapists this is one of the most readable. I would even go as far to say it ought to be essential reading for any couples therapist.

  30. A very valuable body of work for the couple therapist. Being in the counselling room with Juliet. It enhances our work.

  31. A very readable and inspiring book and I’ve found the Pesso Boyden system so interesting to use on occasion in my work.

  32. Reading this book is like hearing the author speak – always with empathy, wisdom, compassion and humour. You will only grow from reading – and rereading – this book.

  33. Great book by a wonderful therapist

  34. This wise and practical book will be helpful to therapists and laypeople alike. As well as being very immediate and readable it offers some illuminating examples of how the Pesso Boyden approach can help ‘unstick’ couples caught in painful behavioural cycles.

  35. This book is a very thorough introduction both to couple therapy and to PBSP. Exciting and instructive to read. Juliet is both a very skilled therapist and an excellent writer. Highly recommended both for professionals and lay readers

  36. This was a beautifully written book that very concretely illustrates PBSP, which is the most healing therapeutic approach I have ever both personally experienced and trained to become a certified PBSP therapist, Supervisor , and Trainer. She does a very competent application of PBSP to couples therapy. I highly recommend this book for lay and professionals to read.

  37. When, several years ago, I first heard about the Pesso Boyden therapy I was very sceptical. Now, several years later and having had first hand experience, I have no hesitation in believing that Pesso Boyden is an astonishingly effective therapy, and that Juliet Grayson is an amazingly talented therapist, who clearly brings many years of experience and knowledge to benefit participants. Her book is as interesting as the therapy and would be of interest to anyone who seeks a greater understanding of themselves and especially of themselves in any relationship.

  38. An outstanding book.
    Her work on magical marriage has been most helpful with my own patients.
    The description of the structure most exquisite.

  39. Outstanding book.
    I have used her work on Magical Marriage to help many clients.
    Loved the structure work on sexuality.

  40. A wonderfully written and easy to read book. It is chalked full of theory and clear and honest illustrations of cases that exemplify the theories. Juliet does a magnificent job teaching Pesso Boyden Systems Psychomotor. I recommend this book regularly to my clients.

  41. Interesting and enlightening book by a very experienced and well respected therapist. Highly recommended.

  42. A refreshing and honest piece of work. I loved it! Whilst I found it very accessible, it’s worth reading slowly and to really take the time to absorb the wealth of fascinating knowledge and experience that Juliet shares.

  43. It’s an easy read and you learn a lot if you are a therapist or someone in therapy

  44. Interesting, insightful and personally helpful.

  45. A readable, light style for a serious subject. One can learn from it.

  46. A landscape of the Heart is a lovely, well written, and engaging book. Juliet’s descriptions of her therapeutic practice are interesting, vivid, and accessible. She has made a complex therapeutic process easy to grasp making it an excellent introduction to PBSP for readers, including those outside of the field of psychotherapy. My parents, Albert Pesso and Diane Boyden Pesso, would have been delighted by her well written and engaging contribution to PBSP literature.

  47. Juliet Grayson reveals her process alongside her perception of the clients process clearly. This enables the reader to access the PBSP and psychotherapeutic process. It is an exemplary work written in a style that I wish other accomplished therapists would emulate. Recommended.

  48. A sublime read…and very very helpful for anyone in an intimate relationship. I was right there with the therapist. A unique perspective on what happens in therapy.

  49. Entertaining, deep, meaningful. Thank you Juliet. This helped me.

  50. Discovering that my relationship with my father has been standing between me and my husband for the last 30 years was mindblowing. I have been able to move on now…and it has changed things with my husband. We have never been closer. This was the magical marriage..that I was unaware of – until reading this book. Thank you. Deserves to win.

  51. Excellent insight into her methods of working and a great help to understand the intergenerational consequences of trauma. It makes a difference looking at one’s parents, oneself and one’s children. So helpful and accessible.

  52. Mick Sands: very sound, wise words from an exceptional therapist, also clear exposition of the Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor method which she weaves beautifully into her work.

  53. This book is easy to read. Engaging. Informative. The method that the author talks about, Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor is exquisite and life changing. I attended one PBSP workshop, and I will never be the same again. In a good way! Juliet is doing wonderful soul surgery. If you get a chance to go to a workshop with her, then grab that opportunity. You won’t regret it,

  54. I loved this book. It covers really tricky ground with real ease and confidence. I read it wishing
    that I’d read it in my 20s or my 30s when I fell into every pitfall of non-understanding. It might
    have saved me punishing myself and a partner.
    I loved the compassion and patience it conveyed. You glow with warmth and possibility as you read it.

  55. A very readable book. Informative. Changed my perception of a healthy relationship. And as someone in a new relationship, I have lived by the words Juliet spoke to those beginning relationships: “Don’t do anything in the first thirty days that you are not willing to keep doing for the next thirty years!” Wise words from a wise author. She would be a worthy winner

  56. Juliet approaches the subject of Relationships in an informed well researched, manner. Her style of writing about relationships , comes from a theoretical and knowledgeable base , which is very helpful to therapists and clients alike . Landscapes of the Heart is well worth a read !

  57. An insightful book that really describes very well relationships and the issues that occur within them. Juliet shares her extensive experience to describe how her work with couples has enhanced their relationships. A great read for those counsellors and psychotherapists working with couples, but would be interesting for all those interested in relationships.

  58. Juliet has been extraordinarily helpful as a couple therapist, and this book deserves a wide audience. It really helped me.

  59. Brilliant book. Very easy to read, and to grasp the concepts. I have (since reading this) experienced Pesso Boyden with Juliet – and it is like ‘speed dialing the unconscious’. A remarkable method and well worth reading about in this book

  60. An excellent, readable, engaging and useful book full of heart and wisdom.

  61. A fine book which is both readable and useful – full of heart and wisdom.

  62. A great book – full of insight and wisdom, and of a lot of practical help too.

  63. A very readable book but which conveys loads of really interesting and useful information, in my view for both therapists and lay people alike. I gave it to several friends as a Xmas present last year which I think must also count as a good recommendation!

  64. Juliet helps take the mystique out of a nonetheless, mysterious, subject. Her style is capable and reassuring, packed with wise observations and hard won insights. Juliet’s voice really shines through.

  65. Juliet has a thorough and deep understanding of this work all thoroughly grounded in practice. We are fortunate that she is now sharing her wisdom in print.

  66. Very interesting read.
    Good to see common sense being applied with understanding and a practical approach to a difficult subject.

  67. I found this book to be immensely readable and utterly engrossing.

  68. A fascinating insight into the process of psychotherapy and into intimacy written by a master – whether you are someone thinking of using therapy or counselling or whether you are interested in intimate relationships and their issues – this is the book for you.

  69. An excellent approach to the complexities of working with couples by a very knowledgable therapist. Juliet also offers very good context and glimpses on how to apply the brilliant Pesso-Boyden system psychomotor with couples and intimacy issues.

  70. Every now and then I start reading a book and I feel something profound shifting within me. This book does that for me. I feel a healing taking place on many levels and very quickly. Juliet’s style of writing and the way the case studies are laid out are particularly accessible and easy to understand. An important book which I’m already recommending to others.

  71. An excellent book, easy to read at the same time as addressing complex relational issues. One of the best books I have read relating to couples work – full of insight and wisdom.

  72. A book that I keep going back to, each time I find something new that takes me deeper.
    Helps me personally and professionally .

  73. A very interesting and useful book, especially for therapists

  74. I have the upmost respect for this woman and all the work that she does. Thank you Juliet!

  75. Thank you for sharing, Juliet. I enjoy listening to your talks and look forward to reading your book.

  76. Beautifully written and inspiring book, offering suggestions for all therapists working with the challenging therapeutic work with couples.

  77. A lot to learn both about couple therapy and about Pesso Boyden Psychomotor therapy. Food for mind and heart. Highly recommend!

  78. Brilliant book. Exhilerating. Well written. Easy to absorb. Loved it.

  79. Combines wisdom with humanity. A very special book

  80. Utterly insightful and a route to change and help people

  81. I really enjoyed reading this book, Juliet has done such an excellent job of providing useful information in an interesting and accessible format. I highly recommend it.

  82. I strongly recommend this book both for therapists and laypeople. It is packed with wisdom and experience, well-illustrated with very human case studies, particularly regarding the amazing Pesso Boyden process; at the same time, it is as riveting to read as an amazing novel.

  83. Wonderful book!

  84. An inspiring and thought-provoking book, particularly useful for counsellors and Psychotherapists working with couples

  85. This is a wonderfully informative book and a book which supports the therapist in what can be a challenging area of their work. Juliet writes with experience, knowledge, expertise and humour and her integrative engagement with her clients, where they are always valued and respected is an inspiration.

  86. This book provides practitioners as well as laypeople with a new approach for addressing a still unresolved issue. Thank you!

  87. Great book great person great therapist -says it all.

  88. Juliet, you really are AMAZING!
    Where do you find the time to coach, teach, learn, write…and more

  89. A book to help counsellors and their clients with superb insight to the problems and their solutions

  90. It’s wonderful that Juliet Grayson has at last offered her wisdom and experience on this difficult topic to a wider audience in this insightful book.

  91. Juliet shows in an accessible way how Pesso Boyden psychotherapy is used to help clients become more fully who they really are.

  92. Helpful, knowledgeable book for clients and therapist.

    Brilliant introduction to Pesso Boyden therapy and an insight to couples work.

  93. beautifully written, I felt I was there in the room. I would recommend this book to any therapist working with individuals or couples

  94. excellent reading I would highly recommend to anyone working in the field of psychotherapy

  95. Great book

  96. Great book – an interesting read and a valuable resource for all therapists

  97. `Wonderful person; would be a worthy winner

  98. A thought provoking book

  99. Good luck Juliet.

  100. very interesting read and thought provoking, most enjoyable and knowledgeable book, very worthy winner.
    Good Juliet.

  101. A really great insight into relationship therapy at its best

  102. Buy it!

  103. A really useful resource for anyone interested in improving their relationships.

  104. Great use of stories – with hard facts behind them. An engrossing read.

  105. Great idea, well done and executed!

  106. I have just downloaded this book on my kindle. As a fellow therapist I have found this to be interesting and informative.
    A realist look into the world of the Therapist.

  107. Top Author 🙂

  108. Juliet’s writing is respectful, warm and accessible; her understanding and insight are clear in this excellent book.

  109. I love this book and have read it again and again. I believe it has helped me enormously in my work with patients. Thank you Juliet and I hope you win!

  110. Brilliant book by a wonderful woman! 🙂

  111. Great and deep book to bring you another perspective of teraphy work.

  112. This book literally changed my life. It has saved my life. This book introduced me to a kind of therapy that I had never heard about called Pesso Boyden System of Psychotherapy – PBSP. Through this method -PBSP- I have largely healed my childhood sexual abuse. Severely abused and traumatised from the age of 7, I felt unsafe on a daily basis. I had had over 17 years of conventional talking therapy. But all that standard therapy did, even though I had a very good therapist, was help me to cope with having been abused. Then I read this book. I felt hopeful for the first time, and after almost 40 years of misery and suffering, I started PBSP therapy. Now I have found an inner peace that I didn’t know was possible. My suicidal thoughts have diminished and pretty much gone. Before reading this book I had almost reached the end of my tether and given up. I wanted to die. Now I have changed. I am back at work for the first time for years. I am proud to contribute to society again. My hope has been re-awakened. I feel so much safer in the world. My anxiety has calmed. I am off my anti-depressant medication, and have been for a year. I recommend this body based therapy to anyone who is fed up with coping with a damaged or dysfunctional childhood, and who seeks a deeper healing. PBSP offers that deeper healing, and Landscapes of the Heart beautifully describes how it works and what to expect. This is a really important book and I am so glad that I read it.

  113. Reading this at the moment. A very engaging read and would recommend.

  114. Insightful, wise and a great read.

  115. I have read some of the comments here and agree. This was a kind of life changing book for me too, though in a very different way. I have anger issues. And these have meant that I hurt those I loved. I recognised myself and my behaviours in a couple of the vignettettes that Grayson used. It could have been me she wrote about, though in fact I have never met her. I am trying to use her 5 pointed star model, and it has helped my current relationship. I am calmer and not over invested. After reading her book I went back to my last partner and apologised. We cried together – the first time I had cried in 10 years. They were healing tears and I was forgiven by her. I didn’t think that would have been possible. I feel grateful and humbled. Thank you. This book deserves to be on the shortlist. It deserves to win.

  116. Juliet is a skilled therapist, and this shines through in her book. The text offers hope and is brimful with compassion and imaginative ways of working with couples. It achieves a delightful synthesis between the playful and the profound.

  117. Her model of five star conscious relating, check, complose, clarify, commit, and consider, has really helped my relationship. We were on the point of separating when we met this book. Brilliant. Easy to read. Informative. Helpful. Thank you

  118. I came across this book after meeting Juliet and hearing a lecture about the Pesso Boyden System of Psychotherapy. This is a deeply profound method, of body based psychotherapy, that truly changes people. She describes it beautifully in this book, clear and articulate. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in change, personal development and healing childhood deficits. She has helped me and given me a profound understanding of myself.

  119. I have never seen anyone writ about the magical marriage before. How we can become more connected to a parent than we are to our partner. This has explained so much for me and my husband. Deeply healing. thank you

  120. As I fellow therapist I admire Juliets work, she is a gifted therapist who has helped me on my therapeutic journey enourmously.

  121. An excellent book and an impressive body of work. A valuable resource for therapists.

  122. Juliet is a source of great insight and encouragement as a therapist and the book is great reading

  123. This therapy book has made such an amazing impact on me. As a ‘pleaser’ I recognised myself in these pages, gained insight into my character, and clues that have helped me to make deep and significant changes. I am deeply grateful to have read this book. I heartily recommend it

  124. Deeply moving, profoundly helpful, changed the way I see relationships. The best book I have read in several years. This would be a worthy winner and if I was allowed I would vote again and again and again and again and again….

  125. Enjoyable and enlightening. It’s a book I found I wanted to read again!

  126. I find this book inspirational, I have read it several times, unusual for me as I normally do not reach the end of a book of this nature, so helpful and insightful. Thank you so much.

  127. OMG! Slightly horrified to recognise some really unhealthy patterns in myself. Well written. Clear. Revealing. Insightful. I learnt a lot about myself. BUT she gave we ways that I could make changes, and uncovered choices that I hadn’t been aware of before. So I finished the book with more awareness and more hope. Well worth reading. At least twice! I ended up feeling appreciative of this book and loving to the people that I live with. I have bought 10 copies to give to friends and family.

  128. After 30 years as a couples and individual psychotherapist, I enjoyed this book as a Bussman‘s holiday and found myself from time to time saying to myself: “ Now that’s something I would have liked to add to my toolbox“. This would have been one of the books I would have added to my list of books to be recommended to my clients.

  129. As an iapt accredited couplestherapist I found this an inspirational read that took me down unexpected and unexplored avenues, often shedding light in darkened corners. Very enjoyable and written by a dear dear lady who has been an inspiration in my own journey of which I a deeply grateful. With deep affection and gratitude- Amanda Ridyard (Bolton)

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