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Odd Socks


Odd Socks is a family adventure story that brings to life those things that we wear on our feet – socks!
Mr Foot is the most evil, nastiest and richest man in the world, who happens to have a monopoly on the sock industry. He treats his family, his factory workers and his community terribly – nothing stands in his way of making money!

Author's Bio

Odd Socks is my first novel and I’m very proud of it. I’ve always loved writing and generally being creative. During my life I’ve written lots of songs, poetry and short stories and was singer/front-man in a band called Cinemawave.
I’m originally from Hartlepool and moved to London when I was 18 years old. I now live in Hertfordshire with my beautiful wife and son and daughter.
I’m very grateful to the team at Blossom Spring Publishing for showing faith in me and publishing my first book – I hope you enjoy Odd Socks!


This is a cracking read. The characters are well written and I especially liked flip and flop. The story is action packed. Great fun.

Really loved this book. My grandson and I read it together and we enjoyed the adventures of all the different garments working together as a team to save the world from the nasty Mr Foot. I would recommend this book to all grandparents out there who enjoy reading with their grandchildren.

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  1. What a great read. Not only fun for kids but keeps adults interested too

  2. Great book, so very entertaining. You will never look at clothes in the same way again!

  3. Love this book, really fun!

  4. Great read for the kids, really sparks the imagination!

  5. A proper family adventure story – action-packed and bursting with unique characters!

  6. A classic in the making!

  7. My children loved this book, hoping the author writes some more!

  8. Can’t wait for Odd Socks 2.

  9. Fantastic read , very good fun for my two boys

  10. Absolutely fantastic book, would have loved it when I was six and loved it and I’m 30!

  11. Great read. I cannot wait for my nephew to be old enough to read it!

  12. Well done our Robert , I’ve been writing one for years a boy’s thing , might send you a copy of what I’ve done , need a professional comment young man .
    Hope you and the family are well
    Uncle Doug

  13. Fun to read and the kids keep going back to it!!

  14. A great debut work…fun, original and wonderful characters.

  15. Fabulous read from beginning to end, fun and emagination takes over, even 5be adult mind, just brilliant to read.

  16. A fun read which I enjoyed, but more importantly my youngest son loved it as well. After all that is what is important when it comes to writing children’s stories.

    We both look forward to more books by Robert

  17. This is not only a fun read for kids but very thought provoking too. I really enjoyed it as much as the children!

  18. He always comes up with ideas and this one will be a smash it well done to a inspirational man πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  19. What a fantastic read – we loved it and so did the kids. Highly entertaining and will keep you engrossed from beginning to end. Bring on Odd Socks part deux!

  20. Great fun,can’t wait for Odd Socks 2.

  21. My children really enjoyed this book

  22. A great story for all ages!

  23. Amazing book by an Amazing author Well Done Robert on all your success xxx

  24. Great read – roll on the time when Nancy is old enough to read it!

  25. A great read..we are ‘re reading as it was so good. My gr Grandaughter loves it.

  26. Lovely book

  27. A wonderful book that really captures your imagination.
    A book that both children and adults can enjoy.
    Well done a wonderful achievement

  28. A lovely book in all ways.

  29. Love this book x

  30. This is a great read. As a retired teacher I go into school to listen to children read. With a small group of children age 9 who are struggling with their reading this book was a
    God send , they loved it and it encouraged them to write a story about a family of another piece of clothing. Thank you , looking forward to the next book.

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