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The Brondesbury Tapestry


Six women and one man gather in a rundown community centre in North London for a life writing class run by Dorothy, their uniquely unqualified teacher.
A perceptive look at a group of people who feel the world has left them behind, but who have decided that they will still have the last word.

Authors Biography

Helen Harris is the prize-winning author of five novels and many short stories, published in a wide range of magazines and anthologies. She teaches creative writing at Birkbeck College, University of London.


Left on the Shelf
‘Essentially, this is about how we view ourselves and others and the persona that we each present to the world. I absolutely loved this book and encourage you to discover this delightful novel for yourself. ‘

Nudge Book: ‘… intriguing, quirky and thought provoking. The stories the characters tell serve to illustrate that there is really no such thing as an “ordinary” life…’

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  1. A wonderful book of woven stories with plenty of intrigue…

  2. Tapestry indeed – a rich and very clever tapestry, with vibrant characters alternating and then interweaving, in surprising and touching ways.

  3. A personal novel with delicious characters. Reminds me of my writing group.

  4. A great cast of characters choreographed by an accomplished writer. I enjoyed it on several levels.

  5. A clever book and an enjoyable read.

  6. I loved this book. The author has a grasp of ‘ordinary’ human beings that transforms them into special human beings. I lived along with the group, and the ups and downs of the characters. There is humour, pathos and intrigue – it’s surely a book to re read.

  7. I really enjoyed this new book by Helen Harris

  8. I very much enjoyed this latest book by Helen Harris.

  9. Comes across as so authentic – engaging and very enjoyable.

  10. Funny, honest and tender. I very much enjoyed Helen’s latest book. She has a great talent of observation.

  11. Felt I recognised the characters and loved spending time with t hem

  12. A wonderful cast of characters. It made me want to join a life story writing group.

  13. I couldn’t put this book down.

  14. Like all of Helen Harris’ books I’ve read, the tone is one of acerbic sympathy: quite rare and very fine

  15. As always from this author, enchanting, amusing and moving in equal measures.

  16. Psychologically intriguing and well observed situations and characters

  17. Draws you into the compelling life stories of what would otherwise seem like everyday, ordinary people. Like all of Helen Harris’ characters, these are people you want to know better because they make you pause and reflect on your own life.

  18. A wonderfully rich view behind the curtains of the life of ordinary people. Things aren’t always what they seem. Unputdownable.

  19. A wonderful read – engaging, funny and touching in equal measure.

  20. Great characters, funny, moving, thought-provoking – I really enjoyed this book.

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