The Tyre
By C. J. Dubois & E. C. Huntley
Published By

Thistle Publishing

ISBN 9781786080646
Fiction Genre Other
Publication Date 05/18/2018
Price 7.99
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Barely managing to scrape a living gathering wood from the side of a busy road, Ranji accepts his lot uncomplainingly. His only concern is to feed his family and keep them safe in their hut beneath the banyan tree. But when a huge new tyre falls from a passing truck, Ranji realises this could change his life forever.

Authors Biography

C. J. Dubois is the author of a number of award-winning short stories, as well as his first novel, Lignes de terre, which was published in 2011. He also writes non-fiction and in 2013, his biography Clot Bey, Médecin de Marseille, was awarded the Prix Félix de Beaujour by the Academy of Marseille.
His co-author E.C Huntley has spent most of her career in sales management in educational publishing. The Tyre is their first collaboration.


“Captivating and enchanting! I loved this book. The story is presented as a fable, an imaginative tale with a moral. It’s like Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories, with the same power of observation and imagination. As you read the book, you will enjoy the lovely phrases, the richly -crafted characters, and the culture of India. You will be rooting for Ranji and his family. The ending is delightful and may surprise you. I look forward to reading more from the authors!”
Jena Henry (Reviewer)

“Truly exceptional, one of the most emotionally impacting books I have read in a long time… A heartfelt tale of hope, perseverance, resolution and determination… This book is an emotionally packed and intense read on all fronts, a truly liberating book on poverty and the way one chooses to embrace opportunities that are presented… a beautiful well-written book.”
Cherry-Ann London (Reviewer)

“This book teaches us a lot of lessons, as it is an emotionally read… just beautiful.”
Cherie Homan (Reviewer)

“The Tyre is one of those extremely evocative stories that deal with the multiple and diverse elements at play in the rigid caste system in India. It is also a story of a family’s good luck and misfortune, how hopes are created and dashed, how survival is a struggle, and the ambition to save enough to buy a second-hand bike is a dream. A dream not for leisure but to work harder. A special book that looks at life’s struggles for an “untouchable” family and how they strive to overcome discrimination and prejudices to create the best quality of life they can.”
Peter Donnelly (Reviewer)

“This is a beautiful, evocative book exploring relationships and the caste system in India. Ranji is one of the ‘untouchables’ who, along with his wife and family, lives hand to mouth. One day he finds a tyre which becomes the setting for the examinations of his marriage to Meena and his life. There are richly described characters and settings. Delightful.”
For the Love of Books

“The Tyre is a compelling read. I was captivated with Ranji’s story from page one, and it was fascinating to see the ups and downs he and his family faced, all from the discovery of a tyre on the wayside. The book offers an interesting look at what is important for happiness, and how sometimes things that seem like blessings can have far-reaching consequences.”
Nicki J Markus

“I enjoyed being immersed in a world so vastly different from my own, living with these characters who are content with so little while deserving so much more. The novel is more than a look at another culture, it is a mirror in which we can reflect on our own values, hopes and dreams, leaving us to wonder at the strange serendipity that sometimes alters our lives in unimaginable ways.”
The Literate Quilter

“Hope, disappointment and acceptance of karma – it’s all there in this little story of an Indian family. You’ll feel with them, you’ll wonder how everything is a sign and connected with the various gods, how little things can change a life and how full of dignity life with literally nothing can be.”
Barbara Tsipouras (Reviewer)

“Ranji ekes out a subsistence living gathering wood from the roadside to support his wife and children. They are Dalits, untouchables, and in spite of new equality legislation, they are still outcasts. But then one day Ranji’s hardscrabble existence looks set to change – a brand new tyre falls from a truck and he manages to hide it away. This is an excellent novel, at one and the same time realistic but also a fable about expectations and dreams.”
Mandy Jenkinson (Reviewer)

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  1. Just wonderful to get so much interest from this story.

  2. Delighted that our novel The Tyre has been nominated for this award!

  3. I loved this book – so glad it is being recognised!

  4. it’s an excellent book . I loved it very much. You must be the winner

  5. This book teaches a lot of lessons it’s amazing the emotion along pages . I hope it must be the winner

  6. This story is fascinations.
    I appréciâted.D

  7. Passed this on to my son who also enjoyed it. The subject was so original and we were rooting for the characters all the way through.

  8. Months since I read this beautiful book and still the story and characters have stayed with me.

  9. A wonderful story for 8 to 70 years old readers.

  10. Dreamlike story and full of poertry.I like.

  11. Dreamlike story and full of poetry. i like

  12. Dreamlike story and full of poetry. I like

  13. congratulations,
    beautiful story

  14. Congratulations and good luck!

  15. Lovely book. Bon chance!

  16. A wonderful and life-affirming read. I can’t recommend the Tyre too highly!

  17. An insight into the processes of human aspiration. This book would be a worthy winner.

  18. A really powerful lesson for life a great nomination candidate.zoebta@

  19. A compelling read – good luck!

  20. Such a charming read – a real tonic

  21. Beautifully written book. A good insight of the straggle
    and poverty of one family.
    Characters stay with you long after you put the book down.

    Good luck.

  22. Very captivating ,well written tale, pleasant to read.
    Recommanded for the whole family

  23. Top book, I recommend everyone to read it!

  24. Superbe!

  25. Excellent, a must read!

  26. Couldn’t stop reading

  27. A Story full of humanity with very appealing characters

  28. Congratulations for this beautifull story.

  29. Great, congratulations

  30. “THE TYRE” dont j’ai eu l’occasion de lire et d’annoter le manuscrit (cela n’a pas été toujours facile) est à la fois un récit très intime, très humble (dear Ranji et un roman passionnant dont les accents ne doivent leur véracité qu’à la connaissance personnelle et au vécu de leur auteur. Vous le lirez en une nuit ou en plusieurs, mais jamais vous ne pourrez vous en détacher tant sa lecture (j’allais dire l’écriture, mais en fait oui, c’est l’écriture que l’on lit), donc tant son écriture est fluide, sans aucun mot qui n’est son sens. Les personnages, criant de sincérité. The author, Christian Jean Dubois, alias Cri-Cri, is definitely a GOOD WRITER. J’envie ses nouveaux lecteurs!

  31. One of my favorites- poignant, compelling, immensely well-written. A book that entertains and resonates. Highly recommend.

  32. Excellent!

  33. An evocative tale set in that most evocative of countries – India. Good luck!

  34. Christan Dubois is a great story teller

  35. What a wonderful novel novel.

  36. It’s a great story. I enjoyed reading greatly.

  37. La lecture de ce livre est un réel plaisir
    Il procure une grande émotion et témoigne de beaucoup de sensibilité

  38. A subtle commentary on Modern India which is as much fable as story, and characters with whom you empathise and can imagine talking to they are so vivid.

  39. Plein d.emotions se dégagent dans la lecture. Les mots traduisent bien la volonté de réussir l.objectif malgré les embûches sur le parcours.

  40. Truly an original story told that evokes many emotions. Well worth a read.

  41. A wonderful book of ambition and hope that deserves this prize. Best of luck and I hope your ambition is rewarded.

  42. The tyre is a fascinating story that keeps you excited so to go on….
    You start the book and cannot stop reading….fabulous personnages that reflects deep India.
    This book should get réal recognition .

  43. Plein de pudeur, tendre, bien écrit , passionnant de bout en bout.
    JC Dubois un écrivain qui monte !!

  44. Ce livre m’a procuré beaucoup de plaisir , beaucoup d’émotion .
    Très agréable à lire , personnages attachants.

  45. Description réaliste et émouvante. Bravo.
    A le fois suspense, sentiments, joies et persévérance.
    Nous en redemandons .
    A quand le prochain ouvrage

  46. Great story, love to know what happens to the children and makes me apricate the affluence and comfort of life in the western world .

  47. Beautifully written moving story.

  48. Insightful and good to read. Beautifully well written.

  49. C’est un livre qui , immédiatement , suscite des images réalistes . On vit la dure vie quotidienne de cette famille si attachante.
    Quelle persévérance , quel combat quotidien …

    Un livre qui se laisse dévorer … Un bon scénario pour une transposition en Film

  50. It is a wonderfull journey in the deep humility

  51. Ce récit realiste et précis nous a ramene a nos souvenirs de voyageurs : Indes et autres pays . Bravo .

  52. A very good book for a large range of people.

  53. I am 14 year ,excellent book and really easy to read ! I recomend it !

  54. An exciting story, a tale, a lesson of life. The author, Christian Jean DUBOIS, is once again recognized as a talented narrator and writer

  55. Great story!!

  56. livre très intéressant.A recommander.

  57. Excellent livre.

  58. le Le charme d’une histoire émouvante dans un environnement exotique qui fait rêver parfois mais décrit aussi une réalité que l’on ne doit pas oublier , une très belle histoire

  59. Un livre agréable à lire, une histoire bien ficelée dans un paysage décrit avec précision sans fioriture, une fin inattendue, tout ce qu’il faut pour aller jusqu’au bout avec délectation. Un grand bravo.

  60. très bon livre, moins naïf que l’on pourrait penser, qui fait découvrir l’Inde avec une histoire charmante

  61. Excellent story, amazing aventure, love this book

  62. Très bon livre prenant et instructif

  63. Great Story!

  64. Belle histoire. J’ai beaucoup aimé. Bravo

  65. This tyre will make you travelling and discovering mysterious India. A lire.

  66. Wonderful trip in an incredible and captivating story .! 👍

  67. To read like Tintin from 7 to 77years ..and it sur very good

  68. Vision très réaliste de l’Inde.

  69. Great book, captiving and inspiring! Could be easly moved to movie in line with “Lion” from Garth Davis.

  70. Great book.

  71. très bon livre qui permet de voyager

  72. Un livre merveilleux qui m’a transporté en Inde. Cette histoire m’a beaucoup aimé

  73. Correction
    Cette histoire j’ai beaucoup aimé

  74. Un roman passionnant et émouvant où l’on découvre et partage la vie d’un intouchable en ayant la sensation d’être physiquement près de lui pour l’accompagner et comprendre ce qu’il ressent.

  75. Ce livre vous fait découvrir un pays avec des coutumes différentes et la vie très particulière des “intouchables”.
    L’intérêt du lecteur est vif et maintenu tout au long de l’ouvrage.
    On ne peut que recommander sa lecture.
    Ch.Dubois est un auteur talentueux qui a également écrit d’autres ouvrages variés où l’on peut apprécier ses différents talents.

  76. Very touching story. Will.never forget it.

  77. Enjoyable read – felt very authentic

  78. Great book. Congratulations and good luck!

  79. The Tyre is beautifully written. It drew me into its Indian world with tenderness and care. I found it constantly engaging and enlightening and was one of those books that I was sorry to leave off when it finished.

  80. What a read! Spellbinding and real in the same breath; a story that carries the reader along with its unfolding. A great book club read as well.

  81. A beautifully descriptive novel that is easy to read but powerful at the same time. Really transports to reader to India and I’ll always hold a connection with the characters in this book

  82. Captivating read, brings you down to earth quickly

  83. This book is a winner! One of my favorites- so beautiful and haunting

  84. Seems like a true story, a lesson for life

  85. Remarkably touching and unusual. Another mode of life most of us have only a clicheed knowledge of that the novel gives concrete, positive substance to.

  86. An awesome read! Loved it!

  87. An absolute joy to read. Fascinating insight into another culture with fully developed characters that cannot help but root for.

  88. very, very pleasant from the beginning

  89. I like it very much
    This story

  90. I like it

  91. Rigth

  92. This is a captivating story written with great sensitivity. There is a dream like quality to the novel which gives it a very special flavour. The in- depth study of the relationship between the main characters as well as the detailed description of their surroundings add an unexpected dimension to this lovely moral tale.

  93. Interesting and different. A wonderful journey!

  94. Highly recommended book with a very captivating and touching story.

  95. So far away from our culture and so comforting on human nature
    We are expecting for the following infranchissable please !

  96. Very nice story. You deserve to win !

  97. Inspired and inspiring book

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