By Clare Osborne
Published By

The King's England Press

ISBN 978 1 909548 55 8
Children's Genre Fiction
Publication Date 06/01/2016
Price 8.99
Binding Paperback
Paperback Hyperlink http://www.kingsengland.com/widurok-c2x20900121


George and Millie are staying with their Grandad in Wybrook while their parents are out of the country. On the night of the midsummer solstice, George sets out on an unauthorised quest to try and recover his Grandad’s pocket-watch, which he had carelessly lost earlier in the day. And disappears, without trace. When George goes missing, it is left to his sister alone to work out what has happened to him. She uncovers hidden secrets, hinting at something more unbelievable than she could ever have imagined, as she and her brother are plunged into a world of mystery, myths and peril, in an enigmatic thriller by a writer with a new, unique voice.

Author's Bio

Clare Osborne was born and raised in the Essex countryside. She now runs her own ski chalet in Slovakia as well as being a Teaching Assistant in an Essex primary school. If she’s not getting lost in the wilderness she can be found glued to her laptop, tapping away her next work of fiction. Her debut novel, Widurok, is a time-travel story set in Essex across two very different eras: the present day and the age of the Anglo-Saxons.

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  1. Excellent read mixing past and present. Educational for younger readers introducing them to Anglo Saxon Britain and the environment in which people existed.
    Highly entertaining from start to finish with well researched information and accompanying bibliography to support and further inform the reader.
    Bring on the next instalment of the can’t put down read!

  2. Lovely book, really well written and an enjoyable read.

  3. A really exciting historic adventure set in Anglo Saxon Britain and modern England. The characters are well written and believable; I cared what happened to them. The book was also loved by my 11 year old son who says “it is a thrilling and exciting story with lots of twists and turns!”

  4. This is the best book I’ve ever read!

  5. Really enjoyable and fast paced

  6. Good Luck

  7. Wonderful read would highly recommended

  8. A very enjoyable read
    With a agood insite to English history

  9. This book is amazing we’ll written fun and gripping a great read More like this one please..!!

  10. It’s the most amazing story full great information, you can put it down because you can’t wait to read what happens next.

  11. Such an exciting read – a well thought out story with colour and atmosphere, layered with a wonderful mixed tapestry of historical and the modern day – woven into one.
    Highly recommended.
    More please …

  12. Fantastic book. Really enjoyable read.

  13. I really enjoyed reading Widurok and can’t wait for the next one!

  14. I absolutely loved reading Widurok from start to finish!

  15. This was a great read with some original ideas! Taking you on an imaginative journey through time with good historical background and some believable characters.

  16. Loved the mix of historical fact with fiction. Both my 7 and 9 year olds enjoyed reading and being read to. A lot of background research must have been done in the writing of this wonderful tale.
    Well done and good luck.

  17. Written with a voice that truely makes you feel you are there.
    Great mix of history and fiction.
    It made me want to study history as it brought to life the past in a way I never thought possible

  18. A great read for people of all ages.

  19. A real page turner- highly recommended

  20. A brilliant read. If you love a story of time travel and Anglo-Saxon England then this is your book! Can’t wait for the next one!

  21. This is a fantastic book about a great variety of history and fantasy. Very creative and very enjoyable. Keep up the great work C. R. Osborne.

  22. Worderful book, my children really enjoyed reading it.

  23. Fantastic novel, very enjoyable!

  24. Most amazing story, great for all ages

  25. I really enjoyed reading Widurok and highly recommend it to all ages. Looking forward to the next book!

  26. I brought this book on a ski trip and really enjoyed reading it on the journey home. Lovely story with well thought out plot.

  27. Great novel, a very enjoyable read!

  28. Couldn’t put this book down! Really easy to follow and enjoyable 🙂 got it from clare on my snowboarding trip read all the way home couldn’t get enough of it

  29. A wonderful book for adults and children

  30. I’m about to start reading this and I’m very excited it’s a book prize finalist!

  31. This book is a deserved book prize finalist! A great read

  32. A great book and a prize finalist!

  33. A very enjoyable read and a real page turner.

  34. Reading Widurok really taught me a lot about the county I live in and was a fascinating read.

  35. Very clever plot with lots of exciting twists and turns.

  36. Good luck!

  37. Excellent read.

  38. Excellent historical book for children and adults alike

  39. Riveting read start to finish

  40. Has to be a finalist.

  41. Learnt so much from this book. Bring on the next one.

  42. Cracking read

  43. Kids and I loved this book

  44. Both kids and I really enjoyed this book, great stuff.

  45. Really enjoyed this book, well written, informative and educational.

  46. Fascinating and well woven yarn

  47. Excellent read for all the family. The author mixes past and present very cleverly and keeps the tempo high. Strongly recommended.

  48. Superb historical read

  49. Can’t put this one down once you start.

  50. Brilliant mix of historical and modern, highly entertaining and educational.

  51. This is one not to put down. Transfixing read

  52. Recommend this to all the family, children and adults alike, what a good read.

  53. Thrilling read, really enjoyable for all.

  54. Great read for children and adults. Fast flowing, educational mix of old England and the present.

  55. Great read, one that you don’t want to put down. Highly recommended for all.

  56. Great stuff. Great read.

  57. Very good read

  58. Gripping read from start to finish, really enjoyable.

  59. Brilliantly gripping read

  60. Great book, next one please!

  61. What a read!

  62. I loved this book: amazing characters, interesting plot and involves some of Brittains most shrouded history

  63. This book has really stayed with me since I read it. I particularly enjoyed the feel of post-Roman Britain so cleverly conjured in the characters’ travels.

  64. Amazing book! Felt like I was living in the book

  65. Amazing read!

  66. Lovely book, enjoyed reading both myself and to kids at bedtime

  67. Great read. Quick the whole way through.

  68. my sort of reading……enjoyed reading it even if it is for a younger demergraphic. Would recommend it to others

  69. Really great book with twists and turns!

  70. Great idea to explore the Anglo-Saxon era in a time travel story.

  71. Amazing read! Would recommend to anyone

  72. Top read, couldn’t put it down

  73. .

  74. Interesting, the first page catches the readers attention

  75. Sounds fun and interesting. I would love to see the comment from the bio, ” a time-travel story set in Essex across two very different eras: the present day and the age of the Anglo-Saxons” in the synopsis itself. I think that adds a lot of intrigue!

  76. Good luck!

  77. Great weave of past and present, a time travelling revelation

  78. I’ve read the synopsis and I’d live to read the book. It’s the sort of book I enjoy!

  79. What a refreshing book for all ages, would highly recommend to all.

  80. My daughter can’t wait to read the next one, good luck!

  81. Thoroughly enjoyable read and will pass onto my teenage son to enjoy now!

  82. I shall be sending a copy to my grandsons in Austria, I know they will enjoy it so much.

  83. Children need fantasy.

  84. An excellent read.

  85. lovely book it’s for all age people not only for teens will prefer to everyone….well done…

  86. I really enjoyed reading this and so did the kids.

  87. OK, So I was loitering too long in the shops. Why are Kids book so more enticing than the adult ones.

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