A ROLL OF THE DICE: a story of loss, love and genetics.
By Mona Dash
Published By

Linen Press

ISBN 978-1-9996046-6-0
Non-Fiction Genre Health
Publication Date 04/19/2019
Price 9.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.linen-press.com/shop/a-roll-of-the-dice/
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.linen-press.com/shop/a-roll-of-the-dice/


Baby, you hold on, and I will hold on.
Mona Dash’s first child is born with SCID. And so begins her ten year roller-coaster journey which takes her from India to London. Mona Dash writes her story of genetics roulette without self-pity, with astounding courage and even humour.

Authors Biography

Mona Dash is the author of Untamed Heart, Dawn- Drops, A Certain Way, and A Roll of the Dice: a story of loss, love and genetics. She has been listed in the Bath, Bristol, Fish, Leicester Writes, Asian Writer and the SI Leeds literary awards’18. She lives in London.


“A profoundly moving and uplifting book about the triumphant survival of life against all odds. It’ll go straight into your heart. Read it and be changed.”
– Neel Mukherjee

“A writer of rare bravery, putting forward a manifesto against the tropes and delighting in subverting expectations.”
– Roopa Farooki

“A deeply affecting book, touching and beautifully rendered. A powerful read from an exciting new voice.”
– Irenosen Okojie

“Powerful, moving, beautifully observed and wonderfully sensitive. It mines the depths and heights of human love. Mona Dash is a powerful, important and fearlessly honest new voice – capable of looking the deepest suffering and the greatest joy full in the face.”
– Bidisha

“A beautiful depiction of heartbreak and resilience. This memoir will open your eyes whilst filling them with tears.”
– Mahsuda Snaith

‘A Roll of the Dice is a book that resonates with sadness and joy.’
– Ghada Ibrahim, Jaggery Lit

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  1. Very much heart touching and first of it’s kind.

  2. I love anything that Mona writes.

  3. Superb

  4. Very touching, have seen her going through this tough phase

  5. Very touching and beaurifully written. A journey worth reading

  6. This is a book like no other in this genre. It is an emotional and scientific roller coaster.

    This is not to be missed . Just go ahead and read it..

  7. The best

  8. Excellent writing

  9. Wonderful tale of a woman’s journey towards achieving the divine joy of womanhood

  10. Beautifully written; Life is what you make of it.

  11. Very touching, have seen her going through this tough phase

  12. So brave of you, Mona, to share your heart out.

  13. Touching …

  14. Excellently narrated and articulated, the journey of a woman! A real heart touching fact based book, must read for all!!!

  15. A heart wrenching account of love and loss while meandering through the medical systems of two countries on two different continents. The personal details of how life is treated by different doctors and the anguish of making personal decisions with the knowledge that the life being brought forth may be saddled with formidable challenges. Ms Dash holds your attention throughout this intimately personal account of her formidable knowledge of a disease that most of us only superficially had heard about through the ‘bubble boy’.

  16. I could not stop reading the book once I started it,it is so gripping ,it makes one to be shifted to a strange world of science and mysticism,of love , will power and trust on some supreme power..One is sad and joyous simultaneously..It is a unique memoir which seems more than a fiction.

  17. Embrace life’s storms. They’re a part of your journey too …

    — a true testimony —

  18. Very well-written story. One can feel for the author for her immense loss and for her courage to write it in a book.

  19. Mona’s real life experience, well thought out, very well articulated. The writing also puts, if women has the will, she can do it.

  20. Very touching story. Speaks volume about author’s grit and courage.

  21. It takes a lot of courage to open to the world about one’s life and tragic happenings.. amazingly captured the nuances & very well written!! Kudos to Mona!!

  22. Very very moving & touching!!

  23. A heat touching book written honestly, beautifully. Hope, courage and never give up are the essence of this book.

  24. Mona is a writer with a soul. Have the privilege of knowing her for 25 years now. Wishing her the best !

  25. Very good

  26. Very well written, wishing you all the best!!

  27. Very good

  28. Excellent book with a nice flow, very heart touching and a good message to society.

  29. A lovely read that leaves you introspection.

  30. Very good flow and a strong message to society.
    An excellent book

  31. Heart touching Beautiful depiction of emtions

  32. Very good

  33. Very moving, heart touching with a strong message to society.
    An excellent boom

  34. Nice one with strong message.

  35. Excellent Book

  36. A must read! Loved the book…cover to cover; a roller coaster ride though tears and joy, death and life! And yes, it has a very strong message as well.

  37. This is absolutely niche writing..don’t miss it guys

  38. Deeply moving.

  39. keep me hooked on. great work

  40. Amazing journey one of grit determination and love.

  41. Having seen you during some part of your journey…I will say..you are one “helluva woman”..admire your courage and strength. Your book will inspire millions around you and give hope to families dealing with similar issues.

  42. Excellent narration and a great composition

  43. Good master piece

  44. Only a mother can understand the pain and agony of a child and to put the thoughts and emotions in a paper requires super power and courage. Mona has shown the world how to face such situations. Good luck and God bless!

  45. Nice

  46. Excellent book

  47. Excellent book

  48. Excellent work

  49. Great work indeed

  50. Well written

  51. Touched me. Makes an impact.

  52. Heart touching real story

  53. Ok

  54. Excellent work

  55. Excellent work, coming straight from the heart.

  56. Hope u will give us more n more to read

  57. Great work.

  58. Very heart touching story. I like the book .

  59. A good read..

  60. Really a heart touching story

  61. Moving

  62. An inspiring and gripping account of the writers own lifetale of courage and grit ,love and loss, all rendered with an unique style of humor and rebelliousness which will effectively nudge the reader not to give up anything worth fighting for, all the way, till complete victory!

  63. Mona is prolific writer who writes with heart and addresses issues with calm ,cool and confident angle.She has presented a masterpiece and must read to book lovers .well done Mona

  64. Poignant and powerful

  65. Nice narration, sharing deep feelings

  66. Very Good

  67. Excellent presentation

  68. Great writer.

  69. Very good

  70. Heartrending story told beautifully – an important book

  71. Excellently written. Straight from the heart.

  72. The extraordinary presentation keeps the reader dragging deep inside.

  73. Great book. Love reading this book.

  74. Impressive 👍

  75. Very meaningful & realistic narration indeed, congrats

  76. Good book

  77. Very heart touching.

  78. Wow!!! A great example

  79. Heart touching story. Beautifully written with full raw emotions.

  80. Nicely ezpressed the emotions * feelings.

  81. Awesome book

  82. A brilliant writer. Unforgettable.

  83. Straight from the heart

  84. I love this book

  85. Excellent book!

  86. Heart touching and honest.. loved reading it.. every word and emotion penned down has shown the sheer grit and determination of an indomitable mother.. worth a read for all those who have loved, lost and bounced back with hope again!!

  87. Nice feeling to read a book written by a childhood friend!

  88. Impressive Book

  89. Candid expression of a journey of emotion steered by fate, courage and science

  90. Good book to read.

  91. A journey of a mother

  92. Good book to read.

  93. Great book to read

  94. A superb creation and a must read. Grt work

  95. Classic!

  96. Good book to read.

  97. It’s not a book but a journey of motherhood with the child who she loves the most.

  98. It is not a book but a real journey n feeling of a mother in day to day life with her child

  99. Amazing.

  100. Based real challenges of life.
    Superb. Keep it up

  101. A life story of a mother’s grit and determination, so beautifully, sensitively and yes, very courageously presented. Through her memoir, the writer, Mona Dash recollects the toughest part of her life journey as a woman with a simple wish – to have a child of her own. This wish becomes an ordeal as she desperately tries to keep her first born alive and fights with destiny to bring the second one to life. The amazing narration, imagery and detailing with some surprising traces of humour make it all the more absorbing. The characters almost come to life as the narrative progresses with Mona looking right into your eyes and telling her story. Well, almost. You even feel the emotional undercurrents and the oscillation of hope and despair, just like ‘a roll of the dice’, very bravely encountered in a journey spanning ten long years and two continents. This book is difficult to put down but Mona makes her sensitive reader pause….to grieve, to hold on, to absorb the momentary hopefulness before it changes into despair, to have faith and hope again, to rejoice and to feel grateful, as she goes on with her fearless and determined fight with SCID, a potential fatal primary immunodeficiency both her children are born with. Mona writes her touching story without a hint of self-pity and with complete honesty. She bares her soul. She makes you feel the book. Needless to say, you tend to look up to the sky with gratitude as she celebrates her triumph at the end….and life goes on with a million colours.

  102. I love this book. Even though I knew the outcome of Mona’s story before I started reading, I was still gripped with suspense until the very last page. Mona manages to make a heart wrenching experience ultimately uplifting and joyful. Thank you!

  103. Love the book. good job.

  104. Very Nice. all the best

  105. Good job

  106. Amazing scintillating heartwarming tale of grit ,determination , self belief opus of a fight against destiny …and traversing a journey of insatiable conviction of parents against the dreaded disease of SCID. A tale of divine reality which grows on u ..!

  107. All the best

  108. The inner turmoil aptly described

  109. Thank you Mona for sharing this story,beautifully written and something that many needs to know.

  110. A superb creation and a must read. Great work

  111. Mona Dash never ever disappoints

  112. Absolutely superb. Sure to be a bestseller.

  113. excellent work .Well narrated.

  114. excellent courage shown in narration.

  115. A very heart touching gripping story by an author who has such a grasp on the putting into words intricacies and shades of emotions

  116. honest & well narrated

  117. When a brave mother walks the talk, even her soft footsteps inscribe words of steel.

  118. Very touching :))

  119. Excellent !!! Very touchy …

  120. Nice work…..heart touching story

  121. Though I knew the author as a good poet of scenic beauty, she surprised me with her tragic story of life’s uncertainty and her fight to continue a life.

  122. This book takes you through a rollercoaster journey of hope, prayers, courage, tears and inner strength. Miracles are within us, if we believe in ourselves. I loved the book.

  123. Superb

  124. Excellent work…

  125. Once in a while you pick up a book and you can’t put it down because you worry that not reading through to conclusion might change the outcome of the story somehow and you know upfront how you want it to end! And even though this is a story of much heartache and tears , the prevalent feeling is that of hope and gratitude and faith. You find yourself invested in all the characters and crying, praying and rejoicing with them. It was certainly what I did as I read through Monas memoirs.

    Mona paints a picture for the reader-the apartment block in Calcutta, the hospital in Vellore, the ward at GOSH, I was with her on the journey all the way. It was as if a friend was filling me on the years of her life I hadn’t been part of.

    I wish Mona and Krish the very best and may Miracles continue to happen.

  126. A heartfelt beautiful book. Very well written.

  127. Heart touching book with deep emotions and compassion.

  128. There’s no bigger tragedy than losing a child. Mona found succour from this devastating event by pouring her heart out into this memoir. Very brave. I wish her all the best.

  129. Best wishes always

  130. I’m amazed at your strength – thank you for sharing this story with us.

  131. What ever woman must read.

  132. An outstanding book. Poignant. Heart-moving. Reality delineated with exquisite literary crafting skill.

  133. Very touching and poignant, great writing style. I really liked this book

  134. Mona Das is the best..i invited her t read her poems n BJB colg..she read wth her mother, wth elan.i had seen her write t moon and bck right frm her schooldys.wsh her luck..as i write poems only n #twitter and #FB..Mona u grt..

  135. Roll of the dice is written from the heart and so well it deserves to win the prize!
    It’s a story’s of courage, life, heartbreak and hope…it’s got it ALL!

  136. Keep up the good work 👏👏

  137. Inspirational!

  138. A best creative work…

  139. Very touchy and well articulated . Journey of the impossible . Awesome

  140. An excellent depiction of motherhood

  141. A must read for everyone in the current situation where we need hope, courage and compassion…

  142. Worth a read . Highly recommend

  143. I love her writing style!

  144. A powerful testimony of grit, determination, faith in God & mother’s protective care, unconditional love and her relentless fight to over come challenges by the minute, it gives a different perspective on how to handle and overcome the worst hurdle. Very well articulated and a must read for all.

  145. Great story.

  146. She portrays the facts so beautifully… A phenomenal author.

  147. Best wishes Mona!! 👍

  148. Well written. Moving and touches your heart. A must read.

  149. Best wishes Mona!

  150. Brilliant

  151. Such an emotional and compelling read. To think that a human being can call on such strength to face an unthinkable situation and come through it. I couldn’t put the book down. Completely inspiring.

  152. Very well written and touching story.

  153. Osm read..

  154. I too am a mother of a XSCID child . No two journeys are the same but the emotional turmoil , pain , disbelief and thankfulness prevail .

  155. Literary masterpiece!

  156. Well written!

  157. Good Book.

  158. Best wishes always for my talented friend !!!

  159. Nice. Impressive book

  160. Heart touching!

  161. Inspiring!

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