By Nigel Womack illustrated by Ursula Hurst
Published By

Poems and Pictures Ltd

Children's Genre 5-8 yrs (23 Illustrations)
Publication Date 09/27/2019
Price 8.99
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In special trees in Pawland
Nests of bees are born
In woolly stripy jumpers
All nicely uniformed
Ordered and unvaried
Every bee the same…
But one bee called Bea
Born differently
Found difference has no shame

Authors Biography

Nigel Womack comes from a generation of hairdressers in Blackburn, Lancashire, owning his own salon for twenty years. His creative expression knows no bounds. He is also a writer and poet. His entrepreneurial skills and commitment to following his passion have brought him success and respect.
Nigel is well known in his community for his colourful and extravagant behaviour with appearances on ‘Come Dine With Me’ and ‘May The Best House Win’
A Peoples Book Prize Finalist 2019 with The Angry Giant, Illustrated by the talented Ursula Hurst

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  1. Fantastic children’s book

  2. ❤️

  3. Great story for all ages

  4. Another great book Nigel

  5. Brilliant love Bea the book 🐝

  6. Not so flippin bad!

  7. Beautiful book about such an important topic. Good luck both of you

  8. I’ve read this book in preparation to giving it my granddaughter for Christmas it is brilliant with a great moral , that it’s ok to be different

  9. A very important message which is beautifully illustrated- Well done both of you 🐝

  10. Great book Nigel and Ursula!

  11. Simply fabulous!

  12. A wonderful follow up to Nigel’s previous book. As the chairman of the Dyslexia association I have been able to use his book with a group of dyslexic children who have been motivated and take great pleasure in Nigel’s stories.

  13. Absolutely love this book my little girl loved it ❤️

  14. Another fabulous book.

  15. Fabulous illustrations matching a fabulous story.

  16. Lovely story and beautiful illustrations

  17. Fantastic read!!

  18. Brilliant!!!

  19. My children love this, she’s so cute.

  20. Bees are so important. This is a great way to get children talking about them.

  21. This book will be so useful in class for diversity. Good luck both of you.

  22. What a beautifully illustrated book with an important message for all – ‘It’s OK to be different’.
    It’s the sort of book you can spend so much time with. The detailed illustrations are a joy and the interesting subject of wonderful bees. Well done!

  23. This book is a beautiful story. It is inspirational. It allows anyone who feels different that we are all the same on the inside.
    Well done Nigel Womack

  24. Brilliant

  25. i hope to see more books!

  26. my grandchildren loved reading this book

  27. I love the message. My class will love it x

  28. Deserves to win! Fab book.

  29. This book is so beautifully illustrated. I love the detail and Bea – the main character,
    is so cute.
    Who doesn’t love bees – a fabulous story about how everyone is important no matter what we look like.

  30. Wishing Bea the best of luck in the awards and hope Nigel and Ursula get the well deserved recognition for their work

  31. Good luck 😊👍

  32. A beautiful book, amazing illustrations and a brilliant message

  33. beautiful book, children loved listening and seeing the amazing pictures

  34. Excellent illustration, well done nigel

  35. Such a special book, children loved it

  36. amazing book, great for little people

  37. Fantastic book

  38. outstanding as always in all you do nigel. fab book

  39. brilliant book

  40. lovley book

  41. Brilliant! Good luck.

  42. So much fun with gorgeous illustrations.

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