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Corvid's Lament
By Abigail Weekes-Lowe
Published By

Michael Terence Publishing

ISBN 9781973217824
Fiction Genre Romance, Thriller/Crime/Mystery, Fantasy
Publication Date 11/09/2017
Price 7.99
Paperback Hyperlink http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1973217821
Ebook Hyperlink http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077BFQ7RS


Connie’s life turns upside down after an altercation with the landlord. Life events seem to conspire against Connie to deny her of the perfect life she craves so badly. It seems to Connie that everyone around her has achieved a perfect life, everyone except her. Is it her fate or is it the folklore and evil magic of the island that is preventing her from achieving the perfect life .
An old man with a crooked smile appears to help Connie when she is least expecting it. But who and what is he, does he really exist and has he really helped or hindered her further?
Connie must battle tragedy and loss to try to grip onto her very fragile sense of reality. Will Connie realise before it’s too late that the perfect life she craves is unattainable and that the best she can hope for is a few perfect days in a lifetime of imperfection… just like the rest of humanity.

Authors Biography

Abigail Weekes-Lowe is of Trinidadian heritage. She was born in London, England. As a teenager she lived in Trinidad W.I. for five years and attended St Joseph’s Catholic Convent in Port of Spain. She lives in London . Abigail has been a practicing Solicitor since 1991 and has been an Associate Mental Health Act Hospital Manager since 1998. She is in a book reading group.
Both the characters and events in the book are fictional, albeit some elements are based on real life events e.g. her father and her family dog both died in the way described in this book


http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/reviews/folklore-and-black-magic/5065036.article-Solicitor Abigail Weekes-Lowe has written a parable debunking the myth of a perfect life





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