Good Girls
By Amanda Brookfield
Published By

Boldwood Books

ISBN 978-1-83889-313-2
Fiction Genre Other
Publication Date 10/08/2019
Price 12.99
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Everyone that meets Kat Keating is mesmerised. Beautiful, smart and charming, she is everything a good girl should be.

Her sister Eleanor, on the other hand, knows she can’t compete with Kat. On the awkward side of tall, clever enough to be bullied, and full of the responsibilities only an older sibling can understand, Eleanor grows up knowing she’s not a good girl.

This is the story of the Keating sisters – through a childhood fraught with secrets, adolescent rivalries, and on into adulthood with all its complexities and misunderstandings. Until a terrible truth brings the sisters crashing together and finally Eleanor begins to uncover just how good Kat really was.

Authors Biography

Amanda Brookfield is the bestselling author of 15 novels including Relative Love and Before I Knew You, and a memoir, For the Love of a Dog starring her Golden Doodle Mabel. She lives in London and has just finished a year as a Visiting Fellow at University College Oxford.


‘Unputdownable. Perceptive. Poignant. I loved it.’ bestselling author Patricia Scanlan on Before I Knew You

‘If Joanna Trollope is the queen of the Aga Saga, then Amanda Brookfield must be a strong contender for princess.’ Oxford Times

‘No one gets to the heart of human relationships quite so perceptively as Brookfield.’ The Mirror

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  1. Another great book. Well done Amanda.

  2. Fantastic Amanda- your people perception is second to none and your writing first class.

  3. Loved it.

  4. Fabulous book. Perceptive warming and heartbreaking

  5. Amanda is such a intelligent, perceptive and talented writer – ‘Good Girls’ is one of her best.

  6. Having read all of Amanda’s books I think this is by far the best.

  7. Wonderful book

  8. Brilliant!

  9. This book just grew and grew on me until I could not put it down. Brilliant!

  10. Incredible

  11. Definitely Amanda’s best book to date. It would make a great film!

  12. Beautifully written, deeply perceptive about the complexities and ultimate beauty of sibling relationships.
    A wonderful novel.

  13. An eye opener to an only child

  14. Brilliantly written

  15. As always the characters are so well realised. A poignant , heartfelt story about family relationships. I couldn’t put it down….

  16. I’ve followed Amanda’s writing career for a number of years, and always marvel at her understanding of human relationships. ‘Good Girls’ is another superb display of her considerable gifts.

  17. A wonderful read and never wanted the book to end.

  18. So cleverly and beautifully written that you don’t at first notice the underlying darkness. Definitely a great read.

  19. Loved this book, wanted to see how it ended but didn’t want it to finish, a real page turner as always.

  20. Amanda draws you into the story from the first page. Her portrayal of family relationships is so poignant and well observed.

  21. Great book. Deserves to win.

  22. Amanda’s a brilliant writer who understands exactly how families work.

  23. I am totally one-sided, I admit, I have and will read any and all the books of Amanda. And, obviously, I do put her well in front of Joanna Trollope….

  24. So happy I have discovered this excellent writer.

  25. Amanda proves as good as ever at describing some of the minutiae and intricacies of life in a way that instantly resonates. The usual strong observations of families, human relationships and love are combined with some interesting propositions about the internet’s potential for deception.

  26. Brilliantly written and such a good story.

  27. Wonderful book which grabs you from the start and doesn’t let go!

  28. Fabulous tight narration , glorious family plot, unexpected twists and believable characters .

  29. I have loved this book. Amanda’s observation and description of human characteristics, emotions and feelings is always perceptive. Her books get better and better.

  30. One of my favourite writers with her best book to date.

  31. Warming and heart wrenching.

  32. A wonderful book – brilliantly well written.

  33. A sensitive and completely absorbing novel in which big truths are deftly hidden behind ordinary detail.

  34. Great writer, makes me learn a lot and enjoy every story!! This one in particular regarding the relationship between sisters, something I experience everyday of my life!

  35. Great read!

  36. As my son, Charlie, says a wonderful book and brilliantly well written. It just grew and grew on me and in the end could NOT put it down. Mary Graham.

  37. Amazing book – beautifully written – such a great read!

  38. Loved, loved this book, a real page turner, need to know how it ends but don’t want it to finish, all the complexities of families & flawed human relationships. Totally lose yourself in the story !

  39. another great book

  40. another great book

  41. Wonderful book, beautifully written. A real page turner. Amanda’s best yet !

  42. I loved the writing and got lost in the plot lone. Magical book, definitely recommend!

  43. Love this book!

  44. Have just finished this book and loved it. The characters are so well drawn you feel you know them. Highly recommended.

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