How Our Economy Really Works
Subtitle A Radical Reappraisal
By Brian Hodgkinson
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ISBN 9780856835292
Non-Fiction Genre Other
Publication Date 07/04/2019
Price 9.95
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Much of the argument about major issues, like industrial policy, the distribution of wealth and income and government policy reverts to a polarised struggle between labour and capital. The third factor, land, hides in the background unacknowledged yet exerting a major influence on the outcome of the whole economic process.

Authors Biography

Brian Hodgkinson qualified as a chartered accountant, then won a scholarship to Oxford where he took a first in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He has taught both Philosophy and Economics. As the founder editor of British Economy Survey, he kept in touch with applied economics and questions of public policy.

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  1. An important subject beautifully covered by the author.

  2. Useful summary though coverage and theoretical approach is somewhat dated

  3. It is the principle that is important here. A must read.

  4. Highly recommended. A brilliant book.

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