How to Grow A Grown Up
Subtitle Prepare your teen for the real world
By Dr Dominique Thompson and Fabienne Vailes
Published By

Vermilion, an imprint of Penguin Random House

ISBN 9781785042782
Non-Fiction Genre Self-Help/How-To
Publication Date 10/03/2019
Price 12.99
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A practical guide by UK experts to help parents prepare their teen or young adult to thrive in the ‘real’ world. Addressing issues including cyber bullying, ‘always-on’ culture and mental health, this book will help parents to support their children so they grow into strong, happy and independent adults.

Authors Biography

Dr Dominique Thompson is the UK’s top expert on student mental health, working with schools and universities setting up wellbeing programmes. Fabienne Vailes is an educational expert who coaches teachers and students of all levels and is currently undertaking a major research study into student mental health.

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  1. A much needed book on this subject.

  2. Highly recommended. Spread the word.

  3. A really practical book that can help all of us support our children better.

  4. A very timely and important book.

  5. Whether raising or teaching children this book is a must have.

  6. A book parents and educators have been waiting for.

  7. As a parent and a teacher, I couldn’t be more impressed with the wisdom of this brilliant book.

  8. Lots of sensible advice here, which will help parents become more confident and effective in supporting their teens.

  9. As the Mum of two teens, this book is a great resource of advice and thinking points. Highly recommended.

  10. Big help for parents and

  11. It has never been easy to be a teenager. I hope this book helps me to find the best way to support my children.

  12. Very readable. Incisive and helpful.

  13. Great advice for us parents who definitely don’t know it all !😀

  14. Fantastic book for anybody who works or lives with young people!

  15. Dominique is an inspiration, both in the written word and especially live presenting. Massively recommend this book as Is a complete eye opener

  16. A fabulous book that every parent should read!

  17. Every parent’s go-to for explanation and practical guidance.

  18. Timely guidance for parents and indeed all those working with young persons. Highly recommend!

  19. An excellent resource for parents/ guardians and those who work with and support teenagers and young people as they prepare for adulthood.

  20. A much needed book in this field.

  21. Really helpful resource for parents – easy to read, straightforward, practical advice.

  22. Looking forward to reading this. It comes highly recommended from a good friend in England.

  23. Lots of practical tips, good for anyone who aspires to be better at parenting.

  24. An important read.

  25. I have worked with Dominique in student support and completely uphold this important book. Needed now more than ever.
    Geraldine Taylor

  26. This is required reading for parents of kids demanding lifts along bus routes!

  27. Insightful, practical and clear. This is not s medical book, it’s an indispensable guide for all parents. Really importantly it isn’t patronising or condescending but rather proper researched and evidenced trends and ideas.


  28. Very helpful for parents with teens and young people.
    It’s a must have book, with professional explanation and guidance.
    Highly recommend!

  29. A good book for parents with young teens.

  30. Great resource for parents and educators

  31. Really helpful level of detail and practical focus. Great to have this all in one place. Strongly recommend.

  32. I’m half way through and have learned so much about myself and my family/friends. My son turns 13 in a couple of weeks and I feel ready for anything the coming years bring.

  33. A great book from an author with so much insight into what matters in life. Not just for parents but all educators.

  34. As a secondary school teacher, sixth form tutor and parent to two teenagers, I found this book incredibly insightful and helpful. It would be useful for anyone with an 11 to 25 year old! The parent pointers are clear and concise, and so easy to dip into. The book doesn’t preach, it just guides, backed up by the latest evidence.

  35. Required reading for anyone with kids! A go to source of advice that every parent needs.

  36. A FANTASTIC resource!!

  37. A great read and useful resource for parents of teenagers. Fabienne is truly knowledgeable in her field. Thank you for your positivity in getting through these years!

  38. I found this book an easy to read & comprehensive source of information on teenager life today. It has been useful with my own teenagers as well as in my professional role as a Paediatric Nurse.

  39. Practical, relatable and an incredible resource as I navigate life as stepmother to two teenagers.

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