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Leaves in a Holocaust Wind


The Holocaust, the final solution for Jews, is infamous in history but this is the story of another community that suffered in the Holocaust: The Gypsies. Told by Demeter Fox and Zuzzi, the story outlines their journey to freedom in the German-occupied territory of Slovakia.

Authors Biography

Robert Dawson became interested in Gypsies at an early age. Evicted from education at the age of 14, he became a journalist, a crime and police specialist and a headteacher. Since then he has written full time and is an acknowledged authority on British Romanies.


“Leaves” ought to be a best-seller in the same way as “The Pianist” and “Schindler’s list”. – John F Sutcliffe – Retired Medical Physicist

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  1. Gripping. A must have read.

  2. Make sure you read this with a box of tissues nearby! Robert Dawson highlights the historical plight of the Romany community during the holocaust through a highly emotional and gripping read. If anyone deserves to win an award for an important work of fiction, it is Robert Dawson!

  3. This is a harrowing story of the horrors experienced during this dark time, well worth a read.

  4. This is one of the best books I have read about holocaust I deserves to win

  5. A book all young people should read to give them some idea of what the Roma people suffered and some survived during the holocaust years of mid 20th century, and to give them better understanding of what it must have been like for two Roma teenagers trying to escape…. a book not just to read and enjoy but to dwell on the message the story portrays…

  6. This book is well written and a compelling read – highly recommended. As with all good historical fiction the major events within this gripping tale are based on fact. The author’s deep knowledge of the Roma, along with extant records of the dreadful events perpetrated by the Nazis, make this an informative book.

    Virtually everyone is aware of the horrendous extermination, by the Nazis, of millions of Jews, but many people are unaware that over a million European Roma people met the same cruel and appalling fate. Through the testimony of two young gypsies who survived the best efforts of the Third Reich to annihilate their race, we are drawn into the drama of their escape and ultimate survival.

  7. Essential and moving reading, by a lyrical, genuine and passionate author. An invaluable gem

  8. An excellent and important book which could help change public consciousness

  9. Excellent achievement publicising a huge injustice to the Romani people which continues to this day with murders in several Eastern European countries and prejudice elsewhere.

  10. This subject is so neglected that it is deeply gratifying that you have published a book about it that will both enthrall and educate.

  11. This is an important history of the Nazi Holocaust that should be known and hitherto has been neglected.

  12. The book is really worth reading, so much information about the Romani people and their struggle to survive. I’m happy to recommend ´Leaves in a Holocaust Wind, good for all ages.

  13. I couldn´t put this book down ,well written and a need to recognize how badly the Romani were

    treated ,this book deserves to win

  14. Having worked with the Roma in Bulgaria, this is a subject close to my heart. We need to all we can to highlight the inequality experienced by Roma communities. This book serves as a timely reminder!

  15. The story of the Roma holocaust must be kept alive – genocide is still with us – we dare not assume this could not happen again.

  16. A little disturbing in places but brings home the full horror of the story of Rom in Bulgaria. Well worth a read and Bob is very skilled how he writes his stories. Hopefully more books to come from this talented author.

  17. What an eye opener! It made me ashamed at my lack of knowledge of how the Roma were treated in WW2. The book is so sensitively written and deserves to be made into a film

  18. This is a brilliant book and should be in schools. There is a lack of knowledge about the Roma Holocaust and therefore it is much needed, this is a book that deserves to win

  19. Absorbing, heart-breaking and gripping from start to finish. The author manages to weave together an incredibly powerful narrative, skilfully drawn from factual events and specialist knowledge of the Romani people.

  20. A gripping narrative and must read for all age groups, highlighting the injustices and plight of the Romani people throughout Nazi occupied Europe. Hopefully, the first of many books by author Robert Dawson, raising awareness of a relatively unknown and overlooked crime of unimaginable cruelty and suffering.

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