Leaves in a Holocaust Wind


The Holocaust, the final solution for Jews, is infamous in history but this is the story of another community that suffered in the Holocaust: The Gypsies. Told by Demeter Fox and Zuzzi, the story outlines their journey to freedom in the German-occupied territory of Slovakia.

Authors Biography

Robert Dawson became interested in Gypsies at an early age. Evicted from education at the age of 14, he became a journalist, a crime and police specialist and a headteacher. Since then he has written full time and is an acknowledged authority on British Romanies.


“Leaves” ought to be a best-seller in the same way as “The Pianist” and “Schindler’s list”. – John F Sutcliffe – Retired Medical Physicist

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  1. Gripping. A must have read.

  2. Make sure you read this with a box of tissues nearby! Robert Dawson highlights the historical plight of the Romany community during the holocaust through a highly emotional and gripping read. If anyone deserves to win an award for an important work of fiction, it is Robert Dawson!

  3. This is a harrowing story of the horrors experienced during this dark time, well worth a read.

  4. This is one of the best books I have read about holocaust I deserves to win

  5. A book all young people should read to give them some idea of what the Roma people suffered and some survived during the holocaust years of mid 20th century, and to give them better understanding of what it must have been like for two Roma teenagers trying to escape…. a book not just to read and enjoy but to dwell on the message the story portrays…

  6. This book is well written and a compelling read – highly recommended. As with all good historical fiction the major events within this gripping tale are based on fact. The author’s deep knowledge of the Roma, along with extant records of the dreadful events perpetrated by the Nazis, make this an informative book.

    Virtually everyone is aware of the horrendous extermination, by the Nazis, of millions of Jews, but many people are unaware that over a million European Roma people met the same cruel and appalling fate. Through the testimony of two young gypsies who survived the best efforts of the Third Reich to annihilate their race, we are drawn into the drama of their escape and ultimate survival.

  7. Essential and moving reading, by a lyrical, genuine and passionate author. An invaluable gem

  8. An excellent and important book which could help change public consciousness

  9. Excellent achievement publicising a huge injustice to the Romani people which continues to this day with murders in several Eastern European countries and prejudice elsewhere.

  10. This subject is so neglected that it is deeply gratifying that you have published a book about it that will both enthrall and educate.

  11. This is an important history of the Nazi Holocaust that should be known and hitherto has been neglected.

  12. The book is really worth reading, so much information about the Romani people and their struggle to survive. I’m happy to recommend ´Leaves in a Holocaust Wind, good for all ages.

  13. I couldn´t put this book down ,well written and a need to recognize how badly the Romani were

    treated ,this book deserves to win

  14. Having worked with the Roma in Bulgaria, this is a subject close to my heart. We need to all we can to highlight the inequality experienced by Roma communities. This book serves as a timely reminder!

  15. The story of the Roma holocaust must be kept alive – genocide is still with us – we dare not assume this could not happen again.

  16. A little disturbing in places but brings home the full horror of the story of Rom in Bulgaria. Well worth a read and Bob is very skilled how he writes his stories. Hopefully more books to come from this talented author.

  17. What an eye opener! It made me ashamed at my lack of knowledge of how the Roma were treated in WW2. The book is so sensitively written and deserves to be made into a film

  18. This is a brilliant book and should be in schools. There is a lack of knowledge about the Roma Holocaust and therefore it is much needed, this is a book that deserves to win

  19. Absorbing, heart-breaking and gripping from start to finish. The author manages to weave together an incredibly powerful narrative, skilfully drawn from factual events and specialist knowledge of the Romani people.

  20. A gripping narrative and must read for all age groups, highlighting the injustices and plight of the Romani people throughout Nazi occupied Europe. Hopefully, the first of many books by author Robert Dawson, raising awareness of a relatively unknown and overlooked crime of unimaginable cruelty and suffering.

  21. A must read, with a forgotten message related to the Roma Holocaust, very important for today!

  22. The author’s vast knowledge of Romanies makes this book a compelling read, and highlights a largely untold story of the Second World War.

  23. The remarkable untold story of persecution of a minority that continues today. An excellent read, recommended reading for all.

  24. This story reminds us that we must not exclude or air brush out, from past and present, those groups such as gypsies, roma etc, but learn about them and show compassion by word and action to all people.

  25. Robert Dawson has fully researched the subject of the many almost forgotten Roma people who were victims of The Holocaust.

    He has written a book that is open to all to understand & empathize. A very unusual book. More people should know the truth.

  26. Powerful and harrowing, written with great sensitivity. A hidden truth of atrocities inflicted upon the innocent and a sobering truth which should be hidden no more.

  27. Robert Dawson has written the book that needed to be written about the Roma people and the holocaust, a compelling and heart wrenching read. This book should be in all schools.

  28. This is one of the most important book I ever reed. The Roma people and their history must not be forgotten.

  29. Haveing read the book, I found it well written and informative describing a terrible segment of our history which should be published.

  30. This book is important for everyone to read. It is very well written and the time flew away while reading it. As we human beings have so hard to learn from history I think this book is very interesting and touching.

  31. Highly recommended because of the ignored sufferings and prejudices etc so many years

  32. This is a very important book which should receive a wide circulation so many people know what happened in the past. Knowing the past should in this case improve the future so the same thing doesn’t happen again

  33. Amazing, this book should be on the National Curriculum in all schools. It really is a fantastic read. I can’t recommend this enough. Thank you for writing this book Mr Dawson

  34. Heart breaking book. Wonderfully written. About time that the truth came out. Thinking of all my kin who suffered in the atrocities. I think it’s important for people to realise that it wasn’t just Jewish people who suffered. May this NEVER happen again

  35. Why didn’t I know about this before ? I think this book needs to be read in schools. It is written in such a way that I think teenagers would really identify with the main characters.

  36. So pleased I’ve been educated about the Roma people and their history. Very well written, a fantastic read.

  37. another fine book from Bob Dawson, he has worked tirelessly to uncover the injustices suffered by Roma,Gypsy and Traveller people.

  38. a massively important contribution to a part of history far too unrecognised. and a fantastic read to boot. Vital.

  39. absolutely brilliant.

  40. A must read by someone who clearly understands. Very informative and needs to be shared.

  41. An exceptional read throughout, very moving, heartwrenching a big box of tissues are required. Thank you Bob for this excellent book.

  42. Thank you Bob , at long last the truth about our people’s suffering in the holocaust

  43. This book tells a story which has long needed to be recognised. It is well written and shows the authors passion for the plight of Roma people

  44. Not only did I gain more knowledge about the unspoken atrocities against Roma in WW2; but an insight into a little known about race of people. Thanks Robert for weaving the facts & fiction together so sensitively.

  45. Long overdue. Well-researched and much-needed in an age when these events are too easily forgotten. Well done, Bob!

  46. As a Rom I found Bob Dawsons book about the shocking treatment of Roma during WW2 Welcome as its away past time our people were remembered and acknowledged as a ethnic People who suffered and still do for being Born Romani/Gypsys . B Lovell.

  47. Excellent, well researched book which should be in every school library. Highly recommended but do keep a box of tissues to hand.

  48. A beautifully written account of a little known story. It will break your heart and enlighten you at the same time.

  49. I thoroughly recommend this book. It needs to be in every school library, as it shows the dreadful and heart-breaking way that Romani people were treated during WWII, but is written in a clear way, which makes for easy reading. The echoes of this book will haunt the reader for quite some time after finishing it. Romani people are usually neglected in histories of WWII. I learnt a great deal from this book and was very happy to get a signed copy from the author.

  50. A must read! This book is an education and highly recommended.

  51. Fantastic book, very well written, and full of emotions… You are going to need a kitchen roll for this one, as I am afraid a tissue box won’t be enough. A true dedication to all those who suffer in WWII, Jewish and none Jewish.

  52. Such a special book

  53. Robert Dawson has written a moving and absorbing tale of an often overlooked aspect of the Holocaust: the fate of countless Romany people. An important and insightful work.

  54. A very gripping story. Was all the more pertinent for me knowing a survivor from Auswitch.

    Told passionately, and shared out of concern for and respect of those many Romany peaople who suffered under the Nazi regime. I COULD NOT PUT IT AND THE SECOND TIME OF REASDING DID SO IN ONE GO1

  55. In view of today’s climate in the world , this book should be promoted vigorously along all other literature about holocaust .

  56. I immersed in this story. The rapport between the characters is deep. I came away from my read with an even better understanding of the terror felt by everyone who’s paths are crossed by the cruel and the evil. Seeing war through childrens’ eyes should be required reading.

  57. I have read so much about other victims of the Holocaust, but not until now had I come across one that concentrated on the Romani tragedy. Knowing an Auschwitz survivor makes this all the more poignant. Why has this book not received the publicity it surely should?
    It is a ‘must read’ in today’s torrid political climate. I will be ensuring copies are available for my grandchildren, when they are old enough to read them.

  58. Very harrowing and emotion but a must read

  59. Eloquent, moving and vitally important, this book is a must read that will open your eyes to some of the stories less told when it comes to the horrors of the Holocaust. Robert’s work is so very deserving of this prize and reocgnition!

  60. A book about often forgotten victims of the holocaust. It should be read widely by all ages.

  61. Excellent read

  62. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read, hands down!! I will be shocked if it doesn’t win!

  63. A chilling reminder that we should never forget

  64. Loved this book! A must read.

  65. Reaches deep inside the soul and begs humanity to read. It settles but never goes away, and this is a reminder that there is an element whichh must never get control again, yet it rears its ugly head and sneers at the innocents, and then goes off and tells itself that it is superior! . This is a must read, it invites the reader to journey with the young ones who are struggling to understand man’s inhumanity to man and I cannot place this work of the Roma struggle, on any higher a platform than the author has done.

  66. This needs to read.. the lives of Roma people need to be heard

  67. Such a fantastic read!

  68. An amazing read about the sufferings of world war II

  69. A well written absorbing read.

  70. Seems like an amazing book, would love to read it.🔥
    P.S: Added to wishlist.

  71. An amazing page-turner. The story of incredibly portrayed the sufferings of Roman people under the Nazi regime.

  72. A read for the ages!

    Best book I have ever seen in my entire life…

  73. Very interesting read.

  74. very interesting read

  75. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read, Raise my hat!.

  76. This book should be on the KS2 National Curriculum in all Primary schools and a key text in Years 7 and 8. Superbly written, Robert Dawson pulls together a compelling story which keeps the reader hooked from the first to last page. It appeals to so many different readers and on multiple levels.

    My only question is WHY HASN’T ALREADY WON AN AWARD ???? One of the most engaging, thought provoking, visual, heartbreaking books I’ve ever read. Thank you for writing this book Mr. Dawson

  77. Excellent work of fiction that could easily be non-fiction. Another contribution to the painfully-slow general awareness of the Romani genocide during the Nazi regime.

  78. A gripping and well written essential history of the fate of the Romani people under the Nazi holocaust.

  79. An excellent book, written by a very knowledgable and very compassionate author.

  80. Wow! Highly recommended.

  81. This book tells a Holocaust story not much known of. The far right influences are becoming worrying

    stronger in the modern world. This is a book young people should read & be helped to understand.

    In fact it should be reading for all.

  82. Lest we forget. The young generation should be made aware of this story. Hopefully it may make some children think twice about bullying another human being. There is hope.

  83. A very important book which illuminate ms a little known genocide. Well written, superbly informed by the author’s precise and detailed knowledge. A must read deserving of being on many reading lists.

  84. An outstanding read once again from Bob Dawson. Highly insightful and empathetic and well worthy of being a winner.

  85. Well done Bob. Has a gipsy myself I passionately believe that this story and story’s like this need to be told.

  86. It is an adventurous tale of two children’ seascape from the Nazis in WWII, and a raw portrayal of the treatment of the Gypsies.

  87. Mr Dawson, I Have To Say I am Very Impressed With The Latest Literature Work You Have Wrote, The Story Is A Work Of Art, Perfect Illustration, A Book I Can’t Seem To Put Down, Mr Dawson Will They Be A Sequel To Story ?

  88. I feel it is very important to record the suffering and extermination of thousands of Roma, during the Holocaust…. Bravo to Robert Dawson for writing the book, Leaves in a Holocaust Wind. Based on personal accounts of Romani survivors, this work pays homage to the Romani communities who were dealt with so cruely during the second world war holocaust, and whose stories and lives have in the main, been ignored and excluded from most historical accounts. The book deserves to be widely distributed in schools, libraries, and university historical studies curricula. Most people are ignorant of Hitlers attempts to exterminate the Romani communities, Robert Dawson redresses that balance.

  89. Gripping and emotionally charged book…thank you Robert Dawson!!

  90. Thank you, Mr Dawson. Beautifully written, vivid and anguished. Compulsive reading!

  91. Well written, and a story that needs to be told.

  92. A deeply engrossing story of the atrocities that touch innocents.

  93. I came across Bob quite by chance making an eBay purchase from him, Ive ended up ordering this and other items and can’t wait to read it very soon, I am sure it is superb. Thank you so much for the help and advice you have given me towards my own families stories and very best wishes for your future …… Good Luck with your nomination

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