Monkey King's Revenge
By Oliver Eade
Published By

Delancey Press Ltd.

ISBN 9781807205163
Children's Genre 7-12 years
Publication Date 01/09/2011
Price 7.99
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In this much-awaited sequel to bestseller ‘Moon Rabbit’, Steve finds himself back in Ancient China, on a terrifying quest to rescue Maisie from the clutches of the evil Monkey King and the curse of the Jade Snake. Continuing the work of ‘Moon Rabbit’, ‘Monkey King’s Revenge’ tackles themes of friendship and diversity. It tells a fantastic tale at once dark and humorous, combining English cultures with Chinese mythology.

Authors Biography

The author, Oliver Eade is a writer of short stories, novels and drama. He lives in Scotland and regularly visits his wife’s relatives in China. ‘Moon Rabbit’, November 2009, is his bestselling debut children’s novel. The illustrator, Alma Dowle has been an art teacher in schools over many years and is an experienced children’s illustrator.


‘A magical and many-layered, thought-provoking tale, told with a quirky humour and gentle humanity, that will delight children and adults alike.’ Barbara Mellor, best-selling writer and translator ‘Gentle adventure which should appeal to primary aged boys and girls, begins with a situation unfortunately familiar to many children – racial bullying. Oliver handles all themes with dexterity and understanding and has produced a memorable tale…’ Parenting Without Tears Price

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  1. With China so much in vogue nowadays this is a great book to read and gift.

  2. Vibrant illustrations and a super story.

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