One Step Ahead of Osteoarthritis
Subtitle stay flexible and keep moving
By Frances Ive
Published By

Hammersmith Books Limited

ISBN 9781781611647
Non-Fiction Genre Health
Publication Date 01/11/2019
Price 14.99
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Your doctor may prescribe drugs or surgery for osteoarthritis, but what can YOU do? Frances Ive has kept moving and being flexible for eight years since diagnosis with the different approaches in this book – diet, exercise, complementary therapies and much more. Don’t give in!

Authors Biography

Frances Ive has been a health journalist for over 20 years, with well over 100 articles published in national newspapers and consumer women’s and health magazines. She runs the website and follows the evidence-based findings for good health that her research brings her and she works to share

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  1. And don’t give up. Read this book!

  2. Useful information and a great read.

  3. All the information sufferers of osteoarthritis need to self-help and manage the condition.

  4. Excellent, informative book about a very painful condition. The bit on acupuncture was especially helpful

  5. The book covers such a lot of ground, there’s something for everyone to learn and put into practice.

  6. excellent informative book

  7. Very clear and informative , positive but realistic

  8. It helped me and hope it will to many others.

  9. Great read and very helpful.

  10. Clear and Informative. A great guide to self help.

  11. Tried most but will try this!

  12. Will try even this voodoo!

  13. Clear, helpful advice which gives hope for a very painful condition.

  14. Clear, well researched and informative. A must read for those suffering from osteo arthritis

  15. Really helpful advice and easy to read!

  16. A well written book giving sensible and practical advice. No blinding you with science just plain understandable English, all advice based on good research.

  17. Practical advice with clear explanations and easy to read.

  18. Should be required reading for anyone seeing their Doctor about seizing up. A great book!

  19. Excellent advice and very understandable! Well done Frances!

  20. A very informative and well researched book, a definite read for those of us suffering with arthritis.

  21. Practical, sensible and very informative – not just on arthritis but healthy living and ageing in general.

  22. A very useful and clearly written book. Extremely helpful fir those with arthritis but also lots of useful tips and suggestions.

  23. Once again, Frances has written an informative book that’s a “must read”.

  24. Excellent book with really useful advice.

  25. Straightforward, useful book. I strongly recommend it.

  26. An important book providing such useful information and aids on a condition so prevalent in our modern world.

  27. Brilliant. Has helped me — thank you!

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