Subtitle If the police always know where I am...How do I kill you?
By Jem Tugwell
Published By

Serpentine Books

ISBN 9781916022300
Fiction Genre Thriller/Crime/Mystery, Science Fiction
Publication Date 06/06/2019
Price 8.99
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DI Clive Lussac has forgotten how to do his job. Ten years of embedded technology has led to complete control and no crime. The impossible happens. A body is found, the killer is untraceable.
With new partner Zoe, Clive must re-sharpen his detective skills before time runs out for the next victim…

Authors Biography

Jem is a near future crime fiction author with a Crime Writing MA from City University. Proximity is inspired by the fascinating possibilities of technology, AI and the law of unintended consequences. Jem lives in Surrey with his wife and dog. Jem’s loves are snowboarding, old cars and bikes.


’A vision of the future that both chills and entertains.’ Jake Kerridge (Sunday Express Magazine)

‘Tugwell brings to life his exhilarating and provocative debut crime thriller with a twist.’ The Malestrom, 4 of the Best Beach Reads: Summer 2019

5* Review ’The writing hurtles along like a runaway train and you can barely pause for breath. What renders it original and ingenious is the background of embedded technology called ‘iMe’. It’s a crime thriller and it is very thrilling.’ Gill Chedgey (NB Magazine)

‘An ingenious and highly plausible look at crime in a future with 100% surveillance’ Claire McGowan, Best selling author

‘Very topical, terrifying, perfect concept for a crime novel’ Stav Sherez, Award winning author

‘Darkly twisted crime novel in a future that seems to grow closer every day. Fantastically imaginative and gripping.’ Angela Clarke, Sunday Times bestselling author

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  1. Brilliant. Will catch and keep your attention.

  2. Fantastic book! Could not put it down after I started reading it and cannot wait for more!

  3. Super read with some good characters and a thought provoking premise

  4. Looking forward to the next book

  5. Excellent book. Wonderful storyline and intriguing characters with a twist in the tail.

  6. Great book chillingly possible

  7. So well written that it felt like a movie was running through my head. An intriguing and entertaining book!

  8. Unnervingly prescient and tense.

  9. Scary – Proximity could so very easily become our world. Excellent book.

  10. Vote for Proximity

  11. An interesting and absorbing book. Had to read it in one go. Fantastic first novel.

  12. Great book. Deserves to win.

  13. Enthralling.

  14. Fast paced and creepy – we are too close to this!

  15. Chillingly possible

  16. Enjoyed this book so much I downloaded an audio version as well so I could carry on with the story while doing chores.

  17. 5*s from me as the storyline is brilliant. The book has got me thinking about (and talking about) the technological innovations Jem Tugwell introduces in the book. Are they are good or bad thing? How long will it be before we have systems such as these in place. My full review is on

  18. A great read, couldn’t put it down

  19. I really enjoyed this book it was so well put together with some delightful twists and turns. The technology themes underpinning the book really resonated. The modern narrow line between since fiction and fact …

  20. Amazing read. Highly recommended.

  21. Great story with a readily believable future. Couldn’t put it down.

  22. Phenomenal read!

  23. Excellent book. Thought provoking and nail biting. Read it!

  24. Great Book, listened to it on audio. Can’t wait for the next one.

  25. Brilliant, flashy and refreshing .. I’ll vote for this with pleasure

  26. A thoroughly good read – scary reality indeed!

  27. Very much looking forward to reading the sequel!

  28. A short horse is soon curried.

  29. All your hard work is much appreciated. Nobody can stop to admire you. Lots of appreciation. Los Angeles Lakers

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