Selby Abbey 950 Celebration with Children's Poetry
By Children of Selby District
Published By

Poems and Pictures Ltd

ISBN 978-1916254206
Children's Genre Poetry, 7-11 years
Publication Date 10/03/2019
Price 6.00
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A selection of poems to celebrate Selby Abbey’s 950th Anniversary has been collated from an initiative as part of the Selby Children’s Literature Festival, organised by Author, Poet & Voice Artist, Christina Gabbitas, supported by the Reverend Canon John Weetman. The initiative was a great way to encourage and educate the children about such an iconic piece of architecture that is steeped in history

Authors Biography

This publication is a collection of poems penned by children age 7-11. Selby Abbey is one of the relatively few surviving abbey churches of the medieval period, and, although not a cathedral, is one of the biggest. It was founded by Benedict of Auxerre in 1069. These poems are a wonderful celebration.

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  1. Great collection of children’s poems – good luck to the children of Selby

  2. The children worked really hard on these poems and deserve any recognition they can get! They are a great celebration of Selby Abbey and of young people in the area.

  3. A great way to encourage children to learn about local history. Selby Abbey is a wonderful place.

  4. Brilliant idea with great results. Well done to all the children and teachers who encouraged them.

  5. Our son and daughter attended the literature festival at Selby Abbey and loved every minute, they also took part in the poetry competition. We love this collection of poems, the children have done an amazing job.

  6. Well done to all the children involved. What a great way to celebrate the beautiful Selby Abbey.

  7. It is wonderful to encourage children to write poetry and particularly poignant to celebrate our local history. A great combination. Congratulations to all involved.

  8. A winner!

  9. A best seller!

  10. Lovely idea, my daughter was honoured to be chosen to be part of this. Well done all.

  11. Hope it sells well. Perfect gift.

  12. Fantastic to learn that the poetry collection has made it to the final! Congratulations and good luck to all the children.

  13. Brilliantly written by the children. We have been viewing the top ten that are exhibited on a large canvas screen in Selby Abbey where we also bought the book. Good luck to all the children.

  14. Great collection of poems. Hope the children win.

  15. Amazing collection of poems that capture the history very well.

  16. A great collection of poems to celebrate an iconic Abbey

  17. It is a great collection and is a credit to all who contributed to it.

  18. An inspiration to us all!

  19. My super talented goddaughter has a poem included in this publication. Fantastic idea!

  20. I really like your take on the issue. I now have a clear idea on what this matter is all about.. CPMSEO Profile Backlink

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