The Gallstone-friendly Diet
Subtitle Everything you never wanted to know about gallstones (and how to keep on their good side)
By Juliet Sullivan
Published By

Hammersmith Books Limited

ISBN 9781781611623
Non-Fiction Genre Health
Publication Date 08/01/2019
Price 14.99
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If you have active gallstones you will have experienced one of the worst pains known, and it is triggered by eating fat. Juliet Sullivan found out the hard way how to eat familiar dishes with almost no fat, and she shares how to do this in her witty, practical guide.

Authors Biography

Juliet Sullivan is a recent and initially reluctant ‘expert’ on living with gallstones and then living without a gallbladder. In the past she has been a journalist, blogger about living partly in Canada and partly in the UK, bar owner, real estate agent… and more.

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  1. Amazing book that help many! Well done.

  2. Informative and so useful.

  3. Spread the word as it will help so many suffering the condition not usually talked about.

  4. This book was an absolute God send to my little brother who was suffering no end but recovered

  5. Juliet is a star writer! She’s funny, real and entertaining! Luv this book for its warm heartfelt analysis of a challenging experience that’s loaded with practical and friendly advise … I loved it and shared it with so many people! Congratulations Juliet!

  6. Brilliant book! Both information & humorous. Well worth the read!!!

  7. I read everything she writes. Always enlightening.

  8. Excellantly written book. Very informative and very amusing

  9. This book should be read by any who are suffering from gallstone problems. Juliet makes light of how to help yourself by changing certain things in your diet.

  10. Excellent informative book ,told with humour and insight ,
    Juliet makes gallstones an interesting subject ,

  11. Loved the book. Humour helps deal with life’s health challenges & Juliet is real, witty & passionate. I related to her book & her journey with gallstones….my journey was with kidney stones. Thank you for sharing!!

  12. thoroughly enjoyed this book

  13. This book is a must read for anyone suffering with gallstones,not only does Juliet teach you how to manage the pain and side affects of gallstones but with her great sence of humour you will be so glad you did.

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