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The Happiness Habits Transformation


The Happiness Habits Transformation – a new book from life and mindset coach Michelle Reeves asking one important question: What if your routine could make you happier every single day?

Authors Biography

Over time and through the combination of 8 Happiness Habits Michelle Reeves went from functioning to flourishing. Today as a life and mindset coach she helps other women to release their personal brand of magic.


“A brilliantly engaging practical guide on changing your mindset and transforming your life”
– Vicki Psarias-Broadbent (author of ‘Mumboss’ and founder of HonestMum.com)

“This is a truly excellent and transformative book”
– Dr. Juliet McGrattan (health expert and author of ‘Sorted: The Active Woman’s Guide to Health’)

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. What a great inspirational book — spread the word.

  2. Great book. Simple yet effective habits to consistently incorporate into your lifestyle.

  3. Inspiring from the beginning to the end. A personable, step-by-step guide which makes you feel like you have a friend holding your hand all the way. Really compliments Michelle’s podcast. Highly recommend both.

  4. Great book by Michelle. She has such wisdom to share.

  5. Wonderful book filled with relatable and approachable advice from Michelle who conveys her wisdom in a way that is not only inspiring and uplifting, but also as though she genuinely cares – which I truly believe she does!


  7. I’ve followed Michelle’s journey for a while now and this book is a reflection of all the hard work she does, but I think more importantly, it’s a guide to happiness from a lady who really walks her talk! In a word; amazing.

  8. A fantastic book that makes perfect sense in the crazy world. Michelle has managed to informative, encouraging and inspiring without patronising! A great read!

  9. I love this book. Actionable tips and help to make them stick.

  10. A truly inspiring book to help change the way you look at your life. Well thought out ideas that are easy to put into operation and, more importantly, that work.
    This book by Michelle Reeves is a life guideline.

  11. This is a wonderful book which takes you on Michelle’s journey and introduces you to simple yet powerful tasks so that anyone can follow her path to a happier, more fulfilled life. A worthy winner.

  12. A wonderful book. Very inspiring reading about Michelle’s journery and some useful actions to use in your own life. Thank you for sharing your journey Michelle.

  13. I wish I had discovered this book years ago! But better late than never.

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