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The Thunderer
Subtitle The Life and Times of John Walter II
By Christopher McKane
Published By

Phillimore Book Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9934680-9-4
Non-Fiction Genre Biography
Publication Date 10/21/2019
Price 25.00
Paperback Hyperlink https://stationers.org/shop/2355-the-thunderer-the-life-and-times-of-john-walter-ii.html


John Walter II (1776-1847) was controller of The Times newspaper for 44 years. As a qualified Master Printer he introduced the world’s first steam presses, an overnight strategy that outflanked his mutinous printers. He can rightly be called one of the most remarkable men of the 19th century and this book frames him in the context of a remarkable period in British history.

Authors Biography

Christopher McKane was born in 1946 and educated at New College, Oxford, where he read Classics. He retired in 2011 after thirty years with The Times and eight with The Independent, as sub-editor, night editor, picture editor and deputy managing editor. He is a Past Master Stationer


To be reviewed by The Times. Foreword by John Witherow, Editor, The Times.

‘The book is absolutely terrific, if I may say so. I started meaning to dip in and skim, and have ended up reading it. A real work of serious social history – informative and hugely entertaining (and sometimes very funny).’

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  1. An impressive addition to any library.

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