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The Zinoviev Controversy Resolved
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By John Symons
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ISBN 9780856835308
Non-Fiction Genre Other
Publication Date 10/21/2019
Price 9.95
Paperback Hyperlink https://shepheard-walwyn.co.uk/product/the-zinoviev-controversy-resolved/


The controversy surrounding the publication of the Zinoviev letter in October 1924 has close parallels with events today: was it leaked by British officials or fake news to influence the outcome of the forthcoming election? This book overturns the generally accepted view about its authenticity, proving it was genuine.

Authors Biography

John Symons is a historian with a life-long interest in Russia and the Soviet Union. His previous books include ‘A Tear in the Curtain’ and ‘Love is His Meaning’.

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  1. It is happening now…!

  2. John Symons is an interesting writer/ historian. I look forward to reading his account of the Zynoviev letter

  3. A thoroughly engaging and well-researched book. Congratulations John!

  4. Congratulations on the launch of your new book John. The knowledge and passion you embrace is reflected so well in the book as always.

  5. Looking forward to reading the book.

  6. A very interesting, well-written and thought provoking research resulting in the unveiling of faked fake-news and the far reaching & enduring consequences of truth being questioned and put in doubt by credible suggestion. This is so relevant in today’s climate – especially with added social media involvement. I recommend reading it!

  7. John’s knowledge and interest in Russia and the previous Soviet Union make this book a must read .

  8. A must read!

  9. Well done John!

  10. Congratulations

  11. What an interesting book

  12. John always researches his topics meticulously and this book is no exception. It makes fascinating reading!

  13. A well researched and convincing argument on the truth behind the Zinoviev letter which should settle the controversy once and for all.

  14. I’m sure it will be as thought provoking as previous publications – a truly engaging author

  15. Clear, compelling and convincing.
    Another fine book, John.

  16. This is such a thought-provoking and stimulating read, original and ground breaking and most relevant to today. One can have full confidence in the integrity of John Symons’ research and in the depth of his knowledge of Russo-British relations and of the mentality and internal workings of the Bolshevik state created by Lenin. His ability to set all this in the context of twentieth century European politics and civilisation more broadly brings another dimension to the story. Highly recommended.

  17. John Symons, as we have come to expect, writes elegantly, sensitively, and with penetrating clarity. In this truly sensational book he applies such gifts to develop a compelling argument, based on profound and measured knowledge of his subject matter. It is so absorbing it can be read at a sitting and to great profit by someone without knowledge of the Soviet or British history of this period as much as by experts. This a splendid book which deserves the greatest and widest possible accolades.

  18. Congratulations, John.

  19. Greatly admire your research John, and look forward to reading this latest book over Christmas.

  20. John Symons brings scholarship and sensitivity to an enduringly fascinating subject.

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