What Wesley Wore
By Samuel Langley-Swain
Published By

Owlet Press

ISBN 978-1-9997628-4-1
Children's Genre 3 years - 6 years
Publication Date 05/14/2019
Price 7.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.owletpress.com/product-page/what-wesley-wore


A story encouraging young readers to embrace difference and develop empathy with adorable Wesley; who although charming and vivacious, is ostracised by the other weasels of Westburrow Wood. Themes of difference, bullying and acceptance are woven throughout this story, allowing for meaningful but warm and accessible home or classroom conversations.

Authors Biography

This book was written by an adoptive, dad of two, inspired by the prejudices he experienced in his youth, due to his choice of clothing not being acceptable within a small-town community. Samuel now focuses on ‘problem-solving’ books for children, namely problems around well-being (mental health) society or the planet.

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  1. A brilliant book.

  2. Delightful. Beautifully presented.

  3. A beautiful book telling an important story

  4. Compelling and uplifting, whilst dealing with a difficult theme. Gorgeous characters; we were rooting for Wesley as soon as he was introduced! – A lovely read.

  5. Brilliant book dealing with an important issue, really enjoyed reading with my children.

  6. An amazing book!

  7. Fantastic story!

  8. A fantastic and inspiring story for young readers, showing them that it is ok to stand out and be different. We love it!

  9. Great book

  10. Such a well written book covering an important subject in a very sensitive manner.

  11. Another brilliant book by Samuel Langley-Swain about an important subject. The author has such a unique, beautiful and engaging way of dealing with sensitive topics, and myself and my children find all of his books an absolute joy to read!

  12. A beautiful book with an amazing message!

  13. Wonderful book! I adore the illustrations!

  14. As a soul attuned to the subtle rhythms of a good book, I bestow my highest commendation.

  15. A wonderful book celebrating individuality which should help children who feel different. Fantastic illustrations.

  16. Great engaging read …. carrying a great message.

  17. Very well written good luck

  18. Great book we written.

  19. I think this book is such a good way of explaining being different isn’t just OK but it’s right!
    I cried the 1st time I read it to my little boy. I have always been terribly self conscious and worried about what other people think, so the message in this story is so important! It dosnt matter if your different, just be yourself!
    Thank you so much for writing it! 💖

  20. Well done again.
    Good luck

  21. So much fun and enjoyable whilst having an immensely helpful message.

  22. Lovely book

  23. A very good book with a brilliant message contained within its pages. It is a very good way of teaching our children that we are all different but can still live together.

  24. This book is so inspiring. It shows young people that it is ok to be yourself and makes them realise everyone is important.

  25. A beautiful written book with lovely pictures. Every child will enjoy reading it.

  26. Lovely story. My kids love choosing which outfit they like best 🙂

  27. Beautifully illustrated and a new modern classic for our children

  28. I have been checking out some of your articles and i must say pretty clever stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your website.

  29. Small is beautiful.

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